360 getting $200 HD-DVD, 1080p, jukebox, and FPS controller?

Gamespot take a look at the Xbox 360's new rumored accessories....

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DC RID3R4020d ago

u know its MS all the WAY bro!!!!

I know it, u know it, they know it, but just wont admit it!!!


The Real Deal4020d ago

I just love what Microsoft is doing. You been playing Dead Rising? Have you beat it yet and went into overtime mode? I love that game.

DC RID3R4020d ago

ur lucky bro!!!
I have to wait till next month for DR release in uk!!!

but even the demo's SIK ffs!!!!!!

speaking of demos bro, when saints row's released, we're gonna have to start a squad, set up our own turf, and MASH-OUT on any mo'fo disrepecting the GAME!!!!

real deal, I aint played a console like my 360 since my snes/megadrive days bro!!!!

I gotta respect MS for that man!!



The Real Deal4020d ago

Saints Row is going to be crazy. Online Gang Wars. I love it.

DK2094020d ago

saints row is on my list along with godfather the souped up version, and the live webcam