No Downloadable Content for Viva Piñata

Here is some sad news for fans of one of the Xbox 360's best and most criminally underplayed games, Viva Piñata. Rare has officially confirmed that the game will see no downloadable content whatsoever. Following the announcement of a DS version of Viva Piñata, many fans had hoped that this news would presage the release of new piñatas, items, and features (specifically the ability for players to visit each other's gardens), but apparently it wasn't to be.

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BloodySinner3612d ago

No downloadable content because people aren't buying the title. Good job, Microsoft. You advertised Gears of War to death and completely ignored Rare's game AND you use Viva as an excuse for the Xbox 360 to appeal to casual gamers like the Wii is doing.

WIIIS13612d ago

If you had a 360, you'd know there is downloadable content for the game. Fool.

_insane_cobra3612d ago

Right, creating a tie-in Viva Pinata cartoon, organizing a Viva Pinata party and building a 14.6 meter Horstacio = Microsoft ignoring Viva Pinata.

vgn243612d ago

Most people know there IS downloadable content and has been for a while. And no one can deny MS backing this game with special and standard editions of the game and a heavily followed Saturday Morning Cartoon.

BloodySinner3612d ago

Hey, dork! How's it going? If you checked out my profile, you might be surprised. Go back to your hole, fanboy.

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jay23612d ago (Edited 3612d ago )

To hell with Viva Piñata. Give us some BK3 Rare.

djt233612d ago (Edited 3612d ago )

too bad for the xbox 360 owers