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Sony had the chance to deliver a killer blow, but it's missed.

Microsoft can breathe a sigh of relief – Gran Turismo 5 will not win the console war. (Gran Turismo 5, Microsoft, PS3, Sony, Xbox 360)

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T9X69  +   1239d ago
I don't think Microsoft was ever afraid of GT. It's not like Forza has ever failed in terms of reviews or sales. I could see if Xbox didn't have it's own racing sim, but it does so it really doesn't matter. MS should be more afraid of platformers like LBP, sure they have Limbo, but LBP is on a whole new level. MS needs something like LBP, not a racer, shooter, sim, etc.
RememberThe357  +   1238d ago
I don't think MS has anything to worry about. They have the bases covered that their fans want them to cover.
Persistantthug  +   1238d ago
Is it me or is everyone foaming at the mouth to derail this title?
N4PS3G  +   1239d ago
The media is having a field day with this game. I don't want the game but I honestly thought this game was going to kill with perfect scores everywhere. I honestly never saw this day coming.
commander  +   1238d ago
The media would rather games have a yearly release rather than a long dev cycle. Kinda sad if you get docked points for wanting to improve the game.
HelghastDrake  +   1239d ago
Yep MS sure can breathe easily.. I mean its not like they went from a 8 million console lead down to just a 2.8 million console lead in under a year.. oh wait
nix  +   1239d ago
i agree.
"Sony had the chance to deliver a killer blow, but it's missed."

because the reviewers said so. GT5 will do what CoD has been doing... get the sales. the only good part here is the game is way better in quality than CoD franchise.

it will be rare to see someone saying "oh.. i'm not getting this game because X site gave it 8/10." everyone who loves racing knows the game is just way too good to give it a miss.
hatchimatchi  +   1239d ago
gt5 is going to sell boatloads and i'm loving the game so far, it's so damn fun.
SpinalRemains138  +   1238d ago
And they're banking on an eyetoy clone that lets you pet animals after moving furniture. Yeah, they're in great shape alright. After recently hitting last place, the Kinect camera and their tiny amount of exclusives are insuring that they remain there. It isn't that GT5 is anything to worry about as much as their own plan, ppl. Look at it! Baby tigers, dance off and shovelware. Gears of War is it. It's over my 360 friends. Get a PS3, some GT5 and play online for free. You will not regret it once you see your friends petting a kitty cat while you play InFamous 2.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   1239d ago
I guess next we will see a Turn 10 PR run his mouth next.
Omega4  +   1239d ago
So Killzone, price cut, MGS4, LBP, GT5 etc all failed to do it so whats next on the list then?
Death2494  +   1239d ago
You only have one comment bubble, so if I were you, I used for something a little better than that.
darkdoom3000  +   1239d ago
I totally agree with you Omega

Killzone2 - 91
MGS4 - 94
LBP - 95

Such failures.
Lyr1c  +   1239d ago
They may not do it alone, but they sure are doing a Hell of a job collectively.

Talk to me in a years time. Let's see how well the Xbox has aged by then.
ShinnokDrako  +   1239d ago
Are there ppl that still reply to Omega?!? Come on guys, the best way to fight fanboys is to ignore them.
kasasensei  +   1239d ago
"First of all, I should make it clear that I have not played Gran Turismo 5 yet"

Then HOW can you make the beginning of an opinion? nonsense....
SuperMassiveGav  +   1239d ago
It's an opinion on GT5's graphics and how important they could be for its potential as a system seller, that's HOW.
LeShin  +   1239d ago
Eh? I'm a bit confused. Did Forza 3 have 16 cars running round a track at 60fps and in 1080p (and in 3d if you have the tech)???

In fact just compare a Ferrari from Forza 3 to GT5's version....seriously?
kasasensei  +   1239d ago
Based on what? Other guys selected videos and screenshots ? Come on... You can't obviously give the shadow of the beginning of an opinion about something you never touched with you own fingers or watch with your own eyes.... No?
SuperMassiveGav  +   1238d ago
I have watched it with my own eyes.

Also, it has nothing to do with comparisons to Forza 3. Looking better than Forza 3 isn't enough to serve a killer blow because Forza 3 isn't an especially good looking game anyway.

It has to look better than ANYTHING if Sony wants to show the world that the 360 is old hat. And it does not.
stagga  +   1238d ago
@LeShin Did you even read the article before trashing it? Apparently not, typical fanboy response. Here let me quote it for you " I thought it might single-handedly make the 360 look old. But it doesn’t. It’s better looking than Forza 3, sure, but I’d say F1 2010 looks better on both PS3 and 360. Surely Codemasters shouldn’t be showing up both Microsoft and Sony."

So it's BETTER LOOKING than Forza 3 in his opinion but not as good looking as F1 2010 which didn't do 60 FPS but did have 22 cars on track, more detailed backgrounds and tracks and weather effects comparable to and sometimes better than GT5. (rain actually makes the cars wet too- GT5 gives you dry cars in the pouring rain.)
LeShin  +   1237d ago

Are you kidding me? I was replying SuperMassiveGav NOT the article but I'll bite..

How on earth can you compare a car to an F1 car?? Which one requires more detail to be rendered? Are you serious?! lol A fair comparison would be if you compared a screenshot of F1 cars on a GT5 track against F1 2010 then ONLY then would your comment make sense. Sorry to burst your bubble, but running a game at 60fps does take it's toll so that's why you have to limit something, be it the number of cars on track or more detailed environments (though go and check out the London and Madrid track, then come back to me)I'm sure people would care more about cars running smoother that adding an extra 6 cars on the track. It seems you're the 'fanboy'
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stagga  +   1237d ago
@LeShin Sorry to burst my bubble? Which bubble is that? Is it the bubble where I've been working in the games industry as an artist for the past 6 years? The bubble where I've modelled vehicles and environments for several racing games including Motorstorm and PGR3? Or 3 years working at Guerrilla games on Killzone 2? It seems I'm a 'fanboy'? Of what?

Now back to your first statement: "How on earth can you compare a car to an F1 car?? Which one requires more detail to be rendered? Are you serious?!" I don't really understand what you're trying to say I'm afraid. They're both objects made of polygons- triangulated meshes. I think you'll find the Premium Go Karts in GT5 have more polygons than a lot of cars in other games but the environments on those Kart tracks are devoid of much interest and therefore the overall look of the game is less impressive. The trick is to find a good balance, something that PD manage on some tracks but not across the board.
hatchimatchi  +   1239d ago
Well, all I know is that I just spent 250 dollars on the race wheel gt5 bundle and I've never spent any money on the forza series...
stagga  +   1238d ago
LOL I bought my G25 3 years ago for this game! It was kind of emotional when the two finally met :) And then kind of annoying when I went into the options and found PD STILL haven't included the G25, G27 or the Fanatec - 3 of the best wheels out there- in their officially supported list. Does anyone know the best options for configuring the buttons on this? I want handbrake on a wheel button if possible.
darkdoom3000  +   1239d ago
... x360magizine.com

Not gonna even bother.
SuperMassiveGav  +   1239d ago
Not even gonna spell 'magazine' right either.
Lyr1c  +   1239d ago
Well if you want to pick on someone's spelling, then I guess I'll have a go at your grammar.

"*You're not* even *going to* spell magazine *correctly*, either."

darkdoom3000  +   1239d ago
Comparing a website's grammar... to a random comment.
GarandShooter  +   1239d ago
'man sees cars with unprecedented levels of visual sheen in PS3 game, man can longer fight urge to buy PS3. From what I’ve seen of Gran Turismo 5, that’s not going to happen.'

Man can 'longer fight urge to buy PS3'? WTF?

Not gonna even proofread either, I see. Maybe that's what you should have spent your time doing, instead of criticizing others lack of spelling prowess.

Let me give you a tip. You can always tell the shit articles, because they are written, submitted, and defended by the same person. Try to avoid that trap.
Mr Vengeance  +   1239d ago
Lookin forward to 3D, MOTORSTORM is heaps of fun in 3D so GT5 will be awesome. Shitbox360 is a sinking ship only the die-hards that have already brought 3 will hang on. New customers is something they'll struggle with.
ali312  +   1239d ago
Fuck this shit
Fuck all the negative bullshit - I played the game while I was at the Playstation Beta Room and this is GRAN TURISMO in all its glory. Sim racing fans will not be disappointed!!!!!!
Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1239d ago
Missed what? The millions of dollars in revenue GT5 will still bring them and Polyphony Digital? Hardly. I think gamers nowadays are starting to pay less attention to reviews and that is a good thing. You can't even say, "it's just their opinion" anymore because biases run plainly evident. From Gametrailers comparison vids to IGN's reviews. If they aren't hating on a good game for money their praising a bad game for money.

@Below: I didn't know that GT5's purpose was to put the 360 on the ropes. I thought they made that game for racing game fans to enjoy.
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SuperMassiveGav  +   1239d ago
Missed the chance to really put the 360 on the ropes. I'm not saying GT5 is a failure in and of itself – it will still be successful and make a ton of money – but it's not going to make the 360 look obsolete in the way that it perhaps should have done.
Lyr1c  +   1239d ago
If one game alone was supposed to make a whole console obsolete, then there are more problems with this console generation than I have initially thought.
LeShin  +   1239d ago
One thing I would love to ask...Is there a person here who has a Xbox360 and a PS3 that wouldn't pick GT5 over Forza 3 if they only had money for one?
Cmoney  +   1239d ago
forza 3 delivered the killer blow last year
polyphony and sony never recovered and probly never will to be honest with you
AceofStaves  +   1238d ago
The delusions of fanboys never cease to amaze me.

A pro-360 site has something negative to say about a big PS3 exclusive? Color me shocked! No matter what fanboys (or reviews) say, GT 5 will sell millions. A built-in fanbase created over several console generations will do that. Just as 'Mario' and 'Halo' games will sell millions.

The sooner 360 fans accept that, the better it will be.
Raoh  +   1239d ago
well if x360magazine.com says so

Simeon Paskell  +   1238d ago
What a dreadful article.

It goes from 'I haven’t played it' to '[it's] not a bad game by any means at all’ in the space of a few paragraphs.

MaximusPrime  +   1238d ago
wow another article from 360. they are very jealous
Cogan1  +   1238d ago
Cant wait till around may when they have to make up another stupid article when GT5 passes the 10million mark. maybe even before it.
SuperMassiveGav  +   1238d ago
Haha! You can hold me to that, mate. Ha!
NoNeedForAName  +   1238d ago
I haven't played GT5 yet but I already know I'm going to love it. Why? Because I love the GT brand and have come to trust Polyphony Digital to make a great game over the years. I'm not saying it's the best game ever made like some claim but I know that it won't matter once I get it in my hands. It goes the same with any fan of Gran Turismo, and I'm pretty sure there are quite a bit of GT fans out there. It may not "win the console war", whatever that means, but it's going to sell a helluvalot of units. That, you can believe.
SpinalRemains138  +   1238d ago
360 was last place material the instant they elected to go with DVD. Old format = 3rd place = no Blu Ray = articles like this = damage control from fanboys.

They took your money and left you with a dance game. Face it; they royally fucked you guys.

Meanwhile, in PS3 land.......... The skies are blue and clear while GT5 brings a real driving experience! 2011 is looming with more blockbuster titles and no baby tigers anywhere. Our furniture stays put and so does SONY in 2nd place.

SONYs ascent to 1st pplace is really more of a coronation (as it's a foregone conclusion). The Wii had such success that PS3 will not catch it until 2014 perhaps, but it eventually will reclaim its crown. I don't even care about sales. I am just being a prick because of all the PS3 is doomed articles I read daily in 06. My how times change. The only thing that doesn't change is Microsoft's disc format. Funny how that works. Hm.
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