Eternal Sonata Review: 6/10 from EGM

EGM reviews Eternal Sonata and gives it 6/8/7.

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MK_Red3792d ago

I was hoping for a bit more. It's EGM and not the best source for reviews IMO but I still fear that it may end up like Enchant Arms and Blue Dragon. Good but not great.

power of Green 3791d ago

The same fear you had for Lair, Heavenly Sword & Warhawk?.

Wingnut263791d ago

Doesn't take long to get some bad news about one of their kick it back at the PS3 eh?

bung tickler3791d ago

6/8/7 averages 7/10 not 6/10... still not great but the title is misleading.

power of Green 3791d ago

It doesn't take long for Sony fanboys to roll around in bad 360 news like a Hog in a mud pit/puddle. It was simple and directed at him I remeber him saying after one bad review after another how it doesn't matter. did you say something eh?.

The post was more to do with his logic than the games themself no need to get offended.

heroman7113791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

@ at power of green
thanks for clearifying that. i was bout to curse u out to. good thing we didnt come to that

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Greysturm3792d ago

The bar for making rpgs is incredibly high, i for one didnt expect mucvh from namco bandai i have tried a few of their psp rpgs and not one of them is beyond decent.

RadientFlux3792d ago

Eternal Sonata looks like it will be another Blue Dragon, now saying that I actually enjoyed Blue Dragon more then most RGPs coming from Japan (hate random battles).

On the bright with all the mixed reviews lately more people are finding out that reviews are a perspective and not a true measure of a game's quality.

xaphanze3792d ago

another 360 RPG?
Im starting to think 360 and RPG dont quite mix.

Greysturm3792d ago

At least jrpgs for the looks of it.

MK_Red3792d ago

I still have faith in Lost Odyssey. They game has limitless potential.

TheMART3792d ago

Especially don't forget about


Damn, biggest RPG of the coming time

MK_Red3792d ago

TheMART, we were talking about J-RPGs (Or at least I was).
No one doubts Mass Effect or Fable 2. KOTOR 3 could also be on it's way.

RussianSniper3792d ago

Exactly why you'll only see shooter games on the 360.

Give me a AAA game that doesn't involve the words "First-Person- or Shooter".

Mario183791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Mass Effect isn't the biggest upcoming RPG, its Final Fantasy 13

Lex Luthor3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

LOL, final fantasy has been going downhill since FFX-2

Edit: PS360Wii i meant the main FF's not the online one. FF11 was a damn good game and is one of the best online rpgs ever.

GnaM3791d ago

FFXIII biggest upcoming RPG? Pssh, I've been a hardcore FF fan since FFI, but they've been hit or miss ever since FFVIII and after the string of FFX-2, XI, and XII I'm not at all interested until they actually show something legitimately interesting. Instead, they've failed to show any new material at all the new game cons this year, leaving a single old trailer or two from E3 2006 as the only bit of info on the game. Gee, it has another past-meets-future setting, and a main character that looks like someone out of the previous 2 games...big surprise.

Wake me up to SquareEnix when Final Fantasy Tactics II comes to PS3 or 360 (and none of that dumbed down, "lite" Tactics Advance crap). Either that, or when they stop massacring the Secret of Mana franchise.

PS360WII3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

hey I'll give you X-2 and XII but don't be messing with XI cuz that game was subperb in all aspects and still is a really great game. PC version I'm talking about for I can't really see how mmo's work without a keyboard

Edit: alright Lex! I'll give you a bubble up for that ^^ one of the best for sure

Bnet3433791d ago

Anything japanese on Xbox 360 is a steaming pile of crap unless it's made by Capcom, which are by far the best japanese developers. Oblivion was great, Mass Effect will be awesome.

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