Halo 3 Epsilon gameplay video *Spoilers*

A 7 minutes video showing of new gameplay, including customizing of you suit, new weapons, forge and so on.

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stunt2133429d ago

I stop listening as soon as i heard the music. I mean, I like rap music but that one sounds like ass.

Kleptic3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

...suprisingly this rapper makes a reference to himself being as thought out as Kaiser Soce...he is so cool...I would definitely say if the myth of Soce was ever proven to be a real person...this worthless rap crapper would be him...

While having his fingers in every major government, drug deal, arms deal, and war...he takes time out to make a very annoying domestic mindfeck of a song...

Chris_GTR13429d ago

OMG!!! MY EARS!!!!!!!!!!

The BS Police3429d ago

Rap does not deserve to be invovled with any halo game at all.

segasage3429d ago

Hip hop is all over the damn place helping everyone sell [email protected]

I agree, that music is not so great but stop raggin on the genre/culture.

The BS Police3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

That Halo fans don't want rap in the game, the Halo soundtrack is just better without Rap.

Nobody wants to see an awesome scene in halo 3 and then all of a sudden rap starts playing out of nowwhere when we should be hearig something more emotional than about some dumbass pimping hoes..

segasage3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

game music, then yeah, but your complaining about this damn video, and raggin on the music. would be easy if it was just about halo.

Oh yeah I didn't know " all halo fans" had some common knowledge..or did you just make that up..

Daxx3429d ago

Personally, I listen to Death Metal when I'm playing Halo's multiplayer, it helps me pwn better. ^_^

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ViciousIX3429d ago

Crappy quality, crappy music, bleh. No reason to watch this at all.

Tommie3429d ago

Whats the first song in the vid called?

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The story is too old to be commented.