Sony Also Adopts Limelight for PS3 and PSP

Following an agreement between Limelight and Microsoft late last month, that will potentially improve the speed and reliability of Xbox Live, today the leading content delivery network (CDN) for digital media and Sony Computer Entertainment announced that Limelight's CDN technology has been adopted by SCE to deliver system software updates to the PS3 and PSP.

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TriggerHappy4117d ago

So far as competition exist, companies are always going to be pushing for the best to impress

Blink4117d ago

agreed, as a gamers, it pushes the limit and makes games in general better

Demon19804117d ago

Good to see Sony doing this. Maybe this will mean more and faster firmware updates :)

DEADEND4117d ago

I hope so too the sooner they come out the better.

Darkiewonder4117d ago (Edited 4117d ago )

I lie.

Anything is better than what they have now. since more and more people are using the PSN store and bigger downloads are being made available.

Oh, and it would be pretty sweet to do what Microsoft does with their games and stuff throug XBLM. it's installed in such a way that it does while downloading. makes life easier when done. :O

P1MPDADDY4117d ago

To have faster downloads on PSN. I think Xbox Live kinda spoiled me. Hopefully this agreement works out for both Microsoft and Sony!!!

NewScratch4116d ago

warhawk downloaded very quickly during its first day, i'm using direct lan though.

once they get the ability for faster dls they'll be putting all kinds of stuff up there and my wallet is gonna be drained. movies via psn might be the end of me. they should get in talks with criterion, holy crap that'd be amazing.