'Lair' Struggles To Overcome Curse

There was a time during the development of this week's new PlayStation 3 dragon-fighting game "Lair" when its director, Julian Eggebrecht, thought it was cursed. That time began two years ago and - hopefully for him - ended this summer.

"I am not a believer in ghosts, but this one was haunted," Eggebrecht told GameFile over the course of an e-mail interview conducted from his native Germany, where the developer was on vacation. The first sign of supernatural interference emerged on the eve of Sony's PS3 unveiling in May 2005. Eggebrecht's team at Factor 5 was delivering the first trailer of "Lair" to Sony's then-head of global PlayStation business, Ken Kutaragi, just in the nick of time. Then came trouble."

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4117d ago (Edited 4117d ago )

He should know his game is cursed becuase of the sloppy gameplay.

EDIT: I should also say, I have this game and I like it. Infact It's probably my favorite PS3 game so far. No joke. But it does have sloppy gameplay. The developer shouldn't blame it on a curse.

ktchong4117d ago (Edited 4117d ago )

the game director is saying his dog ate his homework.

Stella4117d ago

Lair makes 360 and Wii owners feel angry and inadequate.

The game's engine is something that can only be run on a modern graphics hardware design like the PS3's Cell<->RSX system where the insane level of detail from the ground all the way up to up in the sky seeing miles is accomplished with heavy use of progressive mesh processing on Cell and then sending off the results to the RSX to be rasterized.

There is nothing, and never will be anything, like it on the 360. And Wii ofcourse.

And then to raise the anger levels even higher Lair shows once again just how much pixel pushing power the RSX has by being able to run the game in 1080p. 1080p PS3 games make 360 owners angry. Very, very, very angry. They've spent the last year or two trying to tell the world how their system is 'just as powerful as the PS3' and games like Lair make a complete mockery of those claims. Lair must be trashed relentlessly by 360 fans and the fanboy reviewers at sites like 1Up or EGM.

And then the crazy large world sizes that take 4 gigs per level and would fill up an entire layer of a DVD disc infuriate 360 owners whose system only has 7 gigs of space that is usable by developers. Lair couldn't even fit two levels on a 360 DVD. After trying to damage control the 360's gimped storage solution for the past year games like Lair make all that damage control completely worthless and the fanboy anger over Lair just gets ratcheted up even higher.

Throw in the very cool and spot on motion controls and now you have Wii owners joining in on the hate and burning desire to lash out at the game.

My god is the game amazing on 1080p set. You've never seen or felt anything like it to see this amazingly detailed worlds around you with so much crazy stuff going on while you swoop around tilting the controller.

The game is a 8/10 for people with old 720 and smaller sets and a 9/10 for everyone with a 1080p set.

darkequitus4117d ago

Why have you delivered such a irrelevant post. This could have been a legitimate discussion about lair but you have to turn this into a 360 bashing exercise. Why are you so insecure? People hate because of people like you. You talk about pixel power, then you negate game like warhawk. Just like you cartoon fixation you had in your nasim guise - you were too dumb to realise you were attacking the potentially rather good R&C as well a calling al cars

You are a disgrace to all PS3 owners

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Stella4117d ago

darkequitus, go away you pathetic fanboy.

No one gives a damn what games you are playing.

snoop_dizzle4117d ago

and people take you seriously? no way aside from irrational people.

darkequitus4117d ago

A Fanboy like me who opens himeslf p to the good games all the consoles have to offer? I think that is what you call an oxymoron.

come back when your weened.

Maybe when your mother has wh*red herself enough you will get a console of your own and you can stop da dreaming. I think I will ignore you now.

Skynetone4117d ago

the six axis sucks {my opinion}

even that stupid duck game is annoying with the six axis

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BlackIceJoe4117d ago (Edited 4117d ago )

I can say I was really looking forward to this game. But after hearing how bad it is I do not plan on buying it. I do want to rent it though. Just because it looks good. I hope there will be a way that a patch could come out that allows analog control soon. I just hope out of this bad news Factor 5 does not give up on trying to make new IPs and does not lose focus from the bad reviews and can get back to making great games.

I really want to see a new Rogue Squadron game some day soon those are always fun. I for one hope that Factor 5 can keep making new IPs but may be next time bring them out on the Playstation Network or other forms like that so they can always have a back up in case the game does not sell well and do not lose that much money.

Taker_1294117d ago (Edited 4117d ago )

If you have not played the game then you have no right judging it. Lair is a great game if you want to believe it or not that's up to you but basing your comments off of hear say is not cool.

BlackIceJoe4117d ago (Edited 4117d ago )

Taker_129 I want to tell you I like the PS3. I even said I am going to rent it. May be I have not played it yet. But you still have to take what the reviewers say. They are payed to tell people what works and what does not. So I may be after I play the game I could think it is really great but if the controls hamper it in any way then what people have said would be true. So I have liked the games F5 have put out in the past so I was hoping this game would turn out great too. But you can't not hear what every one is saying and not take it to heart. Plus I also said may be there could be a way to allow a patch to bring out analog control and then the game would be better.

But like I said I do have plans on renting it instead of going out and buying it when it comes out just incase I do not like the game. So it is sad to see F5 get so much trouble on a game that could have been great.

So if you want to get mad at me you can but not because I was saying what other people have said. That being said I still plan on renting it but at the same time will take what other people have said about it too.

segasage4117d ago

PS3 fanatics demand you go out and by the game, so they expect nothing less when they need you to support Sony's struggle of AAA titles.

No do as Taker_129 and buy the game and be Happy.

Ps3 FTW always...

Ju4117d ago

Nobody "demands you to go out and buy it". Seriously. But what people try to say is, if you thought it is an interesting game, it still is. Some people love it some hate it, and the majority who bought it loves it (these are the people who had an interest in it in the first place), no matter was the "professional" reviews are saying.
Renting is OK. So did I, but haven't gotten it yet (but was sent on Friday). And the best thing, the keep it price is $46.99. We'll see what I'm gonna do after I'll pick it up from my mailbox this afternoon. I think, I'll go with the $45, just to show off the 1080p - and even if I will just use it as a screensaver.

radzy4117d ago

leave blackice alone. why are you all trying to force him to buy the game.
blackice, a demo of lair is coming out on psn soon .
download it , then you can make up your mind.

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ChibiSelz4117d ago

dont ya just hate this generation games brought based on reviews atleast try the game befor you say its not good...

TheExecutive4117d ago

i agree. its a bunch of kids that believe everything they read. However, this is a two way street. Every game deserves a try (from any system) before bad mouthing or praising a title.

Blink4117d ago

Play the damn game and then talk smack...too many people making stupid comments = more misinformed stupid comments

snoop_dizzle4117d ago

good. I'm not totally into it but it doesn't suck.

However the controls sometimes do get kinda annoying even if you have played it for a while.

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