August's Top Ten Selling Games in Japan

Mario cleans house after a long long party,Winning Eleven 2007 and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles follow, Hot Shots 5 also makes the top ten.

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PS360WII3826d ago

It’s A Wonderful World back in the top ten and Mario Party selling 426,000 is just crazy! Any word on sales to date?

stunt2133826d ago

Nintendo dominates the top ten, I'm curious to see how much Bioshock sold in Japan in August cuz it's been selling like crazy in U.S. and U.K.

cooke153826d ago

I doubt Bioshock will do well in Japan

cooke153826d ago

this is for all of august

PS360WII3826d ago

ah for the whole month. Then that Mario Party total isn't so crazy.

cooke153826d ago

I love Nintendo but seeing those sales gives nintendo the impression that it should make 50 more mario parties :( instead of good games

djt233825d ago

wow Nintendo is kill it
and Mario Party omg that a lot