12-Year-Olds Among Kids Arrested In Robbery

BOSTON -- Three children, two as young as 12, are charged with breaking into a South End home and stealing an Nintendo Wii video game console and other electronics, reported WCVB-TV in Needham.

A resident returned to his home Saturday afternoon to find a 12-year-old girl holding the game console, Boston police said. As he reached out to catch the girl, he heard other intruders in his home.

Two boys, ages 12 and 15, fled out of a window and down a rear fire escape, police spokeswoman Sharon Dottin told the Boston Globe.

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xaphanze4123d ago

tsc tsc, kids these days.

stunt2134123d ago

If they really want them, they should've wait until christmas or their birthday for it.

ALMIGHTYPS34123d ago

Young society(not everybody)is truley in a sad state these days and it's getting worse.Stuff that is going on today would have been shocking just 20 yrs ago(very troubling).

Mu5afir4123d ago

I can feel for those kids, Christmas is almost here and they want their Wii. xD

xaphanze4123d ago

Why steal it?It's cheap as it is.They should try stealing a ps3. Now that would pay off =D.

Mu5afir4123d ago

Probably because of how annoyingly hard it is to find one.

KnowitAll4123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

thier hard to find in the store, robbery is easier

Ps3 are hard to steal, since my four reasons!
1. Ps3 are strong they can be used as a weapon (The person being robbed can throw thier ps3 at the robber possibly klling him or leaving him in a coma)
2. Ps3 are like dogs. They will find thier way home
3. "The owners" People who did not wait for a price drop and paid 600$ for it are sicko paths (Like dam its almost going to be 300$ soon). This kind of people if they find you stealing the ps3 will hunt you down and eat you alive.
4. My grandma told me so!

IRONMAN_357X4123d ago

i have one, no body is gonna steal a 360 or wii in beantown, but a ps3, when like 50million ppl have em, hell yea

MoonDust4123d ago

Learn how to complete a sentence and then come back? Ok.

Mecha1054123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )


Numark4123d ago

death penalty!!!!!!!!

monkey6024123d ago

Thanks for that I am pi$$in myself laughing now. + bubble

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