10 Awesome Motion-Based Alternatives to the Xbox 360 Kinect

EX: "With the holiday season fast approaching, getting your hands on Microsoft's motion-sensing peripheral isn't going to be easy."

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poopnscoop2584d ago ShowReplies(8)
dale12584d ago

kineckt available all over the uk bundles and game deals, move still sold out crazy don,t know what sonys doing

vhero2584d ago

Neither is sold out in UK.. Though to be fair I aint looked in shops for Move but online both have plenty of stock and i see plenty of Kinect cams in stores.

Droid Smasha2584d ago

move is out already?

did sony tell anyone?

trancefreak2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

Ya the king of gaming Kevin butler plastered are tv sets with plenty of ads while you were dreaming of milo being real.

seinfan2584d ago

#1 alternative: don't get a motion device.

thebudgetgamer2584d ago

i have the only motion device i need. it's called, the dualshock 3.

clearelite2584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

Move is selling well. In fact the $50 dollar controller is selling for over $68 on amazon (US btw and there's an obvious demand for it). The Move bundle is actually sitting right next to kinict at about #28 and it didn't have a big marketing campaign (not yet anyway)

BTW: GT5 is #3 on bestsellers and rising. Glad I have mine preordered ahahahahaha (now i have to find a wheel...)

LoL @ poops "just because he's asian." comment. Fix yourself now dood, you may still have a chance.

Edit: I have a Move and it is AMAZING. I really hope it's potential is fully realized. It will make for some mind blowing experiences if it is.

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The story is too old to be commented.