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Microsoft Will Not Be Taking Kinect "Hackers" To Court

When people first started talking about messing around with the insides of the Kinect, Microsoft played bad cop, making legal threats. Thankfully, things have calmed down since then. (Kinect, Xbox 360)

awiseman  +   1688d ago
Maybe thats becausr most of what hakers have done have benefitted the device...it even got it more sales...
Linzoid  +   1688d ago
Maybe its because the "hackers" are showing Microsoft how to do it properly!
kaveti6616  +   1688d ago
Kind of like how PSP hackers showed Sony?


Stop the bias.
Active Reload  +   1688d ago
And you get disagrees? Color me surprised/s
Fishy Fingers  +   1688d ago
PSP homebrew brought a lot of features before Sony offered them officially or have to this day. But of course "hackers" are free from certain restrictions that companies have to deal with.
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Eamon  +   1688d ago
This has nothing to do with PSP. Kinect is not a console. It is a motion sensing camera.

Please stop with the "oh your console got hacked" nitpicking, kids.

There is no harm to MS if a camera is open for homebrew.
Zachmo182  +   1688d ago

lol you should know that your not aloud to speak down upon Sony its one of the unofficial rules of N4G.
Linzoid  +   1688d ago
@kaveti6616, These "hackers" are doing the xbox 360 fanbase a favour! My comment wasn't meant as a dig at Microsoft, but you have to admit Kinect is yet to show anything that has not already been done by other devices previously.


And I do agree with your comment about what hackers have done with the PSP. They have created some quality homebrew.
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gamingdroid  +   1688d ago
Indeed Kinect is not a console, but MS considers it a platform.

With that said, so far homebrew is fantastic. What MS wants to prevent is people using techniques to cheat in let say online games.

Would anyone like to play games online with cheaters?
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user858621  +   1688d ago

I don't see how hacking kinect can result in pirated game, whereas on the psp......
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kaveti6616  +   1688d ago
My comment didn't imply anything of that sort.

I was commenting on what Linzoid said. Too many people have reading comprehension problems. They pull unsaid claims from my comments to try and argue against them. Have fun with that.
gamingdroid  +   1688d ago
No, but IF it has the undesired effect of enabling cheaters online then it is just as damaging to Kinect online community as piracy is to PSP to that community.

With that said, I love homebrew and use it all the time.
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enkeixpress  +   1688d ago
Homebrew developers >>> Official developers


An example of this would be custom firmware for PSP.. I use 5.50 GEN-D3 Prometheus-3 on my own PSP..

While it does give me the ability to play .isos of full PSP games.. It's actually the features that it gives you that are amazing. :)
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skrug  +   1688d ago

don't say emulators because those games on emulators are made by official developers...
Bass_fisherman  +   1688d ago
If you couldn't play ISOS and just have the homebrew features you would prefer the official firmware belive me.

When you hack a console you use it to play free games dont get that BS on me that official developers suck because there isnt those extra features.
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enkeixpress  +   1688d ago
Hell no.. I like having the ability to control the PSP's cpu speed any time during gameplay.. And playing games via the memory stick, without UMD discs.

Not only that but with homebrew, you can watch YouTube on your PSP, turn on/off/reboot your PSP without touching power slider, as well as play emulators, Yes. All kinds of awesome stuff, If you were in front of me.. I could show you all the awesome stuff it can do & you'll be amazed.
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Fishy Fingers  +   1688d ago
Be better of giving them jobs, because they've managed (in a short period) to show better applications of their hardware than they have themselves.
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T9X69  +   1688d ago
MS also has a PR, hackers don't. For all we know, some developers could be doing these exact same type of things but no one knows yet because they're not revealed. Not holding my breath on it, but it's possible.

EDIT: True, but it's not MS showing this stuff though, it's the "hackers". Which I don't even know why people are calling them hackers, every time I hear hacker, I think of something bad, where this stuff is actually really cool.
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Fishy Fingers  +   1688d ago
MS will be no doubt be doing similar things behind closed doors, they'll have PC drivers etc but they'll probably want to use the device to promote the console first and foremost and showing the PC doing much more than their console wont help at this stage.
Optical_Matrix  +   1688d ago
Of course they won't. In fact, Microsoft are probably glad its been done. No doubt more people will buy now that its been hacked. So many possibilities.... http://www.threadbombing.co...
branchedout  +   1688d ago
As long as the Kinect doesn't easily let folks get free games on their console, I'm sure they're fine with it.

Besides, the open-source drivers make Kinect look really neat.

Still not worth my $150, though. I don't even have a Xbox!
earbus  +   1688d ago
Smart move let people be creative will expand uses beyond what ms intended turn around buy the ideas or just take em some hackers may get new jobs.
URIELXIV  +   1688d ago
@kaveti, keep cryin' son
Dark_king  +   1688d ago
They can't,the hackers have been writing there own code for use with kinect on PC's.Nothing MS can do about it,its perfectly legal.
djfullshred  +   1688d ago
I guess the term "hacker" is being used loosely here...after all this is a peripheral piece of hardware, not an OS or software application. If someone creates an unoffical app for a piece of hardware, is that really "hacking"? I think not.
Neko_Mega  +   1688d ago
Smart Move Microsoft
Soon its ok, then later their going to have so many problems they can't handle them all.

If you let a hacker play with something for so long, they will start doing more things with, good and bad things.

What is more of a worry for me is when hackers start being able to peek into your house using your kinect to do it.

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