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PS3 exclusives which truly utilized Blu-Ray storage

Gamersmint: Some games today were actually restricted by the 25 GB single layer Blu Ray capacity and had no choice but to resort to dual layer discs. Yet, you have developers who still managed to exploit that as well. That’s 400 billion 1s and 0s on a 5 and a half cm circular disc for you! (PS3)

psb  +   1711d ago
whoa, some of those
games are really big, I know about MGS4 but GoW 3, that's a surprise. neatly done.
ct03  +   1711d ago
GoW 3 uses plenty of pre-calculated cutscenes stored as videos.
They were all done with the game engine, but storing them as high bitrate videos swallows a lot of space.
AllroundGamer  +   1711d ago
yep, they needed to use a high bitrate so they can fake an ingame cutscene and in the background it loaded the next level (that's the magic of non loading games), Uncharted used the same trick. (tho in Uncharted you could easily spot some pixelation)
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WhittO  +   1711d ago
Not really because if you actually PLAYED Uncharted 1 or 2 you would know you can skip the cutscene straight away and the level loads instantly with no additional loading...

As for GOW3 "faking" an in-game cutscene? You obviously haven't played that either because when I was playing through there was no difference between in-game cinematics/gameplay visuals compared to the cutscene.
AllroundGamer  +   1711d ago
@whitto sorry, but i don't argue with fanboys :) nice to see at least 2 people (who agreed with me) here know something about developing of games.
@sashimi when you think stating facts is trolling...
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sashimi  +   1711d ago
You say you don't argue with fanboys but you yourself sound more like a fanboy. Go troll elsewhere.
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WhittO  +   1711d ago
@AllroundGamer lol don't see how what I said makes me a fanboy. You said Uncharted uses the "trick" of loading during a cutscene to make it look like it has no loading times.
I just said your wrong since you can skip the cutscene and still not see a loading screen.

Which shows your the fanboy since you obviously have never played U1/2 to even know that, yet seem to think you know enough to say the "problems" you had with it.
ExplosionSauce  +   1711d ago
I'd have to agree with the fact that in Uncharted 1 and 2 you can immediately skip any cutscene.
Other than that... Idk.
rockleex  +   1710d ago
The GOW3 gameplay section where you fought Cronos looked MUCH better than the pre-rendered cutscenes.
ExplosionSauce  +   1710d ago
I liked the Hades fight when the flame surrounded the area and the part where you stab him repeatedly.
That was some real-time in-game magic right there.
Persistantthug  +   1711d ago
If I've told you people once, I've told you A THOUSAND times.....

MisterAV  +   1711d ago
why? because you can use X dvds to store the data?

Remember that you can't just
discs= data/8.5
because on 360 is 6.8 for DVD DL and many things are repeated like game engine and common sound, animations, texture, characters...
And on dvd some time you fill the space with blank data to put in the outer part of the disc to speed up the reading. On bluray the read speed is costant...

And BD is useful also for films...
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AngelorD  +   1711d ago
@MisterAV and the disagree'ers
he was being sarcastic (note the "/s")
Masterchef2007  +   1711d ago
God of war does not use any pre-rendered cut scenes sony santa monica said so


“The Kratos that you will control will be the same you see in extreme close ups, no smoke and mirrors, no model switching. There is no CG cutscenes like the ones in previous GOW games. What you see in cinematics is what you get in-game, no difference. We didn’t want to have any jarring changes in detail between gameplay and story.”

¨There is 3h “making-off” on the disk, if it’s in 1080p it would take A LOT of space, add uncompressed audio and you’ve it. There were no prerendered cutscenes in the demo and it weights 2.7GB (about ~20m of gameplay and only one language).¨ Trejser
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billbox2010  +   1711d ago
Yup, the 360 does not NEED bluray support, it does not even NEED to exist. Video games and movies are not NEEDed to begin with. Seems like they should at least let you use a USB bluray drive, but you don't NEED it, so screw you.
Rashid Sayed  +   1711d ago
Metal Gear Solid 4 I think utlized 45Gb...I am not sure though.
AKS  +   1711d ago
No, I think his figure is correct. And the answer to his question as to why Kojima said 50 GB wasn't enough yet the final copy was in the 30 GB range is because Kojima originally planned to have 7.1 LPCM but had to stick with 5.1 instead, which still sounded terrific thanks to the Skywalker mastering. Uncompressed 7.1 audio files are huge.
prongs123  +   1711d ago
GT5 only 20GB
that's an achievement in itself.
DORMIN  +   1711d ago
Poly Digit are masters.
GTmonster  +   1711d ago
GT5 only 20gb wtf
mushroomwig  +   1711d ago
There's nothing wrong with that at all, if anything it just goes to show how talented the developers are, creating a game that looks insanely polished/detailed and also packing in a lot of features without actually abusing the space.
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Xusuyzus  +   1711d ago
That is still 3 dvd9's or 4ms dvd-9s ,.. I think that is pretty good utilization of medium,.. I think it is retardedly big for a racing game,..
visualb  +   1711d ago

its not the size, its how you use it ;)

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DigitalAnalog  +   1710d ago
Be glad it's only 20GB. If Kaz actually had the power to control time and get the job done in a few years. He'd utilize ALL the space in a dual-layered one. Remember, it was the premium cars and tracks that responsible for being limited in the game.

-End of Line
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ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1711d ago
I wonder how many GBs will use Killzone 3, FF Versus, The Last Guardian.

Good thing Developers decided to utilize the Blu ray capacity and the quality of Blu ray format.
NecrumSlavery  +   1711d ago
My guess is

20 for Killzone 3
40 for FF versus XIII
12 for The Last Gaurdian
jwk94  +   1711d ago
How much will infamous 2 utilize? o.O
And how many GB was Demon's Souls?
the_1080p_guy  +   1711d ago
Demon's Souls is 9gb [8.8gb if compressed]
Thecraft1989  +   1711d ago
demon souls was 5.92gb

Infamous was 7.1gb so expect 2 to be about 14gb not massive but still its amazing game.


What region that because the pal region normally the biggest is 5.92gb
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jwk94  +   1711d ago
Oh 9gb isn't that bad, that means that it could've been on the 360
the_1080p_guy  +   1711d ago
its the usa version.(bahamut release)

But im not a pirate ,so i actually dont know whats inside the rar file,but that team uploads a lot of files on torrents,so maybe they are correct?

and dude,u didnt have to disagree with me to tell that,lol...
DigitalAnalog  +   1710d ago
Oh 9gb isn't that bad, that means that it could've been on the 360.

In theory yes. But Japan Studio partnered with FROM software, which is the only real obstacle for any multi-plat development.

-End of Line
Godmars290  +   1711d ago
The jury's still out on weather vsXIII will be multi or not. If it is its footprint on a BR is going to be technically meaningless.
NecrumSlavery  +   1711d ago
It can't go multiplat dude. FFXIII had to drop the White engine for the 360 compadable Crystal Engine. It cuased major delays and really hurt the company. I really don't think Square is going to screw up this bad again. They were really damaged by the fans.
Godmars290  +   1711d ago
But Wada's still an idiot. That is my counter to your logic. It all that I need.
playaplayer  +   1711d ago
Remember ff13 was a commercial success selling over 5 million copies.
Godmars290  +   1710d ago
Remember that though it sold on two platforms, it sold about as well as FFXII which was only on one. That other titles in the series sold far more.

Nevermind that people have huge complaints about the game. That it sold on name and name alone. And then not very well.
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Rageanitus  +   1711d ago
You really dont need much memory when creating a great lookign game. Look at many of the pc games out there.

Now if you have extra content that acutaly use alot of memory (pre rendered movies, and sound). im sure it will be eating up the memory.
TABSF  +   1711d ago
Its about utilizing the technology at hand

26GB game could be as good or even better than a 52GB game

Plus you can get a 25GB game down by up to have with compression example

Star Wars The Force Unleashed on PC is 28GB once installed but it only comes on 2 DL DVD which is 18GB maximum
ForROME  +   1711d ago
True, the fact that UC2 requires no install and the game is a dam master piece, others should take note.
Rich1631  +   1711d ago
Yeah I know, seriously...no install, no loading screens, and INSANE graphics, how they hell they pulled that off I don't know. The team at Naughty Dog have got to be the best in the biz. The whole train sequence is friggin' incredible. Seriously, the best game this gen by far, it is an interactive movie.
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gypsygib  +   1710d ago
When insert the disc it has a super long loading screen, but your right otherwise, once your in the masterpiece that is U2, there no loading.
AKS  +   1711d ago
Personally, I wish developers offered more optional installs. I can replace a hard drive easily enough, but I really do not want to have a burned out BD-ROM drive, especially in my launch 60 GB fat model (has hardware BC). As far as no-install games go, though, Uncharted 2 was the template to follow.

I hope Killzone 3 at least offers an optional install. Killzone 2 looked beautiful, but it would occasionally stutter a bit while loading and I couldn't fix it with an optional install. There is a standard HDD with every PS3, so I personally would like to use it for situations like that.
xtreampro_REVENGE!  +   1711d ago
The biggest PS3 games use up about 30-40GB of space just for uncompressed audio and pre-rendered cut-scenes.

The only game I can think of that took a lot of space was KZ2 with 20GB+ of ACTUAL playable space, and probably even GOW3.
AKS  +   1711d ago
It's quite true that LPCM audio takes up a huge amount of space, but I think you might be exaggerating those figures quite a bit. God of War III was the largest game on the list, and that was 40 GB total. The graphical elements of that game took up a lot more than a couple of GBs.
theonlylolking  +   1711d ago
Black ops is 17gb on PS3. That is because of uncompressed sound and other audio stuff.
BYE  +   1711d ago
Single disc usage FTW.
cyborg  +   1711d ago
^ ^

sums it all up
Masterchef2007  +   1711d ago
wow thank god the PS3 had blu-ray then. Was surprised at the size of GT5 i thought it would be bigger
xtreampro_REVENGE!  +   1711d ago
I don't have a 360 and neither am I a 360 fanboy, but why is having more than 1 disc a problem? you can swap a disc in 2 seconds. I used to be in favour of that "swapping discs is EVIL" argument but now it just seems retarded.

I've come to the conclusion that anyone who uses swapping discs as a bad side of a console or bashes it in any other way is either lazy or obese.

Yes it is more convenient to just have one disc but it isn't 'EVIL' or 'BAD' to have 2 discs just because at a certain point in the game you need to swap them, at least it gets your fat ass off the couch which I know a lot of you guys struggle in doing.

I don't remember swapping discs on the PS1 & PS2 being a 'massive' struggle, but then again I'm not lazy ;)
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PirateThom  +   1711d ago
It's not just about disc swapping, but take a game like Forza 3 that had two discs and basically required you to install one of the discs to have all the data, you couldn't hot swap, on a console with no standard hard drive.

Or a game like Mass Effect 2 where doing certain missions would require you to flick between the discs, because it's not linear, it's not one swap every x hours or whatever.

It's not a major issue yet, but it is becoming a major issue, more due to lack of space on disc and lack of standard hard drive.
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Masterchef2007  +   1711d ago
I had a 360 and i had games like Lost Odyssey, Final Fantasy 13 and Mass Effect 2. I didn't have any problems swapping disks. But i prefer to have everything on one disk.
thelastawakening  +   1711d ago
i don't know man, I hated the fact that I couldn't go back to certain towns in FF or a lot of rpgs back in the ps1 days... plus if you lost 1 disc or got a scratch ur were pretty much screwed... thank you sony for blurays,,, high capacity and scratch resistant
AKS  +   1711d ago
It's more of a problem for non-linear games, especially open world games. Assets would have to be replicated on multiple discs if they didn't limit the content to what could fit on a single DVD. It's an inefficient way to code a game. Rockstar has complained about this publicly.

As for the swapping itself, it comes down to personal preference. I personally prefer to install everything I can and buy most of my games on PC digitally. So I tend to get less load times and am rarely bothered by installs and updates. Others would prefer to try to manage their data on small HDDs and would prefer to sit through in-game loading, which I personally can't stand and try to limit any way I can.
theonlylolking  +   1711d ago
Until I see the same quality games and stuff on my xbox blu ray is needed.
tatotiburon  +   1711d ago
only possible on bluray LOL
xtreampro_REVENGE!  +   1711d ago
I understand that multiple discs has many drawbacks, but from what I've heard people on this site hate it not because of the impact it has on the quality of the game, but because it makes them stand up, walk over to their 360 and change the disc, then sit down again.

I mean how can you complain about a process that takes about 4-5 seconds? If the discs get lost then that's your fault for being careless and not the 2nd or 3rd discs fault.

Don't get me wrong people, I'm still in favour of Blu-ray but it just baffles me that's all.
IHateYouFanboys  +   1711d ago

"Unlike most games, God of War 3 uses the in game engine to render each pixel in the cutscenes and there is not a second of pre rendered or recorded footage in the game. Truly remarkable and a fine display of the Blu-Ray’s disc’s prowess."

incorrect. i really wish people would do their research before writing articles like this.

from http://www.playstationunive...

Bruno Velazquez of Sony Santa Monica: "When I mentioned that GOW3 has no CG, I was referring to the fact that we do not have pre-renderd scenes that were created outside of the game engine, like GOW 1 and 2. In GOW3 all the cutscenes are created using our in-game engine, however some scenes were just to epic to run real time and thus are recorded videos. This is not the case for the majority of the cutscenes in the game which are mostly running real time."

straight from the horses mouth.
Balt  +   1711d ago
None of my games ever look like they do in this pics. EVER! I've got a beautiful 220hz, 1080P LED 3-d tv too. They simply do not look like they do in PC pics. They just don't. They're super silky smooth and the colors just pop. In real life, when you get them home and boot them up, they show their flaws and often.

I'd love to see some people post their pics and compare them to the game pics we get all touched up here on the net.

I think the funniest one is Resistance 2. The scene they show there looks nothing like that in real life. It's loaded with ugly, bland textures with no bump mapping at all.
IHateYouFanboys  +   1710d ago
wait, are you telling me that when you play Uncharted 2/Killzone 2/Resistance 2 that they DONT have 16xMSAA, character models with individual pores in their skin, individual strands of hair all animated separately, and super duper high res textures without any sort of LOD model for stuff in the distance?

i get the same, because Sony are notorious for releasing bullshots as 'in-game screenshots'. have been doing it since the very first playstation was released, and with the PS3 the problem is the fanboys seem to buy it. and lord knows you dont want to try and tell them that their supersampled 16xMSAA with higher LOD models and super high res textures on everything "screenshot" of Uncharted 2 isnt actually 'in-game'........they act like you just killed their mothers.

good on you for being able to see through the BS too.
testerg35  +   1710d ago
Hmmm.. do they know the size because of the ones floating around the torrent and usegroups?

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