Medal of Honor: Airborne (360) Review 4.3/5: Reborn with Airborne

If you are a WWII game aficionado or if you're looking for an interesting new take on the FPS genre, Medal of Honor: Airborne is a great choice. The series has been truly moved into the next generation with a step up in visuals, sound quality, and wide-open level design.

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MK_Red4116d ago

MOH:A isn't a bad game but not 4.3 (8.6/10) worthy IMO. But it got 7 from Edge so it may bee good afterall.

SofaKingReetodded4116d ago

MoH is a very good game, however the definitive version will be on PC and that's the one Im getting.

MK_Red4116d ago

Well, I just want:
Killzone 2, Call Of Duty 4, Halo 3, Haze, UT3 and a few others ;)

RadientFlux4116d ago

I'm an FPS junkie, so I want more then I can think of at the moment ;)

Captain Tuttle4116d ago

I hate not being able to move while aiming down the breaks the game IMHO. I couldn't even finish the demo.

Maldread4116d ago

Which it got a 7/10. I think it`s an ok game as MK Red said, but still a 7/10 game like Edge said too ;)

Mr VideoGames4116d ago

i Beat the Demo on HARD a numbers of times im Practicing for when i get the Game im going to go on HARD when i get it, this Game Kicks the Sh*t out of the Call of Duty Series but not Call of Duty 4, but still this Game deserves 8/10 or even a 9/10 maby, this Game has it all and im getting real sick and tired of these Reviewers thats are Bashing it but 4.3/5 is a Amazing score for a Game so i'll take it! :)

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