Build Your Own Warhawk with Warhawk Paper Craft

Build your own Warhawk!

By following the simple instructions, you can assemble an authentic looking replica of the Eucadian Warhawk.

Download Assembly Instructions:

Download Assembly Packet:

Check back to in a few weeks for more paper craft replicas of your favourite Warhawk vehicles!

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big_tim4122d ago

It is 37 pages worth of parts. It looks like it would take a week to build. The end result is pretty big. I am guessing around 18 inches long by a foot wide.

I am glad to see that they farmed it out and didn't do this in house, otherwise, I would have said they could have used the resources on the game.

Escorcio4122d ago

I only got them printed today (at my mum's work) because i didn't want to use up my ink.
All the pieces are quite detailed but some are tiny and really fiddly.
If you look at the instructions all the peices kind of fold into each other and fit tightly, so it might not be as big as you think.
When i finish mine (probably a few years from now) i will upload some images.

AliC4122d ago

Looks rather fun, kind of like those kits you had when you where a kid.

Llionv4122d ago

PATIENCE NEEDED.Too fiddly for me.Would be nice if you could buy a die-cast model though.

The Real Joker4122d ago

Don't get me wrong..I love Warhawk but for people that spend their time doing this, I do not see any forseeable sex for them in the future.

gamesR4fun4122d ago

Wow very cool but I guaranty if I tried it would end up looking like a paper ball :D

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