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Is this real or GT5?

Taxi Gamer uploaded the latest GT5 gameplay repaly video, this really shows the power of the latest GT5 game engine. Its really hard to tell the difference between a game or a real race, ENJOY! (Gran Turismo 5, PS3)

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units  +   1349d ago
game looks better during replay
Kain81  +   1349d ago
Hideo_Kojima  +   1349d ago
Why is everyone disagreeing with him :S
I thought that the replays use higher polygon models too.

Correct me if am wrong because I want to know even though am getting my copy tomorrow morning no matter what.
ShinMaster  +   1349d ago
It's his comment history.
End subject.
Hideo_Kojima  +   1349d ago
So why is everyone disagreeing with me :S

Am I right or wrong at list let me know :-/
Information Minister  +   1349d ago
Replay mode uses in-game assets. It just adds post-processing effects like motion blur and depth of field.

You must be thinking of Forza, which uses different LOD models for gameplay and replay modes.
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Bathyj  +   1349d ago
Information Minister is correct.

GT5 uses the exact same model in replay. It just has some different effects turned on.

Forza puts a higher poly model in replays because it cant run them ingame.
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Hideo_Kojima  +   1349d ago
@Information Minister


The mailman is going to bring my copy in around 8 hours I think I will go wait behind the door.
Lifendz  +   1348d ago
Man, there's a lot of butthurtedness among 360 fanboys when they see these vids. U mad?
ryuzu  +   1348d ago
Just to clarify, the replays use an extra step AA and motion blur - these 2 things differentiate them from in game.

EDIT : A similar thing is done in that other game btw but it still doesn't match GT5P of course.

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raztad  +   1348d ago
I read the "other game" uses a much higher polygon count during replays and a higher Level of Detail (than during races), on top of post-processing + AA as you state. To do that it drops the framerate to 30fps.

If what people say is true GT5 cars (in races) have the same number of polygons than on replays. Anybody knows what is the framerate of GT5 replays?
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number47  +   1348d ago
raz, 30fps.

The other game also switches out models from the start of the race, with the cameras angles all around the car.. and when you start the race. 2 different LOD's.
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acky1  +   1348d ago
So GT5 does look better in replay mode because they use effects not present when racing to enhance the visuals?
creatchee  +   1348d ago
Why is everyone downplaying post-processing effects?

Yes, they make replays look better.

No, this isn't how the "real" game looks.

Yes, the "real" game still looks and runs phenomenally.

Using enhanced replays as graphical prowess isn't as misleading as using CGI cutscenes or upscaled "bullshots", but it's similar and such replays are not indicative of the graphical experiences a player will have during realtime gameplay.

Even so, those videos were crazy looking! I might actually watch replays now instead of just tapping the button to get to the next race.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   1348d ago

That's the funniest shit I have seen in this entire year!!! I can't stop laughting right now!!!!!!

Sackdude  +   1349d ago | Well said
Gameplay = replay

And direct feed gameplay screens





These screens even look close to photomode.
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Sunny_D  +   1349d ago
Dude, that first pic is mind boggling. It soo real, it's insane! I really hope a patch comes out to turn off HUD.
bambam1901  +   1349d ago
Awesome shots! Can't believe I'll actually be playing this in less than 3 days. Can anyone tell me why I can still see comments from numbnuts like Units even though he is ignored?
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N4WAH  +   1349d ago
Those shots are eyegasmic!
The anticipation is finally getting to me.
I am going to have a meltdown!

2 more days!
2 more days!
Be strong!

Then it's:

Hit me up if you want to turn some laps online
PSN - BoodyBandit
will11  +   1349d ago
Now if only we could turn off the HUD it would make this game so epic with the lights off using an HDTV
lollipopa   1349d ago | Spam
Xusuyzus  +   1349d ago
I'm sure they will fix that, if people really want it,..You can turn of the map though,.. I kinda like having as much info as I can with the glance,..So I can perfect some lines,..
It is like 15Kb worth of patch,..

But this is going to be such a treat,.. Saw a video of a day-night cycle,.. and guy behind him turned on the lights and it lit up his cabin a bit,.. lol he spun off,..
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Spitfire_Riggz  +   1348d ago
.... Those pictures are stunning.. For Shinginos I really thought they were real cars
King-Leonidas  +   1348d ago

wait wtf are those pictures real life or in game @_@?
Im so happy to own a ps3
monkey nuts  +   1348d ago
Shin guno!!! I checked your pics on my ps3 as thats what I'm browsing with for now... I zoomed in on the first pic and theres a reflection on the front wing bumper of a little jap dude taking the pic on his mobile. WTF is up with the. Some one tell me I'm not seeing things..... or atleast its been photo shopped.
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iPad  +   1349d ago
It comes out in 3 days and I have to wait another month to get it. :(
Sackdude  +   1349d ago
Why? :(
Motorola  +   1349d ago
Christmas possibly?
N4WAH  +   1349d ago
Don't you have some games you can trade in for it?
Damn man I would rent my wife out to play GT5.

*looks over at wife*
Don't look at me like that woman.
You heard me right.
Bull5hifT  +   1349d ago
Yur wife was Great, hope You enjoyed Prologue: i sure as hell did
N4WAH  +   1348d ago
Bull5hift come back for more. I want to get a new cockpit and they are not cheap. My wife is waiting on you. BTW, we now accept all major credit cards, postal money orders and Paypal, and also give discounts if you refer a friend.
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pixelsword  +   1348d ago
Now, why did I laugh really loud?

LogicalFanboy  +   1349d ago
-Alpha  +   1349d ago
Nighttime+Rain= Graphics at its best

My friend was sending me shots from his gameplay and seeing it in HD on my PS3 looks stunning
Narutone66  +   1349d ago
The FUD is strong in this one
*look at units' comment history*
Oh... Shoo Turn 10 employee!
lollipopa   1349d ago | Spam
turgore  +   1348d ago
wow there are so many rabbid PS3 fanboys.
dragon82  +   1348d ago
Where are all these so called "rabbid PS3 fanboys"?
anticooper  +   1348d ago
who? where? what? nahhh... we are just looking forward to a game that will without a doubt blow my mind!!:-)
irepbtown  +   1348d ago

It will blow EVERYONE's minds out. Even the xbox fanboys, PC fanboys. Probably even my Grandma in Africa.
King-Leonidas  +   1348d ago
yeaaaaaa... funny thing is that this is a ps3 article.....
rocinante1   1348d ago | Spam
noprin  +   1348d ago
I'm PS3 fan as well but Thats a fact the replay graphics are better than the real game,the same thing was in GT5P,so stop being childish and disagreeing with everything
iPad  +   1348d ago

To unlock full damage, you have to be level 20 and onwards in GT5!

jc48573  +   1349d ago
I'm in love.
xskipperx82  +   1349d ago
rezzah  +   1349d ago
Maybe if someone posted a 2D racing game youd be more impress with its realism.

You see the most stunning and realistic visuals ever and you say "meh"...
Cevapi88  +   1349d ago
you're doing it wrong
xYLeinen  +   1349d ago
It's been 5 years.

That's all I got to say..
bambam1901  +   1349d ago | Intelligent
Well, Alan Wake and Too Human took 5+ years to make and they're no GT5. That's all I have to say.
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shoddy  +   1349d ago
5 years + and still = subHD.
Now that is the fail of the century.
kerrak   1349d ago | Trolling | show
Ducky  +   1349d ago
What do you mean by other developers not starting from scratch?

Anyways, graphics, as with all the previous GT games, look stunning.
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soundslike  +   1348d ago
Too Human was rebuilt multiple times and ran into a lot of issues not applicable with Polyphony Digital
dragon82  +   1348d ago
PD also released GT5:P and GT PSP during that time and built GT5 from the ground up. I don't see too many other devs doing that with a game of this quality.
xYLeinen  +   1348d ago
What the heck is wrong with you guys? I don't give a crap about what you feel about GT5 or whatever. It comes down to that I've been waiting 5 years for this GT5 racer on the PS3.
King-Leonidas  +   1348d ago
jizzyjones  +   1349d ago
Neither its Gran Turismo 4 upscaled......jus kiddin
C L O U D  +   1349d ago
Playing Initial D music is a great idea.
saint_john_paul_ii  +   1349d ago
i always play Initial D music on GT PSP
soundslike  +   1348d ago


BeAGamer  +   1349d ago
man i can't wait till Wednesday

i've been giving Gran Turismo on my PSP an extra spin to unlock even more cars so that i can export them to GT5! :)
bambam1901  +   1349d ago
I've been doing the same with GT5: Prologue. I have about 35 cars in my garage now, including every high end car other than the Ferrari F1 racer. Prologue was amazing for early 2008. GT5 will be racing perfection!
jessehaysfl  +   1349d ago
Me 3..tearing them both up....got 3 citroens in my PSP and all the ford gt's and R8's I could want on pro...

Cant freaking wait.
Theodore87  +   1348d ago
The answer to the question in the title is "Both" because GT5 is a "Real" driving simulatooooooooor!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ForzaGT  +   1349d ago
2 more days
Dsnyder  +   1349d ago
Night racing looks so good. I love driving at night and I love driving in the rain and this game nails those two things perfectly.
StarScream4Ever  +   1349d ago
Just give me ze keys.
Panthers  +   1349d ago
"They said we needed to return the test cars and I said HAHAHAHAH"
irepbtown  +   1348d ago
It only does everything.
Neckbear  +   1349d ago
People are overreacting.

You can obviously tell this is the game.
Optical_Matrix  +   1349d ago
FUD you like it
turgore  +   1348d ago
no...I actually ahd difficulty telling if its a game or not.
acky1  +   1348d ago
For the most part yes, but some bits looked photo-realistic. Pretty incredible!
poopoojames  +   1349d ago
gadz lol
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1349d ago
PD raised the bar so high, not only in Graphics.
JonnyBigBoss  +   1349d ago
Wow that's unreal. /salute Polyphony!
jessehaysfl  +   1349d ago
Naaa Kaz has his own engine.

Unreal, get it?

Ok bad joke but GT5 is anything but.
PirosThe4th  +   1348d ago
GT5is so real that is unreal!! XD
sleepy3  +   1349d ago
Lets not Kid ourselves
the game looks good, but i don't think the power is there as yet for you to think its real.

Does look good though.
Xusuyzus  +   1349d ago
SURE ,.. How the hell would you tape that with the cam...

this however made me wonder abit,..


but things are to clean... to many cameras used,.. and those safety tires,..dont look round at all from the inside,...

Damn GT5 looks good !!!
Myst  +   1349d ago
Not buying the game till I get an HDTV [which will be by christmas] as I really don't want to play it on my SDTV. Tis a shame that it took GT5 to help me re-evaluate myself and help me decide that I want one lol.
jessehaysfl  +   1349d ago
HDTV makes everything better, get 1080p if above 40" you will love it. Also makes a good PC monitor.
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1349d ago
Don't forget a Wheel.

Logitech Force GT, G25, G27 etc.
Myst  +   1349d ago
Yeah it certainly makes the text bigger to. We have two it's just they aren't mine.

Also not to sure about having a wheel component as of yet, but it's something I will certainly consider now.
dragon82  +   1348d ago
Trust me if you get a wheel you will not regret it. I just got my Logitech Driving Force GT and have been playing GT5:Prologue with it. I will never use a controller for a racing game again.
Myst  +   1348d ago
Hmm, well I'll probably still think about the wheel and work it out in my finances someway or another perhaps. Guess I'll just have to see when I get the game.
IrishYamato  +   1349d ago
Can you dress up your car on this game?
They've taken 5 years to make this game, so it wouldnt kill them to take 5 minutes to add in a car shaped tuxedo.
No tuxedo=No buy.
poopoojames  +   1349d ago
I'm not buying either, unless they put in a talking banana. You'd think they'd have at least put that in after 5 years.
pixelsword  +   1348d ago
Is a car in a thong too much to ask for?
NitrousX  +   1349d ago
Taxigamer's footage is really from the game. Heck he had a broadcast running on Justin.TV Live yesterday running for 8hrs, the content in GT5 is really impressive. I'm sure the fans here will be happy with the new features and special hidden secrets. This guy is legit
poopnscoop   1349d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
spektical  +   1349d ago
looks almost real, but real is hard to duplicate. good job PD for getting us closer to it.
sweettooth  +   1349d ago
ALL GT FAN ADD ME my psn id is ww190
NeloAnjelo  +   1348d ago
Considered yourself added mate!
TheNocturnus  +   1349d ago
meh... Why is everyone so excited about a racing game? Been done many times before. And it does not look real, it looks nice but not real.
CernaML  +   1349d ago
Get out.
TheNocturnus  +   1349d ago
No, get a 360.
Xusuyzus  +   1349d ago
I would rather buy a second wii

(I admit I don't game on my Wii very often,.. but at least, it has some great exclusive games,..)

360 exclusive gamers ,.. you got ,.. just multiplats and a really expensive eye-toy, that barely works,..
Skittles is cute though,..
#22.1.2 (Edited 1349d ago ) | Agree(16) | Disagree(1) | Report
MysticStrummer  +   1349d ago
@Nocturnus30 - Sooo... GT5 doesn't look real and your advice is to get a 360... as if anything on the 360 will look so good... ever.
irepbtown  +   1348d ago
'No, Get a 360'

I actually want a 360, but not because of anything else than my friends. Most of my friends have 360 (=Arguments, i know, which is better etc), and i would love to buy one.

But thats the ONLY reason, and definitely not a good enough one in my opinion. When i get GT5, i'll definitely show it off to my friends that own a 360, because they will never get anything as good.

Goodbye my friend.
CernaML  +   1347d ago
Already have a 360. Try again or get out. :)
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1349d ago
Lol, that kid is a joke, pff.

Ridiculous comments.
#22.2 (Edited 1349d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
TheNocturnus  +   1348d ago
Ridiculous commments huh? Well here's another one then.
First off, I'm no kid. Secondly, I was starting my comment with a question, yet no one answered. Is no one aware as to why they are excited about a racing game. Is everyone blindly following some PD mind control device. I was serious, WHY is everyone so excited about a racing game? My cousin loves the GT series and I cannot fathom a reason why. You get to race cars around a track... you can do that in real life, you don't need a game for that. I'm confused as to why this game has such a huge draw to it.
NeloAnjelo  +   1348d ago
LOL... maybe you need to be a bit more educated on why GT is so signigicant.
TheNocturnus  +   1348d ago
Sure, because I am 30 years old and have been playing games since the commodore 64 and have no clue as to what games are good. Sorry man, Gran Turismo 1 on PS1 was kind of cool, beyond that the graphics just got better, they added more cars and kept the SAME tracks in every iteneration of the game. So no I do not need any more education I know what games I like and don't.
#22.3.1 (Edited 1348d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report
PS-_-GAMER  +   1349d ago
is 3 more days Not 2
dragon82  +   1348d ago
It could be that they are in a timezone that is a day ahead of you. Just a thought.
sleepy3  +   1349d ago
Any news on the rims issue?
Its not about looks, its about unsprung weight. unsprung weight significantly affects the handling of a car, especially when the car goes over bumps and curbs. Its part of the reason racing cars have ridiculously light wheels and why high end manufacturers use forged wheels which reduce the unsprung mass the car has to use.

Will there be a way to adjust the weight of the rim without changing the rim on the standard cars? I'll settle for that.

Not fair a premium guy can do it and i can't.
#24 (Edited 1349d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
xg-ei8ht  +   1349d ago
Is this a game, or is it real.

What's the difference.

Bathyj  +   1349d ago
(in Shephan Hawkins voice)

Per-haps you would like, a game of Tic-Tac-Toe?
PHOEBUS  +   1349d ago
this game is orgasm-inducing beautiful
Arup02  +   1349d ago
Ok, but it is possible to know if is a game or not. Awesome game btw.
#27 (Edited 1349d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
yamzilla  +   1349d ago
looks pretty sweet....

but real cars do not have jaggies all over....

damn the consoles need ALOT better Anti Aliasing
shazui123  +   1349d ago
Literally hardly any jaggies at all. Despite these few jaggies GT5 still looks better than any PC racing game to date when maxed out, or any console racing game to date.
jneul  +   1348d ago
you do realise that this is a compressed video you are seeing right, the real thing looks even better!!
I_C_PEE  +   1349d ago
I'm sorry but i have to...FAP FAP FAP
ambientFLIER  +   1349d ago
It's a beautiful game, and as close to photo realistic as possible for this generation, but come on, can you really not tell the difference between gameplay and real life?
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