Bioshock stays No.1 in UK charts

After 2 weeks in the charts Bioshock is still the best selling game in the UK, holding off competion from new release Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08, while another new entry Stuntman Ignition came in 9th.

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TheMART3697d ago

And it should. Just got another 9.7 review

radzy3697d ago

welcome to the circus of value!!!!

come back when you got more money, buddy!!!!!!


Hugh Hefner3697d ago

Isn't UK the largest market for videogames in Europe?

jcgamer3697d ago

it deserves a run at the top...

Hugh Hefner3697d ago

The news about MP3 outselling Bioshock during the latter's second week got over 100 replies, yet when the news is about Bioshock topping the UK charts for two weeks in a row almost everyone ignores it.

Scrooge3697d ago

yeah, we americans are usually pretty self centered. Either that or we all know that Bioshock is an awesome game that deserves success, so hearing that it's number one somewhere is no surprize at all.

snoop_dizzle3697d ago

if this was out a few weeks ago it would be way much hotter.

Silver3603697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

looking for justification that ran up the heat on that story

ItsDubC3697d ago

Ppl like drama and adversity. MP3 isn't out in the UK yet so there's not really another huge title to compare Bioshock to, which makes this news a lot less "spicy" for some.

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