Sony had the chance to deliver a killer blow, but it's missed.

Microsoft can breathe a sigh of relief – Gran Turismo 5 will not win the console war.

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T9X692741d ago

I don't think Microsoft was ever afraid of GT. It's not like Forza has ever failed in terms of reviews or sales. I could see if Xbox didn't have it's own racing sim, but it does so it really doesn't matter. MS should be more afraid of platformers like LBP, sure they have Limbo, but LBP is on a whole new level. MS needs something like LBP, not a racer, shooter, sim, etc.

RememberThe3572741d ago

I don't think MS has anything to worry about. They have the bases covered that their fans want them to cover.

N4PS3G2741d ago

The media is having a field day with this game. I don't want the game but I honestly thought this game was going to kill with perfect scores everywhere. I honestly never saw this day coming.

commander2741d ago

The media would rather games have a yearly release rather than a long dev cycle. Kinda sad if you get docked points for wanting to improve the game.

HelghastDrake2741d ago

Yep MS sure can breathe easily.. I mean its not like they went from a 8 million console lead down to just a 2.8 million console lead in under a year.. oh wait

nix2741d ago

"Sony had the chance to deliver a killer blow, but it's missed."

because the reviewers said so. GT5 will do what CoD has been doing... get the sales. the only good part here is the game is way better in quality than CoD franchise.

it will be rare to see someone saying "oh.. i'm not getting this game because X site gave it 8/10." everyone who loves racing knows the game is just way too good to give it a miss.

hatchimatchi2741d ago

gt5 is going to sell boatloads and i'm loving the game so far, it's so damn fun.

SpinalRemains1382741d ago

And they're banking on an eyetoy clone that lets you pet animals after moving furniture. Yeah, they're in great shape alright. After recently hitting last place, the Kinect camera and their tiny amount of exclusives are insuring that they remain there. It isn't that GT5 is anything to worry about as much as their own plan, ppl. Look at it! Baby tigers, dance off and shovelware. Gears of War is it. It's over my 360 friends. Get a PS3, some GT5 and play online for free. You will not regret it once you see your friends petting a kitty cat while you play InFamous 2.

Simon_Brezhnev2741d ago

I guess next we will see a Turn 10 PR run his mouth next.

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The story is too old to be commented.