Microsoft Cuts Price of Zune Again

XF has learned there's a planned price cut about to hit within the next couple days. This is great news for anyone who's held off on purchasing the handy little portable, but as usual, a slap in the face to anyone who recently paid for the hardware.

Also leaked is the rumor that games will finally be available on the new Zunes set to hit before the holiday 07 buying season.

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Captain Tuttle4095d ago

I just bought one of these for $150 new over at Woot...pretty nice little machine. Not iPod nice but the price was right for a 30 gig mp3/video player.

FirstknighT4095d ago

$150 for a 30gig mp3 player is a steal. You won't find any iPods that cheap.

AllroundGamer4095d ago

and nobody buys it again...

Greysturm4095d ago (Edited 4095d ago )

But my guess is this price cut is made because it failed to steal the chunk it was supposed from the ipod. I read not long ago that the reason it didnt appeal as much as the ipod was its classical button interface which made it seem like a step back in time from the ipods.

I wonder if Microsoft will push integration with the 360 as much as Sony is pushing the integration between psp and Ps3 but then again that would be a waste of resources since the psp ability to stream media from the ps3 is in my view a way to compensate the available size of storage.

Edit: Mind sharing some of them from the looks of it they sound amazing all i heard so far is the patent that both microsoft and apple made fro their next generation integration of wifi on the machines.

BLaZiN PRopHeT4095d ago

ive read that they will. if everything i read about the next zune is true itll sell like crazy. smaller and itll intergrate with the 360 among some more new features.

caffman4095d ago

can we get them in the UK?

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The story is too old to be commented.