Black Ops - Zombie Blaster Ray Gun

This video demonstrates the power of the zombie zapper ray gun. If you can hold out long enough to get your hands on this item it will definitely help you advance through the never-ending waves of zombies that is coming your way. Its raw energy rings just tear through the zombies ripping off limbs exploding flesh everywhere it gets kind of sticky after a while.

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Hitman07692578d ago

Wow this is a badass gun I wasn't expecting anything like this from this game.

Undeadwolfy2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

This gun was in WaW -_-'. And even in the campaign. Fast forward to 1:00

Hitman07692578d ago


that's cool i don't have [email protected]

JsonHenry2578d ago

Seriously, this gets approved? How the FUCK is this news worthy? It is a video, a short video, of something that has been around for 2+ years!


RedDead2578d ago


Wtf, for a start, why would they show some guy messing around in round 7 with a Ray gun that isn't even upgraded, the Thundergun is more worthy of an article but it still shouldn't get one. There just guns for a game that's been out for a while now, if this was leaked beta gameplay then yeah of course submit it, but this is stupid.

kparks2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

how the hell did this get approved lol the guy is using a ray gun on level like 6 haha the article sounds like a 8 year old wrote it "zombie blaster ray gun" LMFAO if anyone wants to go to a high level hit me up i been to level 29 with 3 ppl getting to 20 is no prob PSN kparks.....o and the ray gun is not even the best gun in the game the zeus cannon is

Hayabusaman2574d ago

You three are whiny trolls that don't submit so nobody cares what you say

meiamsome2578d ago

excellent, but can it compete with the zombie blaster from fallout3???

Hayabusaman2578d ago

This thing is 10 times stronger then those fallout tools

SuperStrokey11232578d ago

I wish i had a zombie blaster... sniff...

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