Bioshock: Complete playthrough review

Most reviews are done after playing some levels, but not the complete game. Reviews are done within the shortest time possible.

Games can be overhyped because of that, reviewers are falling over each other to get the first review out of a game. Did it happen to Bioshock? Xboxkings delivers the review after they played through the game completely. Overhyped or not?

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4094d ago

I alrady passes where Atlus family dies, and then you're looking for that plant scientest woman, but she gets gased, and she leaves the combination to her safe in the steam before she dies. And then you have to make the Vulumbra Esutbe or whatever, the plant saving formula.

So I need to find certain ingredients. That part is hard.

sticky doja4094d ago

I would say about half way. You still got alot to go man, enjoy the ride.

TheMART4094d ago

Dude that question isn't meant to be real, is it. You're in Arcadia, the 3rd level. If you really play the game you know that info. Still a long way to go, after the twist in gameplay about half the game I won't spoil :P

ParaDise_LosT4094d ago

Mind saying Spoiler alert?....good thing i finished the game...but others might have not...
-1bubble for you....also reported your comment ~_~

WafflesID4093d ago

No kidding. How freakin stupid do you have to be to be posting info about the plot like that?

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Pete_Approved4094d ago

Yah, thats why i aint telling anything about the ending.. :P See for your self. 1 thing. Bioshock got 2 endings. Oeps, did i spoiled it?

TheMART4094d ago

Spoilers? Only on my car :P

BrotherSic4094d ago

my advice; Just keep playing and hope the game never ends!

I finally finished the game today with all but 3 achievements (hard, secret, and weapon expert) and would have had 1 left if it wasnt for one of my so called friends!

Pete_Approved4094d ago

Indeed, i got like 710 achievementpoints :P It`s not all of the points yet. But hey.. i can play it over and over again :P

felidae4094d ago

little disapointing end but nice game.

TheMART4094d ago

Well at least the game/gameplay itself is great in this 360 game, where on the PS3 the games itself are dissapointing, not even mentioning the ending...

Lair, Heavenly Sword all not living up to the hype. Why are you talking only good about them idontcare and why do you always 'try' to bring up some possible minor points on great 360 games like for example Bioshock?

It just feels and sounds weird when you do that.

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