Microsoft's Adults Only Game Bundle for Japan

While the Western world shirks from Adults Only console games, Xbox Japan embraces them. What the hell, it has nothing to lose! As part of its low cost "Platinum Collection," Microsoft will be realizing a two pack of Gears of War and Dead Rising. Both games were slapped with the dreaded CERO Z rating, which is equal to ESRB's games-as-porn AO rating.

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MK_Red3638d ago

At first I thought it's an AO porn game or something. It's funny how the consider Dead Rising an adult game. That's a funny zombie smashing arcade brawler! (Which I deeply love)

Bill Gates3638d ago

If the kids aren't buying the 3FixMe, what makes M$ think that the "adults" will?

Stupid M$. The 3FixMe is DEAD in Japan, and quickly disappearing in Europe...AHHAHAHAHHAHHHA

Lightning Mr Bubbles3638d ago

Damn Microsoft reducing itself to this level in Japan. Porn level

ParaDise_LosT3638d ago

or did you automaticly assume porn when the title said AO games...


sticky doja3638d ago

Except I already have both of those games....and don't live in Japan. I don't know why they are so hard on the 360, it has games galore, and its dirt cheap there.

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The story is too old to be commented.