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There was a very slim chance that I could possibly play enough of Gran Turismo 5 this week in order produce a proper and thorough review, so I took an inspired cue from GamesRadar's Gran Turismo 5 reviewer. While I don't have a fully informed take on when such a title can be deemed reviewable, I'm thinking that logging 20 hours or acquiring 25% trophies will be a safe bet. What I can do right now is give my impressions of having played and explored the game for at least 5 hours.

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Graey2914d ago

I'm curious, is it possible to post a review yourself after having played the game?

Like for instance this is a game I want to review and show it on here, is that possible.

Also across the board every major site should in fact have a standard review template, with a standard scoring template.
Standard categories, also maybe a secondary reviewer.

1-10 should be the scale unless you can show me a better way of giving a review its marks. Should equal a 100/A as this just makes sense. No game should get an A unless the rating system has an A+ as the final.

Seriously a 10/10 is not feasible in my eyes but then again I'm not a reviewer. If a game has a glitch no tens. Etc.

Anyway I like the way you think, just because you are taking the time to actually run through the game to see what the game is all about.

Just by its very nature GT5 shouldn't get lower than a 9. But that is just me looking in. I'll see what I think when I play the game, but I can see why people gave it a lower score. Hence why hype should not be the factor in gaming and why we should have a standard review system.

T9X692914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

Yes as long as you past the contributors test. Just click submit, then user review. It won't be on the front page but rather in its own section.

EDIT: I lied, it will be on the front page technically, but not under all the articles you see. If you scroll down and look to the right, you will see a tiny section of the most recent user reviews.

xYLeinen2914d ago

Personally I'm against review scores.

It's like putting a score on something people will enjoy differently and develop different opinions about. It's doomed to be disagreements because generally people don't respect others opinions.

Igneel2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

True. Just look at the outrage GT5's scores as caused on N4G. people crying in almost every article talking about Bias This and that and Microsoft this and that.

Akagi2914d ago

I'd rather have a real gamers unbiased, non-trolling opinion review over a site that gives a game a disgustingly high score when they are being paid through every orifice to promote the game on their website.

xYLeinen2914d ago

Replying to myself here but

Let's look at 2 sites. The one site gives out review scores. Both sites have a pretty active comment section and forum. The site who gave out review scores got a bunch of people comparing that score to other game scores, and it's more or less a war at that site.

The other site writes their review and express their opinion through however they review a game. People at that site rather share their own opinions in the comment section and forums than relating games to scores rather own experiences.

The last site sounds A LOT better than the first doesn't it?

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Sitris2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

Lol at fanboys. Only opinion that counts to me is my own and the truth is GT5 is the best racer I have ever played.
End of discussion.

AceofStaves2914d ago

Now, now. You know fanboys can't think for themselves, and they have to go with the opinions of reviewers rather than make their own decisions about games. ;-D

THE TRUTH2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

Wow all this crap that is going on in this industry is really sad. Gamers should be celebrating these types of iconic games but because of this immature brand loyalty we are all made to look like ignorant sheep. I commend PD for their work and I greatly appreciate the sacrifice they made to bring this type of game to us. Not all gamers and industry personnel are ignorant to how much is in this game, its worth much more than 60$ and I for one am fully enjoying this gaming experience.

Some of you reviewers need to wake up and understand that games like GT5 aren't like CoD, we don't just get one every year. Take the time to really get into every aspect of this game, if you choose to rush your opinions to the internet than your letting this industry (we all love) down. It took PD five years of work to put this game out and in a few hours of gaming some feel empowered to display a opinion about a game this massive.

Enjoy this game gamers because we won't see another for 3+ years.

Umb2914d ago

It seems that reviewers now a days a more interested in getting out a game review asap to make their deadline quota so as to please their subscription base, then really playing the game and enjoying it for what it is and the genre the game represents.

Back in the good old day and I am referring to the Amiga, Atari, NES, SEGA Genesis, etc., games were based on what it brought to the table for gamers and not comparing it to the last game that was released a day, week, month or even year ago.

I personally think that the gaming industry as a whole is heading towards a downward trend in originality, aesthetics, production value, level of TLC in the games being produced with the few exceptions. Back then games were made by people who wanted to share their gaming vision with others and improved their games with each game release. Small and indie studios represented these gaming vision until corporate greed swallowed up most of these gaming studios and dictated maximum profit with minimal cost. I also feel that games a becoming dumbed down so to speak to ensure a wider range of potential customer and this has an overall affect from the game developer. publishers, gaming/review sites to consumers. Probably a reflection of where our western society is heading.

Games should be enjoyed and not a means to few this stupid and unproductive console war and fanboyism we see so much with this current gen of gaming, which is a very sad state for the gaming industry.

With all that said I rarely refer to so called professional game site reviews ever since this gen started but refer to the overall users reviews which is still a better indication. Since the game is being played by those who appreciate the game for what it is and represents. Most importantly I will be the judge of the game and if the game interest me I will purchase it regardless of what anyone says since I am an individual and know what I like but most importantly can think for myself and not a baaahhh, baahhhh.

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