28-inch Full HD widescreen display TV launched by ViewSonic

The native resolution of this HD widescreen display is 1920 x 1200, meaning it's designed to display more than 2.3 million pixels – which ViewSonic claims is around 10% higher than the typical native resolution which Full HD displays achieve.

Numerous analogue and digital (with HDCP) inputs including component, PC-VGA and HDMI means this display can hook up an with an Xbox 360 or a PS3, as well as HD set-top boxes or Blu-ray and HD DVD video sources

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DarkArcani4123d ago

Yeah I hear ya, Samsung 32" gets a 4000:1 contrast.... so i second that no thanks.

CNIVEK4123d ago

color me unimpressed. I've got my PC and 360 hooked up to my Sony 55" Widescreen HDTV. It's awesome to go to and download HD vids, and watch them the way they'll look when I finally get to play them....filling up the entire 55". :)

Watkins4123d ago

Except... That you're soo wrong
Gametrailers display videos that THEY RESCALE themselves. No, it won't look exactley like that on your TV when you're playing the game. I could point out a lot of things that are inferior on gametrailers videos. BUt I guess only a trained eye can see that ;P
Even if your stuff only is hooked up only with component it won't look the same.

Stretchystrong4123d ago

I hear you there Cnivek! I also have a Sony 55" 1080p at it's finest.

Marriot VP4123d ago

my samsung 22, gets 1650x1240, 2ms, at 1000:1 all for just 300 bucks from newegg.

Premonition4123d ago

I dont know if its out here yet but ive seen one of these come through UPS and it looked pretty good, and had a pretty big box :) but im happy with my 20.1 720/1080i also does 1080p 1000 contrast for 210 bucks.

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The story is too old to be commented.