Seven games that morphed during development

And seven other games that morphed during development.

Games have to be made, of course. They're created from scratch, not born with their daddy's nose, with developers piecing them together down to the genetic level. So, it's no shock to see them changing and evolving as they head towards commercial release: HUD tweaks, visual improvements, character makeovers, gobs of spit 'n' polish and the like.

While all games go through a sequence of iterative facelifts, some go through a complete reinvention. Others get scrapped completely, to be rebuilt better, faster and stronger, or just to better please a particular audience. Others switch genres but retain their styles. And then some – like Kirby's Dream Land, our joker in the pack – introduce a new Nintendo icon by not bothering to make an intended change.

So, here - starting with Halo - are eight games whose biographies are just as dramatic, bizarre or notable as the games themselves.

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CNIVEK4122d ago (Edited 4122d ago )

...but poor execution. Whoever did this story, did a horrible job of writing, and an even worse job on the visual comparisons.
Also, where are PREY, TimeShift, Dark Sector?

MK_Red4122d ago

Agreed. But hey, it's still better than those porn articles of late that GamesRadar has been posting.