Infinity Ward: On PS3 We're number one, On 360 We're going after Halo 3

Grant Collier, Infinity Ward studio head and president, tells Next-Gen about modernizing warfare in Call of Duty 4 and why he's unafraid of the competition. He talks about his cozy rapport with Microsoft and hopes of forging a closer relationship with Sony, and about why he's not interested in sandbox first person shooters.

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MK_Red4116d ago

While COD4 is certainly big and hyped (And worthy of it), they must not forget about Haze and UT3 which among PS3 owners are more popular I think. Still, it's great to see a great developer like Infinity Ward fully stepping out of PC exclusive and become friends with console makers.

SabreMan4116d ago (Edited 4116d ago )

couldn't agree more mate, i admit i wasn't to happy when infinity ward let someone else develop cod3 and be console exclusive. i am a big cod2 pc fan by the way and played in serious european ladders (clanbase)

cod4 looks amazing and i will be getting it for my ps3 and not bothering with the pc version, i seem to be playing all my online gaming via the ps3 now and increasingly find me going on my pc less and less

MK_Red4116d ago

I agree. COD3 wasn't a bad game but it was not up to the standards of COD and after the superb COD2, only Infinity Ward themselves could make it.
I've always prefered COD games on PC but with stunning and heavy graphics of COD4, I think I'll have to go with the console versions this time around. IW promised that all versions will be the same so there's no need to worry.

Bolts4116d ago

Haze doesn't look impressive all and the nectar gameplay appears absolutely stupid in the developer walkthrough clip. UT3 is more multiplayer centric and the action is more arcade than the military themed CoD 4.

uxo224116d ago (Edited 4116d ago )

Infinity is getting pretty c0cky, don't get me wrong COD4 looks awesome, but if you are going to go after a franchise, why not do it in before that tell everyone that this is their last installment. Perhaps that should have made this claim during the COD2 era, so that we could watch it develop.

Anyway, it'll be nice to see what steams from this if anything.

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LSDARBY4116d ago

I think UT3 will be way way better than this for multiplayer (which is the most important part of fps nowadays) and Haze has the potential to be better.

mighty_douche4116d ago

but i very much doubt haze will come close to COD4, which so many FPS's around you need to have something to keep pulling the gamers back and COD does that with its unlocks, ranks, medals etc etc

sticky doja4116d ago

And I am having major withdraws from it. I hate having to work for a living. I can say though that the multiplayer is top notch, better than most any multiplayer game I have played before, and that is saying alot. The customization is the key, and I love how you can unlock better things the more you play. I got a scope for my scorpion gun last night, now I can take down anyone, close or long.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4116d ago (Edited 4116d ago )

On PS3 they are the # 1 shooter, and on XBOX 360 they are chasing Halo 3.

I'm not so sure actually, me personally I'm way more excited about Haze than Call of Duty 4. Haze is looking like a first day buy to me. While I have no plans to buy Call of Duty 4. I'm not a fan of tactical style military shooters. I want the aliens the nectar, and the fantasy in shooters.

Capt CHAOS4116d ago

Part of the big plus with Halo3 is the unrestrictive environment.. Watched my son for 45 mins last night with others on a server, trying to climb out of the environment.. All good fun! :-)

gEnKiE4116d ago

ya.....ut3? why do developers keep forgetting that their facing off against one of the best shooters out their? im more hyped for ut than any other shooter out their and have been since they announced me, cod4 is just a plain shooter where as unreal, battlefield, or even warhawk switch up the game play. i find myself bored with shooters like this. don't get me wrong, i cannot wait to play this game. playing a game like this at 60 frames is going to be amazing. but how could they automatically say their number 1? ea is starting to sound a bit more like m$ everyday.....

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