Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD Confusing Many

Blu-ray or HD-DVD?

The head-to-head battle that brings back memories of VHS vs. Betamax has played out for a year come November, so one would think the king of the next generation disc format might soon be crowned.

Blu-ray and HD-DVD formats target consumers who have high-definition television systems, and want to watch movies and other video content with the highest possible quality.

Toshiba and Microsoft head the field behind the HD-DVD format, while Sony, Pioneer and Dell are among the players pushing the Blu-ray format, which is a feature of Sony's PlayStation 3 game console.

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TriggerHappy4119d ago

Completely agree with this article, consumers summer from the constant wars been those two companies (Sony and Toshiba).

The average consumer only cares about getting the best that there is out there. They aren't so much into the specs. Having BD an HD DVD is confusing most consumers as well. Just hope this war wears out quickly.

cuco334119d ago

the consumer IS confused. hells even a lot of the tech savy AVS guys can get mixed up with facts and rumors

combined both formats are a blip in over all sales radar. and of this blip it's practically even (1.5:1 in favor of BD which is embarassing considering that there is 10x the players over HD DVD). the average consumer looks at 1 thing, price. and that is in favor of HD DVD (which only helps that the cheap China HD DVD players are confirmed for xmas). BD with it's unfinished specs, the fact you can get most BD only films via imports for HD DVD, cheaper player prices for HD DVD, etc only screams out that HD DVD is going to have a good holiday season

sadly i don't think it's the same for BD

jujunogo4119d ago

once people are forced to buy digital tvs which mostly consist of hdtvs exept a few acceptions,in 2009 by fcc because the U.S. is switching from analog to digital 08 will be a critical year for both formats for consumers who make the switch to a digital tv AND WITH PS3'S with most of the blu ray players and the giant ps3 line up of o8 (mgs4,killzone2,ffxlll,gt4,and a established home) bluray should be the winner with the proposed ps3 price drop of 08......NOT A FANBOY I OWN A 360 AND A PS3!!!

Rooftrellen4119d ago (Edited 4119d ago )

I hope you do realize that most people who will be buying HD DVD/bluray in 2009 (and I've said for a while, that is when the war will end) will not be buying a gaming console. It will be a standalone bluray player or a standalong HD DVD player, not a 360 with HD DVD add on or PS3.

In fact, that's why its quite likely HD DVD will win, then. When people upgrade their old analog TVs to digital, most likely snagging an HD TV, the salesperson is going to say "how would you like to watch movies in HD too? We have our players right over here." HD DVD will likely be cheaper, and the person will buy that. If bluray is cheaper at that time, it will win.

It's all about cost in 2 years, most likely. Neither format is going anywhere until then.


@1.3 I would agree, people won't sacrifice quality for price, within reason, but we're comparing HD DVD and bluray, so we're comparing equal quality (some say HD DVD has better quality, but I don't personally believe it), and it will come down totally to price, in that situation.

Foliage4119d ago

I doubt people who are going to jump into the expensive High-Def era are going to sacrifice quality for the cheaper version. All the money invested into a High-Def television, and you think that the person is going to buy the obvious inferior product to save a few dollars?

Not likely.

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RadientFlux4119d ago

I think Blu-Ray is going to win, but won't replace DVD. Instead will end up like Laser Disc.

Cosmo4119d ago (Edited 4119d ago )

I don't think so, I think as people start buying there big 1080p TV, they want the best the best home theater experience, so they pick up the Blu-ray player. The quality difference is sensational,you do definitely notice it.

But although Blu-ray vs HD-DVD is being fought in the states, here in Australia there is no war. Its blu-ray only, good luck finding a disk HD-DVD little alone a player.

Master of Menace4119d ago (Edited 4119d ago )

Yep. You are so right. Hardly anyone is selling HD-DVD at retail. The Ezy-DVD shop sells twice as many HD-DVD titles than Blu-ray, only because it's about the only shop that sells them. Target, Big W, Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi etc are only selling Blu-ray.

Kholinar4119d ago

I think you're right. These players may be marginalized. A lot of people are just getting replacements for their VHS collections. I really doubt a lot are going to start again willingly on HD formats. That's not to say that the formats couldn't be successful, they just may not replace DVD any more than SACD or Dolby discs replaced cds. (In spite of the number of people with surround sound systems.)

"The quality difference is sensational, you do definitely notice it."

This was also true of laserdiscs.

Everyone wants to think this is going to be quick. Even if these formats succeed completely, I really doubt it.

PS360WII4119d ago

I think DVD will be the winner. I believe the only reason the next gen of movie watching came out was because how cheap DVD's are now getting at retailers. When DVD's first came out they charged 30 bucks and sometimes more. Now new releases are 15 and even some of the older ones are 5-10 dollars. Then there is the medium average 20 dollar price. Why back that product when you can make a new format and charge the 30-40 dollar premium once again?

Either way it'll be another year or two before HD-DVD and Blueray choose which one steps aside but untill then we might as well stand back and enjoy the show.

M1am1U4119d ago (Edited 4119d ago )

I agree with the article. I don't think people are necessarily confused, but I do think they are very hesitant to buy into a format that isn't the clear cut winner. As long as studios keep jumping ship and changing their format allegiance, most people will do just like PS360WII said and keep buying DVD.

Kholinar4119d ago

I'm going to have to disagree.

The largest population with 80-90 percent of the disposable income is baby boomers. These are the same people who can't set their vcr clocks.

They're not confused, they're lost completely. This will surely be an impediment to adoption.

Master of Menace4119d ago (Edited 4119d ago )

The fact is this. Wether or not people go for Blu-ray or HD-DVD, PS3's are going to continue to sell. Mark my words, they are going to sell in large numbers. And more and more people will have Blu-ray players. Now these people may or may not utilize the format. But this is a numbers game. The more players that are out there, the more chances people have of using them. Toshiba seems to be missing one vital point. If HD-DVD stand alone players are outselling Blu-ray players 7 to 1, and PS3 means nothing. Who the hell are buying Blu-ray Movies?

Bolts4119d ago

The problem for HD DVD is the people who typically buy bottom price players are impluse buyers. While thats all fine and good, the format war usually scare off these buyers until they know for sure there are movies to watch them with.

Blu-ray on the other hand have a running start of more hardcore supporters who will continue to gobble up any content avialable for their favorite format. This is why Blu-ray is selling so well.

Scrooge4119d ago

I read an article that said 90% of all Blu-ray discs were being played on PS3's. If that's the case, would the movie production companies really base their investments on a demograph that consists almost entirely of video-gamers? Probably not, this war is far from over.

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