IGN: Gran Turismo 5 Review

IGN - "Gran Turismo 5 is a 10/10 simulator wrapped up in a 5/10 game – it’s driving is as exhilarating as anything that’s gone before, and its slavish obsession with the minutiae of many of its cars ensure it's an encyclopaedia of automotive delights. Its brilliance on the track, however is matched by its sloppiness off of it, and there’s a lack of polish that would at one time have seemed sacrilegious to the series. Ultimately its driving wins out to ensure that it’s still a great game, but it leaves that nagging doubt; this could have been a masterpiece were it not for the fact that Polyphony was so absorbed with the detail that it took its eye off the ball."

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shutupandplay2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Not bad, I did expect a little higher though.

Looks like Forza holds the crown this generation.

toaster2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

In b4 the storm!!! Like what people have said before, the hype got the best of people. This would have been scored high if people's expectations for it weren't through the roof. Nevertheless 8.5 is not at all bad, in my book that's a damn good score. It's about time they released it, if it went on for any longer I'm sure people would have just been more disappointed.

WHOOO it's getting hot in here. 250 degrees in 10 minutes! 7.0 on Presentation isn't surprising to me, one look at the main menu and I was shocked at what a clusterfuck it was. Compare that to the streamline and simple menu system in GRID and I can easily see why it got what it got in that category. Loading times are bad as well, but then again it has load a crap load of stuff just for a single race.

LordMarius2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Just as I expected, for shame
might pick it up when its on sale

Bobbykotickrulesz2706d ago


Holy shit, the fanboy tornado is about to blow this town away. And by town, I mean website.

LoVeRSaMa2706d ago

"Gran Turismo 5 is a 10/10 simulator wrapped up in a 5/10 game "

Its a Driving Simulator anyway?

Anton Chigurh2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

"A shame, as drive into a wall hard and long enough (though you'll have to attack it with the ferocity and persistence of a dog on heat) and the damage model will slowly begin to expose itself – something it will more readily do, we hope, after a future patch. "

"Gran Turismo 5 is a 10/10 simulator wrapped up in a 5/10 game"

2706d ago
nix2706d ago

"the hype got the best of people."

but GTAIV still got 10/10. it really depends on people what they want to focus on.. positive or negative!

i'm anyway getting my copy NOT BECAUSE some review said so.. because i know it will be great!

OmarsAccount2706d ago

Good reviews for GT all around. Who didn't think otherwise?

But regarding Forza and GT. Can't we just get along? They're both great racing sim franchises that both deserve to be played.

Game on

RememberThe3572706d ago

Thats a great point. Thing this reviewer thought were not well done don't seem that bad to me. It's all a matter of perspective.

What the review says that is most important is that on the track the game is golden.

hay2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

I feel like after the rain. Trolls are coming from below their bridges.

The Fight has taught me one thing. Don't trust the reviewers. Most of them are weak, nitpicky, and pretty much unprofessional.

And since I did prefer GT5P over Forza 3(which is also really good game), I'm quite optimistic here.

How better gaming community if people calling themself gamers would actually play games, not pledge allegiance to brands.
If you're a fighting games fan, you enjoy Street Fighter, Tekken, KoF, Guilty Gear or BlazBlue.
If you're puzzle games fan, you play most of them.
If you're an RPG fan, you want to play most of them, at least the best ones.
There's really more sh!t in journalism since MS entered the business. There always have been fanboy wars, but it wasn't so terrible before american kids joined the fight.

I don't really remember so much fights before MS. FPS fans played Call of Duty and Medal of Honor, when there was a new game they didn't downplay it(xbox/halo fanboys).
The same was with racing genre. Even during xbox times people played previous Forza's, Project Gotham Racing, Gran Turismo, Need for Speed and many others.

That was a before MS fanboys had become tools. Buying catchy phrases, being manipulated by Turn 10 trolling, blindly believing the PR company.
Fanboy is a fanboy, but MS made tools of them fueling the fanboy war.

I know it's too much reason for some of you, but... Would you kindly enjoy being a GAMER? It's what kept us together, gaming was a reason we met really cool people, had friends with similar interests, it's a passion, hobby, even love, but some idiots think it's fun to wage a nonsensical war on this field.

It's like: "My stamps are definitive and your suck!"

Bereaver2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

You guys are blinded by what you think instead of opening your eyes to what it really is.

I've said it any many other articles.

It's because they are judging it for what it isn't instead of what it is.

They said 10/10 for simulation. THAT IS WHAT IT IS!


My question is, how long did they play it? Did they get a chance to unlock all the stuff in the game?

They said something about the damage modeling, but what about the level 20 thing that's been going around. Was that proven false?

evrfighter2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

finally. It's good to see reviewers waking up and realizing that graphics don't = ZOMGAHSUM!!!!!11!!

gameplay is where its at. and gt5 in essence is the same as the previous 4+. Should be lower imo.

and no. GT5 while looking good is close to a real simulator. The real racing sims like gtr 2 and iracing are old as all hell but untouchable when it comes to racing sims.

MerkinMax2706d ago

"It's a level of care that hasn't been extended to the standard cars that form the bulk of Gran Turismo 5's car list. While they're far from unattractive, their PlayStation 2 heritage shows, with textures looking flat and comparatively lifeless, and the omission of a cockpit view and a blunted damage model gives them a distinctly second class flavor."

That's a huge letdown :(

tigerstyle2706d ago

still picking up this awesome piece of ass ;)

nickjkl2706d ago

wait has anyone watched the ign review

its strange really you can tell what he hasnt done and what he has and how he plays

at 3:05 he blames the computer ai for brakign on a corner while he floors it

he also says damage is minimal when its really only truly apparent later in the game

this proves that he hasnt played the game for long

look at this video novemeber 23rd 2010 level 40 and it shows massive damage its to ease you into the game but the damage he shows is like hes level 5 and then wrote the review i wouldnt trust this guys opinion at all

Dee_912706d ago

how the hype I personally have for a game effect the review score from a site ?

jjohan352706d ago

This is a racing sim, not a car crash sim for car manufacturers. I never understood the hype for car damage, esp when Forza's damage barely dents the car at 100mph.

syanara2706d ago

One thing I must say about the review, as I am still reviewing the game myself is that we definitely disagree about the soundtrack. Gran Turismo 5 single handedly has the best soundtrack for any game and I am not exaggerating. the perfect mix between jazzy tunes and more of todays rock or punk rock style to make a very smooth soundtrack with additions of bassanova and other titles just complete the list, I personally would have given the GT5 Soundtrack a 10/10 in a heartbeat. bravo to the sound designer for GT5

ExplosionSauce2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Haha just saying.

Wow, these reviews have very different views

I don't think they should count the Standard cars against the game. The Premium cars are pretty much the "real" GT5/PS3 cars.
Standards are extra.

blackbeld2706d ago

Just like I predicted before IGN will give it 8,5/10.

Those M0thf#ckers.

Every PS3 game that deserves 10/10 they will give it 8,5/10

Sooo predictable.

MiloGarret2706d ago Show
Brewski0072706d ago

Buy the game, play it a few days, meet up in a bar, and rate it ourselves?
K thnx bai!

Aquanox2706d ago Show
rextyrann2706d ago

tbh everyone who is already putting up a review now is not reliable at all. and everyone who does believe in those reviews dont deserve better lol

have this game since yesterday and to unlock all the features and really knowing the complete game with all the options will take even the best drivers at least a week 24/7...
some pple might even never unlock all the extreme/profesional stuff.

there is just no way that some busy editors who have several job stuffs to do to get even close to a good insight into this game after 4-5 days with only few hours each day. its freaking HUGE!!!

give this game 2-3 weeks hardcore testing + online mode testing. then we can talk about real and significant reviews kids...

im waiting for ign to eat their words in a few weeks lmao. the dude who did this review has failed his job discription totally.

Mmmkay2706d ago

i'll rate it 9.5 after two days of playing...

morganfell2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

You either want licensed cars or you do not. If you want them then be prepared to abide by restrictions issued by the manufacturer. The fact that IGN is oblivious to this truth is a testament to their almost global idiocy.

If it is the best hands down then explain why it hasn't received the top score. This is because most websites and publications, IGN included haven't the slightest idea of a standard. They also have absolutely no editorial control.

Game blogs may be crap on a lot of occasions but at least handful of them comprehend the meaning of the word "standard".

Once again, PS3 exclusives are held to a much higher bar and crap titles on other platforms are given a pass on the very items with which they accost PS3 games.

The only way to deal with sites like IGN is to stop clicking and stop visiting.

People can say what they want but the evidence provided by PLASTICA-MAN is irrefutable.

pixelsword2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

When Sony doesn't give money out to advertise, their games always score low; when the money is dolled out, the games score high.

God of War III, good advertising, good 9.3 score... the easiest in the series to beat.

GT5, not a lot of advertising, 8.5 score, easiest to say that's it's the best sim racing game to date.

Not let's contrast Gran Turismo 5 and a well known flop: too Human.

Too Human got a 7.8, which means that Gran Turismo is just a little over one standard deviation above Too Human in their own website whereas others gave that game very low scores. But why? Advertising. Too Human was everywhere. Granted, I liked it, but it was no 7.8; it was like a 6.8 because of the stiff gameplay, the bad dialogue and the bery long and unavoidable animation sequence for each and every death; and yes; you'll die a number of times because of the type of gameplay if you don't shape the player according to your playing style.

At any rate, remember that when any game comes out... that's why gamespot fired someone for not giving Kane and Lynch a high score, huh? Just watch the advertising on a site and you'll be able to predict a game's score on the bigger sites.

I thought everyone knew this by now lol

pixelsword2705d ago

I also want to add, once again ladies and gentlemen:

you can't spell ignorance without I-G-N.

thesummerofgeorge2705d ago


"It's because they are judging it for what it isn't instead of what it is. They said 10/10 for simulation. THAT IS WHAT IT IS! "

Precisely. You hit the nail on the head.

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T9X692706d ago

"Gran Turismo 5 is a 10/10 simulator wrapped up in a 5/10 game "

Wasn't expecting that.

RememberThe3572706d ago

Yes you were. lol

I really don't get that statement. The game is a simulator and they say that the driving is great, but from what I've seen of the menus and all the off the track stuff it looks really good. Far from 5/10.

T9X692706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )


You can read my mind now? Well you read it wrong. I was actually expecting IGN to give it a 9.5. Gamespot on the other hand, after their horrible hour video coverage, a 8.5 wouldn't surprise me, but IGN, no I expected more.

EDIT: Well what do you expect, GT fans have been bashing Forza left and right for the past few weeks on the anticipation of GT5 saying how shitty Forza is. So now that it's scoring lower than Forza, it's kind of expected. It's like bullying a kid at school for month while he sits back and says nothing, then one day jumps down your throat. Karma is a bitch.

RememberThe3572706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

It's really hard to read these big sites. With such huge staffs their standard of quality seems to be more wavy than consistent.

8.5 is by no means a bad score, but it reminds me of the Game Informer review of Killzone 2 where they gave it a similar score. But the things that they didn't like about the game I didn't mind so I would have scored the game higher.

I mean everyone keeps bringing up how it's scored lower than Forza 3, but two different reviews reviewed these games. You can't expect them to have the exact same likes and dislikes.

It seems like a solid game though. I'm glad to hear that since I was so disappointed in GTPSP.

EDIT: I see what your saying but I don't think this review has changed any minds. Forza 3 is not a great game, at least as a simulator.

GT5 seems to deliver exactly what GT fans want, and to complain about presentation in a GT game seems like a cop out. We have all seen the menus and cut scenes in this game and they are stunning.

OhMyGandhi2705d ago

not my kind of game, but honestly. I thought the review was well written? by grammar standards, and his thought process, this guy wasn't an "idiot", he gave what he felt the game deserved as far as score.

It's like being the person on the freeway, and that people who are driving slower than you are considered "idiots" while people who drive faster are "maniacs".

It's a reviewer from a site.
like the game? buy the game.

It's been that way since the start.
Black Ops was a good example of a game that I highly enjoy, even though certain aspects bug the crap out of me.

The reviewer isn't god. He isn't the president.

and for some reason, people are confused about the "10/10 simulator in a 5/10 game" as if it's simply illogical, and nonsensical.

He means that the core gameplay is that: simulating the driving of a car to be as close a possible to the real thing. But lacking certain features that would otherwise make it more "fleshed out".

similar to a game that has no multiplayer, or a game that has no well defined career or objective as to why the player should continue to devote his/her time to master it.

It's a game that does what it does well...But after such a long time in development, most figure there would be more on the plate.

Another good example would be...Call Of Duty. The series hasn't changed the "feel" of moving about in 60 fps (most of the time anyways) and killing others. It's distinctive, and fun. Graphics/stories and such change. but the basic mechanic of shooting is solid.

If the next Call of Duty Title has little more than a rehash of the multiplayer from it's previous titles, I'd consider it to be what this reviewer says of Grand Turismo 5: a game with rock solid base mechanic but nothing beyond that.

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deadreckoning6662706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

"Looks like Forza holds the crown this generation."

Because IGN says so? I wasn't aware that ONE IGN journalist determines what the best racing sim of this generation is.

NEVERTHELESS...if your the type of person who takes amusement in the fanboy war...this is pretty hilarious. So much trash talk about Forza on this site...yet the most popular video game review site on the net gives GT5 a lower score on Forza 3. You don't have to be a fanboy to admit that the irony here is lol worthy.

Anton Chigurh2706d ago

I guess it's time to appreciate Forza 3.

LastDance2706d ago

He actually said Gran Turismo is the best racing sim..Watch the video review.

Motorola2706d ago

Just because GIN gave forza a higher score doesnt mean its better. Destructoid gave both a 10. So they are just as good as each other in the site's opinion.

tawak2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

they dont even make a video review because they are shame to show their face its because they get paid for the review ign is part of xbox live oxm report,strategize,achievement guide..and more..they should remove other console from the site and change the name but they did not because it gonna be lame as fvck

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MAJ0R2706d ago

wow didn't expect that lol

not sure whats wrong with the game though, guess I'll have to read the review

GRRiMREEAPeR2706d ago ShowReplies(3)
sack_boi2706d ago Show
cyber_crysis2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

I am still only renting GT5. No interior view, cant change wheels, lower quality detail, and only cosmetic damage on 80% of the cars is just insulting after 6 years of development. I put GT5 on my christmas list and will have it by christmas but as a huge GT fan, this is just insulting after all 6 years in development. I simply cant justify paying for a game that is only 20% complete. Maybe my mind will change when I rent it, but I highly doubt it.

2706d ago
DigitalAnalog2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

It's already widely predicted by GT5 fans that this was already the case that reviews would not be satisfactory. However, reading the content IGN brought to the table, it is 10/10 simulator.

AND THAT my friends, is what this title is "supposedly" all about. This game was truly meant for the "hardcore-of-the-hardcore " and unfortunately, to cater for them means a devaluation in the "common" ground Call-of-Duty mainstream fanbase.

But that's what it is. A niche, and regardless of IGN's thoughts, they seem to nail the fact that the PHYSICS are what stands out in this game. For Driving Simulators, that is the most important part. Better a niche with an 8.5 score than a "casual" experience going 9.5!

-End of Line

Biggest2706d ago

I noticed some of the websites listing "Too hard for casuals" as a con. It's like saying there was too much jumping in Mario. It is what it is. Can it be bad because of that?

jack_burt0n2706d ago

Put it into perspective of worthlessness for FFS.

Sonic Freeriders on kinect: 7.5

GT5: 8.5

I rest my case.

ambientFLIER2706d ago

jack burton - too bad that game scores can't be compared between different platforms...

Pandemic2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

People have been waiting 6 years for a 8.5.......?

redsquad2706d ago

No, the TROLLS have been waiting for an 8.5 - Fans of the genre have got what they expected.

callahan092706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

These critics are reviewing the game with the wait in mind. If this game were announced at E3 this year and released today, and it was exactly the same in every possible way, it would have gotten 9.5's and 10's instead. It's more obvious than anything in the world right now that this game's reviews are getting knocked down by over-criticism because they want to look at it in terms of how long it took and not in terms of WHAT IT IS.

Odin7772706d ago

No people have been waiting 6 years for a game, not a fucking review score. All these reviews are going to be less than perfect, that's what happens when people hype something up to an unattainable standard.

AceofStaves2706d ago

No. People have been waiting 5 years for a new GT game.

Gamers don't wait for scores. We play games, don't we? Or are scores that much more enjoyable?

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GamerPS3602706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

I bought g25 2 yrs ago to play this game. WTF happened. I mean, it's not even 9. Normally, I don't care for reviews that much but GT5 was hyped to break record.
Nevertheless, I will be getting this game in few hours and judge myself but reviews are kinda disappointing.

Before you guys call me fanboi or whatever
I will be looking into physics, cars and tracks than other fancy stuff. Lets see, how that rolls out. I dont even play other racing game because I dont want to mess with my GT skill with arcade type driving games.

Well, Anti Fanboy and Fanboy got something to discuss about ;).

vhero2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Hmm The scores a bit off 9/10 for graphics?? How so they say the game looks better than real life yet don't give 10/10.. This is the same site that gave GTA 10/10 remember? But what killed the review score is presentation nothing more.. So if you really are gonna say Forza is better because of the HUD you really need your head checking.. Thing also is I bet it will still sell a crap load more than Alan Wake and it got a lower score than it from IGN as review scores these days mean nothing.. Black Ops got under a 9 from IGN in fact GT5 is getting the Meta score as Black Ops.. Is Black Ops a flop??

2706d ago
trancefreak2706d ago

I just bought this game this evening and it freaking epic. We already know the review parade against sony this gen so I dont give a ratz azz no more.

I just bought an amzing masterpiece and Im having loads of fun. The ones that seem to care here are the ones love the demise of ps3 exclusives (very sad) and to whom ever really were going to get the game. Do it, its worth it, It looks impressive, it feels impressive. My wife saw the game and said omg that looks incredible what is it.

At least my experience so far hasnt left me dancing my car with the front bumper vertically down the track.

This game rocks. Screw the reviews and btw you can jump right in to arcade mode a take the top cars for a spin.

2706d ago
JANF2706d ago ShowReplies(2)
BrianB2706d ago ShowReplies(2)
FACTUAL evidence2706d ago

Guess this game has too much variety for IGNorant.

URIELXIV2706d ago ShowReplies(1)
PeterGriffinSays2706d ago ShowReplies(1)
LastDance2706d ago

DID ANYONE actually watch the VIDEO REVIEW...He says it plain, "gran turismo is the best driving sim on console by some marchin"

TROLL EATER2706d ago Show
MariaHelFutura2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Forza 3 and GT5 got the same score in graphics.

Seems a tad bias to me. Regardless, I`m off to get GT5, in a few minutes.

likedamaster2706d ago

Well, Forza 3 has same graphics across the board with cockpit view for every car, while GT5's graphics are only great on the premium models(200+) & cockpit views.

ambientFLIER2706d ago

Sigh...apparently people STILL don't fucking get it. A 9.0 in graphics for an Xbox game and a 9.0 in graphics for a PS3 game ARE NOT THE SAME THING.

Chimerhazzard2706d ago

In 0:52 sec - "First the good news. This is the best driving sim avaiable for consoles, and by some margin."

Forza 3 - 9.4

GT5 - 8.5


ambientFLIER2706d ago

For the millionth time, THE SCORES ARE NOT CROSS PLATFORM !!!!! if they were, the wii, the ds, and the psp games could never get any higher scores than xbox and ps3 games.

EVILDEAD3602706d ago

If you would have asked me for the last five years what game was going to have a 10.0 Metacritic; I would have repeatedly told you GT5..

No matter how you cut it, the 5 year wait turned out to be a negative instead of a positive for GT5. As time passes by, expectation rise tremendously (Ask the developers of Alan Wake and Final Fantasy XIII)

I made a comment thatafter all of these years, a billion screen shots and a million hours of replay footage released, Gran Turismo 5 better drive you home after you pick up your pre-order

No matter how you cut it, the ommision of a cockpit from a major portion of the cars will end up being the achilles heel of the historic franchise.

I absolutely loved Forza 3. The quality of that game after a 2-year turn-around was no small feat.

But, I still can't wait to wrap my hands around this beast.IGNs review definately is significant and as expected going to have many of the Sony elitists in an uproar, but what crazy is hearing what's coming from thoughts are if Official Playstation Magazine still awards Gran Turismo the big '10' review then long time fans should be fine..

As for me, I'm still shopping for a good wheel because I this will be the game that is played out of my PS3 Slim for a looong time time to come.

Fans celebrate..GT5 is finally here and it's going nowhere any time soon


The Maxx2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

I was saying to expect these kinds of reviews simply because of the limitations that GT5 offers in the game like:

segmented car classes (premium and standard)
No cockpit view for all cars
no proper tuning
lack of damage
lack of modding and customization

I said that every review will be looking and comparing the features in GT5 and how they related to what is already on the market and that lack of CORE features and I lost 2 bubbles because if it. And now, the Meta is 86% and why? Because of the very elements that I stated. CORE features not being present in the game that is expected at this stage of gaming in this era.

EVILDEAD3602706d ago

I'm really not the type to nit pick PDs decision making progress on what didn't make the cut because as a developer they are as passionate as it gets..

But, I think they could have staved off much of the criticism if they just told their fans in advance about the cockpit view only for premiums.

The ironic thing is many people don't even play GT5 from cockpit 100% of the time..

Personally it just means I need to step my game up and get to those premium cars because I'm sure the premium game play should be outstanding..

Don't agree that someone should lose bubz for pointing out the truth (+bubz) from me...

Again for come down to what IS in the game..and I am still ridiculously excited to play

PDz take on Nascar
The Weather Effects
The Night racing
The Rally racing

So honestly at this point I can't see an 8.5 IGN rating stopping me from picking up my pre-order..


newflesh2706d ago

I'm actually starting to gain some long lost respect for IGN.

new vegas-8.5 (fair score)
black ops-8.5 (unbelieveble from ign)
Asassin's Creed:Brotherhood - 8! (lower than all big sites)

And now GT5 an 8.5. It's just so untypical of ign to score such big games so low. Maybe they stopped taking bribes..

Chaos Striker2706d ago

They were actually very far from the beginning. It was only because IGN gave Lair, Heavenly Sword, and Warhawk bad reviews that ...fanboys... started going berserk and paranoid. To me, IGN is very fair with almost all of their games (yes there is about 5% that are questionable, but overall, they have spot on reviews). They grade on an overall experience not just the sum of a game's parts. They take into account different perspectives such as the hardcore fan, the casual gamer, and the gamer that wants to enter this genre.

Also, their staff is hilariously awesome. PS3 fans(and fanboys) should listen to Podcast Beyond, because it is so hilarious and informative at the same time. The folks that do the podcast are primary PS3 fanboys, but have respect for stuff like Mass Effect 2 (when it was an exclusive).

Ace Killa 082706d ago

U honestly think lair was a good game?

Chaos Striker2706d ago

I don't think it's a good game (I don't know how you thought I thought it is a good game to be honest) But a lot of people on this site seemed to think so, although reviewers universally panned the game.

Anon19742706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

To put this in perspective, the metacritic score for GT4 was 89 and it was a monster success (IGN scored that one a 95, in case you were wondering). I expect that GT5 will received a similar score once all the votes are in. Now, is the fact that it's received an 8.5, an excellent score from IGN, instead of a 9 really going to deter racing fans from picking up this title? I'm guessing not.

IGN concluded that it's a fantastic racing game marred by a menu system that came up short. For me the menu system could have consisted of "Pick car. Click here to race" and if it delivered 10/10 on the track like IGN says it does, that's all that matters.

likedamaster2706d ago

Interesting... never heard you comment like this before.
Anywho, play the game for a decent 5 hours or so before you express your take on it.

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