EGM: KillZone 2 Dumbest AI..... and Halo 3 Best AI

In what looks like the "dumbest" comparison, EGM have decided to side by side compare Halo 3 - due out on release in under 3 weeks, with the alpha build of Sony's KillZone 2 that was previewed at E3. Despite the game being almost a year away from completion, and despite the developers noting that the A.I was not yet complete, the journalists at EGM wanted to include the game in their "Best Of.." section of the magazine and it seemed like the only category best suited for KillZone 2 was the "Dumbest AI".

This is a direct contradiction from the latest hands-on by IGN and Game Informer, whom actually chose to note the positives of the early version of the game in relation to the "aggressively good" intelligence of the game.

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Meus Renaissance4119d ago

When the game is released and it is given a low score for bad A.I. then I can accept that. But to even to attempt to preview an alpha-build and award it with this "Dumbest AI" tag is rather insulting considering that the game is almost a year away from completion. The only aspect close to a finish regarding the game were it's graphics - yet it was ignored and instead they focused on the artificial intelligence of the characters which were obviously no where near finished, according to the developers.

You can say what you will about the game but this is a cheap shot, and further fuel for those who claim a media bias towards the PlayStation 3. Afterall, did EGM preview Halo 3 September 2006 and give it a derogative award based on that build?

P.S. I'll remember those who failed my story after I asked them to wait until I provided the link of the scanned image. Don't doubt me again.

TriggerHappy4119d ago (Edited 4119d ago )

Hey thats EGM for you. First they compared "Home" which is unreleased to live, which has been out here for over 5 years now.

And, now they are comparing a game which isn't even in beta to a game which has gone gold ?

how fair EGM is ?

MK_Red4119d ago

Also, totally agreed with Merc3nary. They compared Live with Home (Which should have been Live with PSN) and still forgot about most of things that made Home great.

I think after this they'll say Super Mario Bros has better online features than UT3.

marinelife94119d ago

I think magazines like EGM are just struggling and need to publish outrageous eye catching comments in order to draw interest to their magazine.

The fanboy situation is the biggest problem in the gaming world and they want to take advantage of it. All the magazines do. That's why the review scores are always so controversial.

Hatchetforce4119d ago

Can you say 'The throes of death'?

EGM is in big trouble and everyone knows it. Anyone that compares an alpha game with a title that has gone gold are barely smarter than the idiots that put stock in such a comparison.

FirstknighT4119d ago (Edited 4119d ago )

Sheesh! Alot of anger in these posts.

tmax4119d ago

EGM and 1up are the whores are Micro$oft are their Pimps.
They would get b*tch slapped if the gave the PS3 a good score.

I stopped visiting these sites ages ago

MoonDust4119d ago

I like how you made this only related to KZ2 and not Halo 3 on the "related games" category.

eLiNeS4119d ago

if no one brings up the point that the AI in KillZone 2 is Dumb then it might never get fixed, or maybe you don't want it fixed, who knows. I sure wouldn't want to play a game with Dumb AI. Agree or Disagree on this comment not that I feel HALO ][][][ FTW!!!

Evil0Angel4119d ago

but Gorila failed again when it comes to A.I. sure the game got around sex month of devlopment but 6 months are not for the A.I only. they already spent 2 years in the game will 6 months make all that diffrence .
GORILA never delverd anything befor so apart from this game been PS3 EXCULSIVE and having amazing graphic (LAIR) why you antcipating too much from this devloper ?
honestly every single PS3 exculsive is always hyped as it GOD himself for no reason but lake of KILLER APP.

Ri0tSquad4119d ago

I was saying to myself these guys are idiots. Halo 3 is gold its complete Killzone 2 has a year (could get pushed back even more LIKE GTA DID you guys don't know anything could happen). Lol these xbots are quite entertaining.

resistance1004119d ago

@ eLiNeS

you do know that AI is one of the last elments of development? and that the dev's have stated that it will be improved

Mattey4119d ago

Im pretty sure their friends, they play halo 3 together in humpday challenges and talk about them in their pod casts.

secret4119d ago (Edited 4118d ago )

The Dan Hsu didn't even graduate from a top school. They probably chose him in desparation because no one would want to work at EGM anymore, and they needed an asian face for their company EGM probably thinks that a large number of gamers might be asians. He wasn't chosen for integrity or business decision making skills, supposedly. This is my biased opinion, but I'm allowed to be biased on a free forum. His job is on the line. But he doesn't care if Microsoft's secret payment is more than he'll ever earn in a lifetime at EGM. $500,000?? $800,000? If he greenlighted this kind of crap, he has to go. The guy should resign. The FRAT PARTY at EGM is OVER. Paid to play is OVER...!!!! Cops are outside the door to break this party up for disturbing the community withe wreckless fratboy partying.

Yeah, my comments are colored. But what the hey, so are his. He pretty much turned EGM into a frat house on the loose.

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Meus Renaissance4119d ago (Edited 4119d ago )

People still think this is fake? Go download the torrent of the October issue of EGM.

Here is a screenshot.

Rhaigun4119d ago's that it's EGM/1up and we don't care. They've shown lately that they are biased. Or, maybe they're sceptical. This is what happens when you (Sony) claim your console to be the most powerful. However, this is going a little far.

MK_Red4119d ago

Well, we all already know how dumb EGM is when a respectful magazine like GameInformer calls Killzone 2's AI Amazing and other great things...

TheSadTruth4119d ago

have you actually watched a killzone 2 video? the AI is atrocious

This site is getting pretty ridiculous with it's Sony fanboys, why can't you kids just grow up? No sane person gives a flying sh1t about who wins a console war.

HowarthsNJ4119d ago

All of the killzone2 GP footage we've seen is in God mode/medium difficulty. So we're not seeing the AI as it would be in normal mode.

The DEV also explained that the AI is aware of all the physics objects and knows what part of the environment is destructible to shoot the player through.

Who knows how aggressive the AI is on hard with god mode disabled?

reaferfore204118d ago

Game Informer is the only magazine I trust anymore.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4119d ago

Bubbles for you Meus.

How can you compare an ALPHA not even Beta!!!

Also another Mag said KZ2 AI is Dangerously Good (Forgot which it was on this site) Though sometimes I saw them glitch in previews movies

Still think EGM is not Biased?

Meus Renaissance4119d ago (Edited 4119d ago )

They just dont want to hear it.