Fighters Uncaged: The worst Kinect game by far

Strategy Informer: "Shovelware ahoy! With the launch of a brand new form of gaming for your living room, it is of course inevitable that, in amongst the good stuff, a stream of crap will follow, ready to milk that cashcow for all it's worth. Enter Fighters Uncaged, the worst game about punching and kicking the air we've ever witnessed.

Nothing is too mediocre for this flail-em-up, with its horrible visuals and complete lack of actual gameplay. Whereas other fighting games play around with blocking, dodging, tactical movements and stamina, Fighters Uncaged instead pretends to embody all these elements, when in actuality you can simply stand on the spot and swing your arms over and over again to complete the entire game. When you're already utterly bored halfway through the tutorial, you know this isn't going to be the experience of a lifetime."

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