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Discussing the Killzone 3 Beta With the Best of the Best, Rayed_X

PS Unlimited Writes: Those of you that were lucky enough to get into the Killzone 3 Beta late last month were fortunate to have a small sneak peak of the multiplayer for the upcoming game bound for an early 2011 release.

Now i’m sure by now, you’ve read many impressions showcasing the many positive & negatives of this multiplayer beta. In many ways the team at Guerilla seemed to include in this verison of the game what many critics of the first mulitplayer asked for. At the same token, Killzone 2 fanatics feared the act of the game selling out to the mainstream since in this day in age in modern gaming, popular games such as Call of Duty seems to be appealing to the general first person shooter masses.

We at PlayStation Unlimited decided to take it a step further by finding out how one of the best Killzone 2 players in the world feels about the beta in comparison to the original PS3 game. Meet RayeD_X of Saudi Arabia… the Number 2 Killzone 2 player in the world.

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Community2947d ago
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Da Ill One2947d ago

Dude is just pissed cuz he sucks at KZ 3...I was ranked in the top ten for a long while in KZ 2, and KZ 3 is much better...the mechs aren't overpowered if you know how to hide and shoot properly...and who cares about a class name change so fucking what...suck it up buttercup...the only thing I will agree with is the mechs and jetpacks need to run out of ammo also... especially the jetpacks...everything else is an improvement in my opinion.and it's nothing like Call of Duty...

A Cupcake for Gabe2947d ago

Wow, these guys basically called the game a crap. I personal think the improvements are good. It's a beta and they seem to trash it like it's releasing tomorrow. They seem to hate COD though. I am sure the controls wouldn't of changed if the COD fans didn't complain.

Also, I dont get this "no one shoots from the hip" crap. Isnt it important to aim down your sites?

And on SPAWN CAMPERS? I only had experienced this a couple times. It is not at all an issue like they make it out to be.

I really think this article is made to hurt KZ3. The wording is definitely set up to make this game look bad, and that is sad. The KZ3 beta is very fun and definitely still Killzone. It still has weight, still has some recoil, but I is opening it's self up to millions who can now transistion from COD.

Quit being a selfish.

Cevapi882947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

am i the only one getting sick and tired of the same stupid argument of controls being beaten to death when it comes to kz2/3? i mean seriously, this has been the number 1 thing that people bitch about again and again...these people need to play botzone more often to hone in their skills and get a good feel for the game...once you master the controls, the game is very immersive, just play operations in the never gets old

i would wonder how all these critics would react if they shot off real guns?

ohh too much recoil, i missed the target, it was the guns fault, i ended up with a black eye...after playing CoD i can conclude that real guns lack the reality of real guns in a game portraying reality with real events

yo dawg meme...thats right

hay2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

@Da Ill One: I suck at KZ3 but I think is sh!tload of fun. So I declare those guys as whiners.
Game looks great, plays like a dream, there's deep mechanic system that keeps you playing, diversive gameplay, it's huge improvement over previous iteration.

I'm not much into online shooters, but I think I'll stick with KZ3 for a bit longer.

Didn't have any problems with spawn campers, I shot from the hip many times. My only problem was one time some german guy wouldn't shut up and kept talking in his native language.
Serious problem, aye? /s

-Alpha2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

He isn't the only one expressing this opinion. Numerous people on the forums are. On N4G the reaction is opposite. But his opinion is no more less valuable than yours.

You guys resort to trashing the guy's opinion, yet never ever actually address them.

There are concerning issues with the game. A beta is for critical feedback, and I'm afraid people have their ears plugged and eyes shut to actually do that

Cevapi882946d ago

if by serious concerns you mean the controls, then no you are not being serious as that is not a serious concern...GG should focus more on matchmaking and the unlock system...i personally liked the classes the way they were in kz2...certain classes right now in the beta can be can level up the infiltrator class and the opposing team will have a hard time figuring it out since when you do a melee on them, the infiltrator stays in his disguise...switching up witch weapons you start with each class takes some time getting used to, but once you get a feel for each weapon it shouldnt be that hard

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BeOneWithTheGun2947d ago

This guy is on crack. As the person above stated the only thing I would change is not having unlimited ammo in the mechs. Jet packs should stay the same I think.

And speaking of mechs, how cool would it be if they had a wide open map that was mech and jet pack only? Lawd, call me in sick to work now!

vhero2947d ago

I love the BETA although I ain't tried online I preferer bots right now till I get used to the controls etc I am loving it. A step above Black Ops that's for sure.

DigitalAnalog2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

Nearly half the things he said were the EXACT reasons why I loved Killzone 2. To be honest, I wouldn't be playing Resistance 2 or any other FPS if it wasn't for Killzone 2.

I really admire him for acknowledging the game would be very "call of duty" like. For me, Killzone would lose it's "uniqueness" because of that and even I may be detered from getting this game because of it (or at least in the multi-player).

As for my final remake, I really hate playing Killzone 2 as of now. The first 2 weeks upon release was one of the best multi-player experience I had (until they released the garbage "High-Pricsision-Aiming for stupid COD-noobs" option)

All in all, guy is a real Killzone 2 fan. That's what I see in him. All the way from Saudi Arabia, nice!

-End of Line

NecrumSlavery2947d ago

I think that guy is a booster. he was like a million points above the #2 guy after a week.

49erguy2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

god DAMN this guy doesn't like shit! He honestly HATES everything about KZ3! Down to them changing the name from scout to marksman (good move IMO).

This guy has no opinions. In a nutshell he doesn't like it because its not Killzone 2. Terrible interview, fuck him.

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man0fsteel2947d ago

definitely did not think the game is crap , if you see the difference between my questions an his,and my conclusion. I thought the opposite.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

Well, somehow is right.

In KZ2 you need skills to master the way to play and the controllers, unlike other shooters.

In KZ3 is more easy for any player. And that is the way I feel it since the 1st day I'm playing KZ3 beta.

Also they need to add Recoil, but I think it is already reported in KZ Forums.

The System to upgrade and to get new stuff it is more like MAG than COD. But this guy think it is like COD.

xYLeinen2947d ago

You're not supposed to master the controls but the game mate >_>

zireno2947d ago

I'm sorry but this guy is full of s**t, I mean, is he serious?! the controls are different between kz2 and kz3 beta, but he does not understand the difference between lag and weight. From my experience playing the beta, what guerrilla games did was remove the lag on the controls, the weightiness is still present, and I think it's much much better this way, and to say that it feels like COD and BBC2 is pure bs, those games are very different control wise, COD is very fast and arcadey while BBC2 has that weighty feel (which is great), and he is putting those games in the same category? come on, I kind of expected a bit more intelligence from one of "the top kz2 players".

kz3 beta is pretty sweet, the controls are much better this way, very very little lag between input and movement and the weight is present.

TurismoGTR2947d ago

Killzone 3 beta is pretty amazing. After I make this comment, I'm about to play again. It's pretty addicting.

Im gonna give you all my feedback & Review of K3 Beta.

*Nice Multiplayer Map Design
*Very Balanced
*Graphics Are Phenomenal
*Controls Are Crazy Good
*Gameplay Feels & Plays Very SMOOTH!
*No Lag, Or Little.
*No Glitches.... yet.
*Pretty Addictive
*Game Modes are fun and you dont wanna stop!
*XMB Music Background (Many games doesn't add this feature for some reason like Call Of Duty)
+Much More

*Long Loading Screens
*ISA & Helgast looks similar.. It takes a good 3-5 seconds to figure it's the enemy.

Killzone 3 Beta gets a 9.8/10

visualb2947d ago

how's the camping? He mentions there's a lot of it?

@*ISA & Helgast looks similar.. It takes a good 3-5 seconds to figure it's the enemy.

did you play KZ2 MP? they always did, you get used to it, just shoot red if you are blue and vice versa =)

pupa2947d ago

Well when I started to play my first KZ3 game, the frozen dam, I was alone against three others. They camped the base spawn point with a Mechs and jet packs and shot every re-spawning mech on my side and myself. That gave me a sad/bad taste.

visualb2947d ago

ah ok, well fair enough with such few players it'd be likely they'd just f*ck around

with more I'm sure things will go better =)

I hope they make the spawn camping useless though....

raztad2947d ago


Perhaps was a miswording but Frozem Dam has no Mechs or jetpacks.

In fact there is not (in the beta) a single map having both mechs and jetpacks together, and Frozem Dam has none.

Regarding the camping. The only time I had problem with base camping was in Corinth Highway. It was the first time I played that map. People was just learning how to play, didnt know how to beat mechs, and didnt how to use the Tactical Spawn Points. Later on, the situation become a lot more enjoyable with more experienced players. The camping issue is over exaggerated by KZ2 zealots that want no changes in the spawn system.

NecrumSlavery2947d ago

Camping is not an issue. This isn't Nuketown.

Also, on the difference between ISA/Helgast. One team looks like Blue Tron players and the other like Darth Vader with Red eyes.

This game is good. The beta feels like killzone but now more adaptive for others. It isn't casual at all. Also why are they whining about aiming? I always aim down my sites unless I'm in a CQB situation.

I agree the jetpack should be limited on ammo.

The mech is powerful, but you also extremely vulnerable when in it.
Overall, I have more fun with the gameplay in KZ3 beta than I did with any other shooter this year.

And Operations is the best MP mode ever. Ita like an advancement mission like BFBC does but with different objectives and badass cutscenes.

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redsquad2947d ago

Definately agree with you on how similar the ISA and Helghans look at first - I did get used to it after a few matches though.

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