Sessler's Soapbox: More Creativity, Less Penis!

It's no secret that Adam Sessler loves the Sly Cooper series, so it comes as no surprise that he loves playing all three games in HD thanks to the Sly Collection for PS3. While jumping and climbing and sneaking around corners, it dawned on Adam that games like Sly and Jak and Daxter seem to be a lost art. Gone are the days of cartoonish, brightly colored, all-ages appropriate, imaginative action platformers that seemed to dominate the glory days of the PS2. Now we're flooded with hyper-violent, testosterone, muscle man shooters filled with guns, explosions, and thinly veiled phalluses. Now we all love some good pulp action, but where's the Beyond Good and Evil of our day? What action platformers do you wish were still around?

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wwm0nkey2943d ago

He is the only person I can respect on G4 because he is an actual gamer, sucks that more people arnt like him at G4. GREAT video.

TheLastGuardian2943d ago

I love the HD collections. I've been a fan of Sly Cooper since the first game so having all 3 games on one disc is fantastic. If you like platforming games the Sly Collection is a must buy.

Orange2943d ago

I don't understand the penis comment.

ngecenk2943d ago

means its not just like another typical manly games: shooter, racing, fighting

iamtehpwn2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

Couldn't agree more, Adam.
Past generation Games were once colorful beautiful exciting new Worlds.

And this generation, they've become brown, grey, post, war-torn, apocalyptic versions of this world.

yoshiroaka2943d ago

Man he just took all the words out of my mouth dude.
I love the games this gen but variety!

Adam is making alotta sense here.

Godmars2902942d ago

But then you have Morgan Webb, who must have it in her contract to not only say something infinitely stupid to piss off fanboys in general, but say the joke about the PS3 being too expensive once a month.

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ForzaGT2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

got my copy last friday, never had the chance to give it a try on the PS2, well worth the money given the amount of level packed into the trilogy

hopefully this will lead to Sly 4

All_4_One2943d ago

As usual, I agree with Sessler. Any time I get a chance to play a game that`s a little more lighthearted, a little more pure, I embrace it. Games like Epic yarn, Little Big Planet, Donkey Kong Country Returns, The Sly Collection and others are just too damn good, they, along with many others represent gaming in it`s purest form.

SkyCrawler2943d ago

I add Flower to that list.

VersusEM2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

He's right, I'm getting tired of the same games over and over again. There are way too many shooters out there and barely anything else. There are barely any rpgs or games like Jak on both 360 and PS3. I also can't wait to get the Sly Collection, didn't get a chance last gen.

karl2942d ago

i soo agree with that...

i didnt bought MW2 nor BLack ops .. no BF2 no MOH

i only bought mag as my last shotter cuz it promised something different...

this year with almost no games but FPS.. i started playing old games so i start playing Ratchet and clank for the first time.. and its been so awesome... this games save me this year cuz there was just absolutely nothing for me after GOW3

well i really want to play SOTC so im hoping for an HD collection aswell...

onomix2943d ago

Adam Sessler is like the biggest PS3 fanboy.

All_4_One2943d ago

He`s actually the most unbiased, down to earth, rational critic I`ve ever had the pleasure of listening to. I`m not sure what you`re talking about.

Elvfam5112943d ago

Hell yeahh.. Wait what did you say?

wwm0nkey2943d ago

No unlike you he is a gamer, he enjoys both PS3 and 360 *gasp* impossible right?

onomix2943d ago Show
TheBlackSmoke2943d ago

Oh please take the tin foil hat off.

You do know that he gave Fable 2 the goty for 2008.

The fact he's loving PS3 exclusives doesn't make him biased, they are just that good and any real gamer knows this.

Uncharted 2 is the most awarded game of this generation, god of war 3, LBP, mgs4, Killzone 2, infamous, heavy rain... the QUALITY and QUANTITY is undeniable. If he were to overlook those games, then THAT would be biased.

ngecenk2943d ago

yeah rite!

did you remember he crowned fable 2 as goty 2008? and everyone cursing him even his g4 workmate surprised by his choice.

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