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10 Awesome Motion-Based Alternatives to the Xbox 360 Kinect

EX: "With the holiday season fast approaching, getting your hands on Microsoft's motion-sensing peripheral isn't going to be easy." (Goldeneye 007, Heavy Rain , Just Dance 2, NBA Jam, PS3, Wii)

poopnscoop   1399d ago | Offensive
dale1  +   1399d ago
kineckt available all over the uk bundles and game deals, move still sold out crazy don,t know what sonys doing
vhero  +   1399d ago
Neither is sold out in UK.. Though to be fair I aint looked in shops for Move but online both have plenty of stock and i see plenty of Kinect cams in stores.
Droid Smasha  +   1399d ago
move is out already?

did sony tell anyone?
trancefreak  +   1399d ago
Ya the king of gaming Kevin butler plastered are tv sets with plenty of ads while you were dreaming of milo being real.
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Merivigian  +   1399d ago
You forgot the i-dong!!
seinfan  +   1399d ago
#1 alternative: don't get a motion device.
EVO-OM3GA  +   1399d ago
I agree with you there
thebudgetgamer  +   1399d ago
i have the only motion device i need. it's called, the dualshock 3.
clearelite  +   1399d ago
save your presumptuous racist comment
Move is selling well. In fact the $50 dollar controller is selling for over $68 on amazon (US btw and there's an obvious demand for it). The Move bundle is actually sitting right next to kinict at about #28 and it didn't have a big marketing campaign (not yet anyway) http://www.amazon.com/gp/be...

BTW: GT5 is #3 on bestsellers and rising. Glad I have mine preordered ahahahahaha (now i have to find a wheel...)

LoL @ poops "just because he's asian." comment. Fix yourself now dood, you may still have a chance.

Edit: I have a Move and it is AMAZING. I really hope it's potential is fully realized. It will make for some mind blowing experiences if it is.
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tripprowe13579  +   1399d ago
haha this is so dumb. so incase you cant find kinect you can play the wii or move. there just assuming you wouldnt want those anyways. i would play wii or move over kinect any day
poopoojames  +   1399d ago
no way dude. I sold my ps3 to afford kinect. Well worth it.
Xusuyzus   1399d ago | Offensive
jneul  +   1399d ago
lol no self respecting hardcore ps3 player would sell their ps3 for kinect+xbox, especially when move offers more, kinct has been done before it was called eyetoy, you never owned a ps3 just own up to it
ManGastaS  +   1399d ago
Well done bro!!!
potedude  +   1399d ago
Lovin' move
Just bought a Move on the weekend. Spent all weekend playing it, a game thats sorta like Jenga but you build the blocks upwards demonstrated how good the Move really is. You have to twist your arm iin all directions and it completely picks everything up. 1:1 movement is awesome. I can really see how awesome this tech could be with some games, its also pretty fun for party games too.

P.S. I would call myself a hardcore gamer - spent 80hours on fallout and will probably spend double that on GT5. Getting excited...
sp1deynut  +   1399d ago
I enjoyed that game too...
...on the Wii, when it was called Boom Blox. :o
jneul  +   1399d ago
you could not move in full 3d silly on boom blox, i had a wii and this game i should know
Moonboots  +   1399d ago
Yes that is fun. You should give Rune a try as well.

It's nice that PSN has a lot of the demos up for the games. You can get a lot of play time just using the demo's alone. Time Crisis is one I'm enjoying right now.
Shok  +   1399d ago
Goldeneye FTW, although, it's not exactly an ALTERNATIVE because you can't play FPSs with Kinect in the first place........
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sp1deynut  +   1399d ago
Not to mention...
...you can't play full-body motion games on the Wii either...so it's a wash.
Shok  +   1399d ago
Nobody wants to do full-body motion >_<........null point.
sp1deynut  +   1399d ago
Really Shok??
All indications point to more people wanting full-body motion games, rather than HD Wii knock-offs.
jneul  +   1399d ago
who wants eyetoy v2 for £130 anyone??
Shok  +   1399d ago
What are these indications, exactly?

And I never said anything about Move, so saying "HD Wii knock-offs" was pretty pointless.....

If everyone wanted controller-free gaming so badly, than the EyeToy would've done way better than it did.
matey  +   1399d ago
UH JUST DANCE 1/2 have sold over 5 million and if im correct its FULL BODY MOTION
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Moonboots  +   1399d ago
I can only recommend what I have played so I would say Move or Wii would be great alternatives if you can't find a Kinect. I'm hearing MS has done good with keeping stores supplied so you should be able to find whatever you prefer as long as you don't wait to the last week before X-Mas.
DelbertGrady  +   1399d ago
"The Fight: Lights Out"

A game that averages 48 on metacritic is considered a "better alternative" to Kinect? What's up with these deranged fanboys?

Perhaps he should add "sitting on razorblades" to the list as well?
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stuna1  +   1399d ago
May he should add "Butthurt" too!
muzzy  +   1399d ago
@DelbertGrady: look at the user's score. Not media reviews paid with $500m by the Greenburg bunch.
matey  +   1399d ago
Wii has achieved too much 4 Sony/Micr to even contemplate catching up end of and Wii2 will be here in Q1 2012 FACT with KH3/MH4/RE6/WII SPORTS ONLINE/MARIO GALAXY CGI/SUPER MARIOKART HD/3D ect just guessing but going off 3DS Ninty is obviously making hardware 4 High End Games and DS paved the way 4 wii so 3DS will pave the way 4 Wii2,Metroid creator has spoke highly of the machine saying it will leave ur jaw on the floor ect EXPECT BIG THINGS in terms of Graphics Hardware ect
matey  +   1399d ago
Ill enjoy the Wii and 3DS until Wii2 easy with Skyward Sword and DonkyKong as well as Conduit2,Grinder ect the wii has nothing to wrorry about end of pikimin3/DQ10 ect it already has Goldeneye 007 and with these games on the way wow i will have pleasure playing these games until Wii2

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