Give your CoD: Black Ops clantag a color before obtaining prestige

PS3-Sense writes: "You can now give your CoD: Black Ops clantag a color before reaching prestige mode. If you want to know how it's done, you will have to read our tutorial"

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SmokexFFx2765d ago

Tried it on Xbox, work there too.

T9X692765d ago

Yup, I'm definitely rocking a red clan tag. I was told a few hours ago when me and 4 of my friends did this that we were hackers, and when we won the guy was like "I knew you were hackers the second I saw your colored clan tags you fags!" then left the room lol.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Thanks Smoke and T9X it worked! I skipped over first steps thinking it was just the user video intro.


SmokexFFx2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )


Did you press X after you hit the right arrow? Also before you go to local you have to go to public and hit right.

psn > public match > right > O(back) > Local > Splitscreen > down to killstreaks > right > X > Clan Tag > Pick colour

T9X692765d ago


Go to Xbox Live (Or PSN not sure what it says on PS3)>Player Match>Right on the dpad to hover over your name>B (Circle) to go back to the menu> Local> Split Screen> Up on the dpad> A (X).

Your playercard should be up now, just go to clan tag and select which ever one you want.

KingZFlipper2765d ago

I don't use a clan tag and if I would I wouldn't use it with a color. It's much uglier.

Bgibbs2765d ago

I think getting to the 13th prestige for this is a bit absurd. In the first two games for PC all you had to do was but ^5 or any number up to 9 infront of your name and it would change the color. They need to go back to this.

crazyclown2765d ago

u guys will get banned...check the tos

AwakenTheTaco2765d ago

banned for what? its not hacking the game or using aimbots or anything? i can see treyarch maybe putting an update blocking that ability...but banned? thats a tad overboard

DirtyLary2765d ago

Stop trying to justify it.

frostypants2764d ago

On Live at least, using a known exploit is grounds for suspension. This is definitely an exploit.

However, it doesn't impact gameplay, so my guess is they'll let it slide. I'll bet the next BO patch fixes this and resets everyone's tags back to white, though.

Kushan2765d ago

Justify what? Adding a bit of colour to your clan tag? Big whup, I fail to see how that's going to give you any kind of advantage in game or unbalance anything in any way. Unless, of course, that you're implying the only reason people will prestige is to change their clan tag colour.

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