Analysts: 80GB PS3 To Hit $499 By Christmas & Another Pricecut Early 2008

The latest notes from Wedbush Morgan's Michael Pachter and simExchange's Jesse Divnich have seen both analysts predicting the imminent price drop of the 80GB model PlayStation 3 to the 60GB's price of $499, as the latter model disappears from retail channels.

"We note that Sony recently acknowledged that it will no longer produce its 60Gb PS3," said Pachter, "and we expect the price of the 80Gb PS3 to be reduced to $499 before the holidays, maintaining a premium SKU at that price point."

Pachter says the drop "could serve as a catalyst for sales growth later in the year," and predicts that Sony could "again be in a position to cut the price of the PS3 in early 2008, when blockbuster games Grand Theft Auto IV and PS3 exclusive Metal Gear Solid 4 will launch."

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lonestarmt4117d ago (Edited 4117d ago )

I love my ps3, but they need to do this. Lots of people want it but can't afford it or either don't understand why its so high. I understand, but if they do another price cut along when mgs4 comes out holy crap watch out.

Greysturm4117d ago

A pricecut with next year opening salvo of FF13, killzone and MGS4 the world might go into a meltdown.

Mr Murda4117d ago

Sony has to do this or else they will lose another holiday season, which they cannot afford to do. Yeah, I'm a little salty for buying my 60GB PS3 @ $599, but I understand that price cuts will come (early adopter syndrome). Sony will finally have some games this holiday to attract some more gamers, so they need a console that gamers and parents can actually afford. Price Cut ASAP!!!

Real gamer 4 life4117d ago

yea with a 2008 price cut, plus the release of metal gear, final fantsy and grant turismo could really send the world into a total meltdown.

Master of Menace4117d ago

A price drop is always welcome. Just as long as they maintain that great quality, and not produce a cheap, breakable system like XBOX 360! Flame me!

beavis4play4117d ago

i agree. the ps3 is a great, dependable piece of electronics. they could get rid of wi-fi and keep a 60 gig HD to get the price to 399$

Darkiewonder4117d ago

Anyways, There's already rumor of a pricecut at TGS [Price cut for Japan in the works].

What other events left for this year will allow Sony to announce a price cut?

and for god sakes. NO MORE BUNDLE!

BIadestarX4117d ago

I am sure that.. wherever he is getting for talking.. he is not getting it from Sony... price cut announcements are bad for sells... people hold on their purchase when they hear about price cuts... If these news propagate.. expect PS3 sells to sink even further. That's why companies like Sony and Microsoft do not talk about price cuts until they actually happen.

HarryEtTubMan4117d ago

PS3,Ps2 and PSP are all outselling 360 on a worldwide basis... and to companys thats what counts.... stop being brainwashed by Microsoft...u try to put PS3 in "bad terms" and have no clue what ur talking about...just being selfish and dogmatic because YOU own a 360. Last time I checked 360 beat PS3 by only 11,000 in the U.S. That is a joke and Microsoft and Sony both know it means nothing...they BARELY beat a system that is more than a 100 dollars more expensive,doesn't have many games(thankfully many coming this holiday season)and isn't even through with it's first year cycle... meaning there is LOTS more to come for PS3.. especially the playstation network. Please keep your uninformed comments to ur self. It's not an opinion, it's dogmatic ignorance.

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The story is too old to be commented.