Stranglehold Review: 4/5 from GamePro

The iconic Inspector Tequila, as portrayed by Chow Yun Fat, is back in this video game sequel to John Woo's 1992 Hong Kong action classic, Hard Boiled, and the intervening years haven't done much to soften his penchant for shooting stuff up.

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MK_Red4095d ago

Well, great scores so far. 8.1 from IGN and 8 from GP. Not bad at all.

JPomper4095d ago

Seriously. It's a shame that to a lot of gamers today a game gets sh!t on if it's not f#ckin' perfect.

Wait, I take that back... it gets sh!t on regardless.

kewlkat0074095d ago

Anyhow Starting good, Lets wait from EGM, since they have become the deal breaker of every game. lol

Let's see they pissed on Lair and HS, as well as Blue Dragon and Eternal Sonata, but yet they work for MS.

Maybe EGM is just critical this GEN. How do you gain respect for a reviewer , if they do nothing but give game 10's and praises?

Remember gamers, it is the concensus of all reviews, is here you get the better score. This game looking good so far on the consensus it keeps up these scores.

The Real Joker4095d ago

With all of the games releasing this Fall (all systems), I just don't have time for this one. I downloaded the demo and I was not that impressed and to be honest I was really looking forward to it also. This might be one for the bargain bin for me.

TheWiseguy4095d ago

Am i the only one that DIDNT like the stranglehold demo? Just seemed average at best


Nope. I didn't care for it either. Most unimpressive.

InMyOpinion4095d ago (Edited 4095d ago )

I played it through a couple of times. Although I liked it from the beginning, it gets better and better. Hard to judge a game from half a level really. I wanna try the final version before I lay my verdict.

Btw, am I the only one who really liked the MOH demo? =)

borgome4095d ago

I admit it had some good idea's, but the gameplay was to repetative for my liking. After playing games as good as RE4, GOW, GRAW and now BioShock its pretty hard to impress me.

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