Rumor: Nintendo 3DS release date, price shows up in GameStop Canada pre-order list [picture]

According to an anonymous tip, GameStop and EB Games stores in Canada (unconfirmed for the US) are now taking pre-orders for the Nintendo 3DS. As seen in the picture from a GameStop store, a release date is listed for March 20, 2011 along with a price of $299.99 (CAD).

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awiseman2763d ago

$299 canadian doll4rz.

Cant wait for the brainless fools who troll this site start yelling its 299 US doll4rz. I will LOL.

firefoxprime2763d ago

Unfortunately there are people out there who refuse to think before they speak...type.

wwm0nkey2763d ago

A lot of people just dont know anything about conversion rates.