Microsoft Announce On-demand media channel for Windows and Xbox 360

Microsoft has announced details of a new entertainment channel available on the Xbox 360, Windows Vista and Windows XP Media Center. Coolroom is, according to the corporation "aimed at film fans who want to enjoy digital entertainment on TV from the comforts of their own sofa". It's a premium content channel, where you can download programmes to purchase outright or simply to watch once.

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TriggerHappy3728d ago

Sony Announces, Microsoft Announcing now, Nintendo is sure to follow. Everything is going digital. Great to see competition pushing these companies to unveil new stuff.

Darkiewonder3728d ago

When have they ever been on time with anything the others do? [they follow their own path for better or worse]

TheWiseguy3728d ago

Nintendo hasnt even gotten online gaming off the ground I doubt this will happen anytime soon. In fact...i'll put money on Nintendo not implementing movies on demand this generation at all. Who'd want to watch these movies in 480p max anyways?

MK_Red3728d ago

Well, MS and Sony's will have HD offerings while Wii has no HD and small HDD.

TriggerHappy3728d ago

I read somewhere that, Sony was going to work with Ninty to bring HD to the wii ? I could be wrong..

Bnet3433728d ago

Wii doesn't have a small HDD, I think it's called flash memory.

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Darkiewonder3728d ago


I have Vista Ultimate So yeah, I'm ready.

Thump19673728d ago

People without WMC or Windows Vista are screwed meaning me

cloud3603728d ago

Does this cost money or is it free like Play TV on ps3

mighty_douche3728d ago

each program will have a cost, abit like itunes. there was a thread on here the other day about it, they said if you wanted to download a season of family guy it would work out around twice the price of buying the dvd's, sooo yeah not free...

tonsoffun3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

sounds very familiar..... itunes anyone?

seriously - I already have TV on demand with my cable package, I have no need for this at all.

COOLROOM ? Again, Sony's HOME says 'Hi'

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The story is too old to be commented.