How to Crack the Call of Duty Black Ops Code (1st on the internet)

A YouTube user by the name of 01Maverick10 is claiming to be the first to crack the Call of Duty Black Ops Code and he shows how he did it.

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xAlmostPro2465d ago

dude.. the last 2 missions have objectives that are "numbers" i actually thought about writing those down.. maybe somebody should write those(theres like a paragraph of numbers for each objective)down and see if they make anything? :]

NarooN2465d ago

I noticed that as well. They must definitely mean something. Pause the game and as time passes the objective becomes a bunch of seemingly-random numbers.

JsonHenry2465d ago

I didn't think anything about this kid was worth laughing my ass off...

jaz350z2465d ago

nah, I'm not laughing at the vid, I'm laughing at the fact that Mav got on N4G. We're buddies :P

asmith23062465d ago

this guy has way too much time on his hands!