Two Worlds (Xbox 360) gets 7 out of 10 from GameSpot

Epic scale and depth of content make Two Worlds worthwhile.

A poor man's Oblivion? This description may seem a bit damning, but it puts the game in awfully fine company when you consider the sheer greatness of Bethesda's role-playing game opus. Reality Pump's RPG certainly has it where it counts in the aspiration department, even if, largely due to some design quirks, the first-time RPG developer can't quite match the gold standard established by Oblivion last year.

With that said, the epic scale of the game, along with outstanding character development, free-flowing action, and good quest variety, make it a worthwhile play for any RPG aficionado.

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Evoluti0n4121d ago

this got submitted, it's been up for a few days.

ktchong4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

That's because very few people care about this game.

It's a new IP, which had gotten bad reviews for the PC version not too long ago, from an unknown inexperienced developer, with little or no promotion or marketing hype.

achira4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

lol, this shows what a joke gamespot is. god this game is the lamest game ever ! and it gets a seven ? lol. this shows that gamespot has no credibility.

Rowland4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

& if you have, could you be a bit more constructive and let us know about the problems you've encountered ? I presume you've played & enjoyed other RPGs ...

InMyOpinion4121d ago

They have more credibility than you, that's for damn sure!

Lucidmantra4121d ago


Remembers achira is an annoying PS3 fanboi who would flame anything he doesn't have on the PS3.

That being said Two Worlds is not the greatest game out there but as someone who has invested about 10 hours in it. Its bumps and bruises are minor and annoying but they do not render the game unplayable. Different strokes for different folks my friend but you know that you ought to invest at least 10 hours into something before you start flaming like a child about something you haven't even tried enough to get a well informed idea about.

Evoluti0n4121d ago

It's worth a 7, I've beaten it, and still playing it.

NextGen24Gamer4121d ago

Its very deep. Very fun. The framerate issues stop it from being a 9 but I would give it an 8 easily. Its just that deep and that fun to play. Its a mix between diablo and Oblivion. I love it. The framerate issues are not as bad as a few reviews have mentioned. Even Gamespot and Ign say its a solid Good game for RPG fans. I go one step beyond that.

SabreMan4121d ago

another game thats had good and bad reviews, this proves to me it's all subjective opinion and each to there own tastes.
i do like the looks of this so may well get it for my pc

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The story is too old to be commented.