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Gran Turismo 5 – Differences Between Standard & Premium Vehicles

Wanna’ see the differences between Standard & Premium vehicles in Gran Turismo 5?

Watch the video below! (Gran Turismo 5, PS3)

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deadreckoning666  +   1644d ago
I've never owned a driving sim before, but this game looks great. Don't know if it will appeal to me though. I like games with tough learning curves...Warhawk is a great example, but I don't want a game thats on a Street Fighter 4 type learning curve. I'm planning on getting Hot Pursuit(I'm in love with the demo), but GT5's content and graphics are on a whole nother level.

The only thing that I think could turn me off of GT5 is that it may be too overwhelming for me. I hope Sony releases a demo of the final build soon.

@below- Thx for the help. Maybe ill rent it first to see if I like it.
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PirateThom  +   1644d ago
Gran Turismo has a pretty decent learning curve.

I know there's the whole "oh, it's a sim" thing, but the early licence tests really prepare you for what's ahead and the early races aren't overly challenging. If anything, the games start off very easy and progresses from there.
SoapShoes  +   1644d ago
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Dee_91  +   1644d ago
im sittin here going back and forth between the standard and premium car
ad main difference i see is the windows
i guess il have to wait till the game come out .. because he is making it seem like the difference is like an elephant in the room ..
i can obviously tell he never played gt4 if he think thats just a prettier version lol
i compared gt4 to gt5p .. waayyy better

compare this to the offscreen video he made http://www.youtube.com/watc...


yea this is his 1st gt game lol
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ShinMaster  +   1644d ago
Standard cars look...
...a little something like this
Some look better than others.
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-Alpha  +   1644d ago
I'm really afraid to get it for how hard it may be too. I simply lack the knowledge for the genre, yet I hear stories of how hardcore fans started playing GT since they were 5 O_o
nix  +   1644d ago
the first thing i taught myself when i got a wheel was to use gears. i do drive with very less assistance. perfecting driving line is my next thing but i'm one of those who likes to brake late n overtake.
ExplosionSauce  +   1644d ago
I think the best thing you could do, is start up with all the assists to the max and with a low-level AI difficulty.
Then you could work your way up to the Pro physics :)
ExplosionSauce  +   1644d ago
On topic
The guy in the video is a downer at times, Lol.
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Elwenil  +   1643d ago
For those worried about the learning curve and difficulty:
I can tell you how the previous GT games work and I assume GT5 will be very similar. Much like PirateThom has said, they start out pretty easy and there are usually a few races that you can do with no license at all to get a feel for the cars and the game. Then if you want to progress you can take the license tests for the first license and jump in the more competitive races. You don't have to take all the tests at once, just get the next license and jump in the races that license allows you to enter. Then as you get better you can take the higher license tests and progress further. Keep in mind you can re-run the old races over and over in the previous games and still win some cash to buy and build other cars. Sometimes you have to do this to get a better car as you have to stay competitive against the cars you are racing. There are tons of races that are restricted to certain cars like only turbo charged cars, only 4WD cars, trucks, mid engine rear drive, front wheel drive, ect. So you have to buy different cars for different races from the large selection of either new or used cars. Buy the better car, build it and tune it correctly and you will have an easier time in the race, a lot of the time just walking away from the competition. Buy the wrong car or tune it wrong and you will be at the back of the pack struggling to place higher than last. I am told that there will also be a points system where you can unlock new cars and tracks. I assume this is similar to the Aspec points system from GT4.

So don't think just because you aren't a racing sim fan that you will not have anything to do. Between the arcade mode and all the stuff to do in GT games, there is lots to keep you busy either in single player or with some friends. Now at the same time you have to realize just how big GT games are. They have pretty consistently doubled in content with each new game either with cars or tracks or both and other additions. The online in GT5 alone makes it a couple months of good gaming. But due to the size and all the stuff to do, probably less than half the people who buy it will ever reach 100% completion. It's simply too much to do for some people. I admit I have not reached 100% in the last two GT games. Those that love the game and really want to challenge themselves can go for gold in all the license tests and other challenges. I always thought it was a lot of fun to try to see how far I can get without losing a race. It's up to you how far you go and what enjoyment you get out of it. I'm not going to try to tell anyone that hates racing and cars that they will like GT5, but if you love racing and think you might like something with a little more challenge and want to tune cars and learn about what parts do what and how adjustments change the handling of the cars, then jump in. It's big, it's technical, it's fast and it's sure to be a lot of fun for those that can get into it.

Just my .02
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RageAgainstTheMShine  +   1643d ago
waste of time video
Steve_0  +   1643d ago

PirateThom and Elwenil have it bang on (bubbles), if anything, GT has been criticised as too easy by its fans. The AI has been a problem in the past, although with 16 cars and the new AI, if Prologue is any indication this has significantly improved - the AI is the most challenging I've seen (which is very good).

Progress in past GT's has been very easy, often it boils down to patience more than anything else, but it's still rewarding. With the right car, most race's are a breeze. But then, there are very challenging events, such as endurance races, the GT and Polyphony Championships in GT4 (Formula one car championship), and certain events in Prologue were very challenging to get a gold, especially in the S series (S-6 with the F40 springs to mind).

What most people consider difficult in GT games is the driving itself, which can have a considerable learning curve if you're coming from a background of arcade games like burnout and need for speed, where things like handling and grip are very unrealistic. This can be a problem especially with a controller, rather than a wheel, with a proper wheel the handling is much easier to get used to. But in GT the physics are pretty true to life, and once you set aside unreasonable expectations of how your car should perform from arcade games, it is very consistent.
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karl  +   1644d ago
with so many driving assitances it wont be hard to have fun with the game..

i would say that the hardest part is to learn how to take a turn...

most people is expecting the car drift by itself like in forza....

take it easy and u can start to disable all the assist little by little ..
Bathyj  +   1644d ago
Dont be overwhelmed dude.

Like getting bit by a baby snake, it sounds alot scarier than it is. Assuming its non venomous of course.

GT always starts you off easy. A nice slow, cheap car racing other slow cheap cars.

Win a few races and you can buy a Skyline or Impreza and then it starts to hot up a little.

You take the game at your pace.
BrianC6234  +   1644d ago
Maybe you can try renting GT 5. It's definitely worth buying though. If you like arcade racers more GT 5 does have an arcade mode. It's not like Hot Pursuit though.
Scary69  +   1643d ago
Does anyone know if the collectors edition for North America also brings the Wallet? Since I saw the video of unboxing the GT cannot see if NA is also getting the wallet.
enkeixpress  +   1644d ago
I don't see any differences between the "premium" & "standard" versions of the vehicles.. apart from the cockpit view & the headlights features.

I mean, I can see in the video that the "standard" vehicles have real-time reflections just like the "premium" cars.. And the "premium" vehicles look just like the "standard" vehicles but of course, they have the cockpit view.

So, no real differences, really.

How about you guys?
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PirateThom  +   1644d ago
It's in the details more than anything, the details just aren't as defined on standards. Somethings on the standards are textures, while they'd be modeled on the premiums. GT4 had really good models anyway, but there's differences when you look for them. Racing? Probably not notice them as those standard interior shots showed.

Damage is also different.
SoapShoes  +   1644d ago
They aren't AS detailed as the premiums, obviously, but they aren't bad. Also they aren't just direct ports from GT4, they've been updated with a higher poly count.
jib  +   1644d ago
2nd biggest difference(1st being the cockpit view) i found was the inability to change rims on the standard cars. might piss off some people who are fans of specific cars that aren't premium

doesn't affect me much as the select cars i want to own in the game are mostly premium
rdgneoz3  +   1644d ago
Rims is a minor thing. Its not like it'll matter much when you're racing around a track going like 150+.
IHateYouFanboys  +   1643d ago
Do a bit of reading on "unsprung weight" and then tell me that you won't notice a difference when you change wheels.

Despite what you kids who've never actually driven a performance car on a race track think, the smallest things like changing the camber of your wheels by 1 degree can significantly change your lap times. So imagine what reducing your overall unsprung weight by 40+kg can do!!!!

One thing I find amusing is people on here talking about how when you really get good at gt how you can drive with all the assists off, 'like you do in real life'....... News flash - in real life you don't really have the option of turning off abs in your BMW. You don't have the option of turning traction control down to 4/10. Having owned a number of performance cars, from an r32 gts-t to a s14 to a mkiv supra rz to an r32 gt-r to a my02 sti, I know how to drive a car around a track. To date, no gt has come close to replicating that driving experience. I'm hoping gt5 can change that, but I fear I'm still not going to be able to power on oversteer my gt-r until the attessa system pulls it back into line, nor will my impreza bog down off the line when I launch it at 2-3krpm, or have more turbo lag but more power when I replace the top mount with a front mount.

As awesome as you guys who've never really 'raced' think GT is, it's never really been too close to life for those of us who drive these cars every day. Even back in the day of driving an s13 q's, I could get the back end out at will and easily pull it back in line. In gt you pull the handbrake and it's all over in a low power car like that. It's 'realistic' if you haven't driven the cars, but pretty laughable if you have.
jib  +   1643d ago
by your "minor", its your opinion. thats fine. for me, a big part of my love for cars is how it looks and rims are a part of that

excluding supercars, there are stock cars that look great but just doesn't look right with the stock shoes they come in
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BrianC6234  +   1644d ago
There are some differences but I don't think it really matters. I watched some other videos on this guy's site and this one issue seems to really bug him. I heard each care took months to make though. It would take forever for Polyphony to make premium versions of every car. I think most people will mostly use the premium cars though once they get that far. All I really care about is we can tune and upgrade all of the cars and that feature is there for standard cars. That just adds to the fun, starting off with a mediocre cheap car. Race and earn credits and improve the car until you can afford to make it great and buy better cars. That's what I really like about GT.
bunfighterii  +   1644d ago
I do. I've looked at HD screens of both, there's some in the GTplanet forum.

Standard cars are pretty basic. As people are saying some do look better than others. Some really do look quite poor in comparison to the premium models, but then again, it's better than not having them at all.

The biggest difference is the polycount and some low res textures on the details.
visualb  +   1644d ago
wow...this guy makes it seem like standard cars look like that in GT4

*gets gt4 video*


oh and this video uses "bullshots" of GT4 cars, they don't look that good in a race...now compare them to standard cars

yeah "just imported from gt4" my ***, the standards have shaders, retextures and a lot of work done on them.

its surprising they look that good =O (as good as any other car in any other racer...)

if anything, GT5 owned a lot of other devs by making "imported cars from a last generation game" look as good as most cars this gen =)

this guy whines too much =( ( im bummed about standard cars not having cockpit view and being able to photo travel, but repeating that in a video is....*******)

and just to quote the guy (you'll love this)

"GT5 is a simulator, not an arcade racer, like forza, but thats why forza is more fun, because its easy and if you make a mistake its not as frustrating, so because its easier its more fun" *rough quote*

thats it, this guy is hopeless....easy=fun

wow....i bet he loves the rewind feature too

GOD**** NOOBZ*!!*!**!*!!?!=!#=!# <___>
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enkeixpress  +   1644d ago
... I personally believe that the dude in the video has a huge grudge with the game's franchise & GT5. He obviously hates the game & wants people who are excited for the game to listen to him & make 'em feel as though the game isn't worth buying.

I've watched 3 of his videos so far & all I see him doing in 'em is complaining about how shit is the same as in GT4.. everything the same as in GT4 & overall hating on the "standard" vehicles. He even brings Forza 3 into the equation at one point.. Also, He kinda praises about the graphics being 60fps all the time but I can tell that he is just looking for more "flaws" to pick out & nibble on like a f**king vulture.

I recommend watching the video on mute. :)
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sdtarm  +   1644d ago
yup that guy is a jerk
TheBlackSmoke  +   1644d ago
Why is it always people who don't give a shit about the game, that make sure they get an early copy?

In the video he sounds like he's just stating stuff that he has read somewhere else. Like just because he was told the standard cars are from gt4 therefore they are not PS3 standard, even though we can clearly see how good they look. You really think PD with their attention to detail would have PS2 looking cars in their game?

Another uninformed noob talking shit, he can't even spell standard correctly.
NegativeCreepWA  +   1644d ago
Boo hoo, Forza didn't get a break why should GT, especially when there reusing cars from a PS2 game.
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rdgneoz3  +   1644d ago
If you mean reusing as in direct ports, you're wrong. They've been updated by a lot (higher polygon count) from GT4.

And seeing as you want to bring Forza into it, how many cars are in that game? And how many in Forza 3 were reused from 2, or from both 1 & 2? http://en.wikipedia.org/wik...
NegativeCreepWA  +   1644d ago
All the cars in Forza 3 had the same quality and features. They weren't split into two groups like GT5 and just because the same type of car was in previous games doesn't mean it was reused like they did in GT5. If you want look at it that way GT has been using the same cars since the first GT.

I'm not trying to hate on GT5, I'm picking up next week like everyone else. It's just annoying Forza gets bashed to no end but if you say anything bad about GT your automatically a biased against it. I didn't hear anything in the video made me think he was against it. He pointed out the flaws and the positive things about it like he should be doing.
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TheBlackSmoke  +   1644d ago
They may be "standard cars" but that is in relation to the PS4 looking premium cars.

You do understand that importing models from gt4 does not equal cut and paste right?

In-fact when they made the gt4 car models they would of had to of been compressed greatly to work on PS2, so if anything they are now able to use the fully uncompressed models on PS3, not to forget all new hi-res texture work and most importantly making the cars drive exactly like they are in real life. Dont be so ignorant.

And Forza 3 only gets shit because yet again another M$ company cant stfu and instead make statements like the "definitive racer" whilst also disrespecting the gt series, something PD has never done to turn 10.

Its just a fact in the cold light of day that gt5 is in its own league above Forza 3 and so when someone even tries to compare the two, like forza 3 can ever be equal, it is laughable.
DigitalAnalog  +   1644d ago
I think I overheard this douche saying he's playing the game in "arcade" mode..
I wonder why he didn't go "simulation" mode. What happened, was the controls to much for him to barely pass the first turn?


"It's just annoying Forza gets bashed to no end."

I agree, it's not fair to bash Forza BUT I'll assume you don't know about this (and I'm being nice here). Dan Greenawalt had the audacity to call out Kaz by "delcaring the baton was passed to him". Secondly, he declares Forza 3 would be the definitive sim THIS GAMING GENERATION.

What follows next did not exactly help the situation at all. T10 was caught giving freebies to those voting against GT in a voting poll on Cnet and if that wasn't enough, a neogaf mod has caught a microsoft employee trolling a GT thread.

And now you know why there is so much hate against Forza 3. They brought it upon themselves to pit against GT5 and now it's only natural the opposing fans would rub it in against their faces.

-End of Line

-End of Line
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bunfighterii  +   1644d ago
arcade mode is just instant racing and being able to choose how many laps etc. without actually doing an event. have you even played GT?
golsilva  +   1644d ago
i knew this was going to happen. people are nitpicking this game so much that they emphasize the minor flaws as deal breakers.
jib  +   1644d ago
"flaws as deal breakers." i didn't hear him say anything like that
Arup02  +   1644d ago
Relax people, standard or premium, cockpit or no, this will be the best racing game of all times.
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1644d ago
No one is doubting about that.
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rdgneoz3  +   1644d ago
People without a PS3 are, or ones who just like to troll.
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1643d ago
Those are multiple troll accounts.

I just added to my Ignore list, like 10 new recent multiple troll accounts in 2 days, Xbox fanboys are mad because of GT5.
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mmPete  +   1644d ago
I knew that AI would suck...
that is SUPERDUPERUPPPEERR important.....
Whatever, still the best racing sim out there, and if I reeeaaaalyyy need good AI, I will always have online
Arnagrim  +   1644d ago
He mentions that these are the beginning races, and therefore are likely to have easier AI.
sporteous121212  +   1644d ago
@ Arnagrim

I am hoping that is the case but it does make sense that beginner race opponents don't have much strategy. This will make for a better learning curve for those new to the series.
Dee_91  +   1644d ago
thats what the multiplayer is for :)
visualb  +   1644d ago
chill man =| you never played a GT game?

first races are always easy...always.

to expect tough AI go to the higher tier races, you'll be thrashed.
mmPete  +   1643d ago
I have only played GT on the PSP, so I am a bit of a noob in the series, but I have VERY deep in the game now, and the AI still stinks...I don't understand why I have so many disagrees, all I said was that AI is very important, and from what I see it is lacking in the game. How can you dissagree with me if all you have is assumption?

Don't get me wrong, the ONLY system I have is a PS3.
Before that I had a PS2
And Before that I had a PSP

I AM a fan of GT5, but that doesn't mean it is a perfect game.
Each game has it's weak points, and AI is one of them
PS3Freak  +   1644d ago
Damn this guy for having this already! I can't wait till Wednesday!!!
JonnyBigBoss  +   1644d ago
Basically, the game has 300~ cars that are beyond anything we've seen before. On top of that, there are 700 extra cars that aren't as good-looking just so the options are expanded. I don't think any company could have done better.
sporteous121212  +   1644d ago
Remember guys, this is someone's opinion of the game that he has only played for an hour or two. Personally, the features or lack of features he was talking about is in no means a deal breaker for me. Maybe I am wrong but it doesn't really seem like this guy is much of a racing sim fan either.
PR_FROM_OHIO  +   1644d ago
Does anyone else think that there will be a patch for cockpit views for standard cars??
rdgneoz3  +   1644d ago
They would have to do it for over 800 cars, so not likely. On the bright side, you have 200 or more cars that have it.
Masterchef2007  +   1644d ago
i am sure that all cars in GT6 will be premium level cars. I mean i cant imagine them adding another 500 cars to the game cause that would be insane
PirateThom  +   1644d ago
My view is that they'll probably upgrade some of the more popular cars to Premium.
BrianC6234  +   1644d ago
Maybe they can do what music games do. Release a new car or two a month and charge like $1.99 for it. I think people would pay that for some of the cars that are standard and want premium. Maybe Sony can have an online poll to see which cars are most popular. I can see why they did this though. Each detailed car took a lot of time. It isn't easy to do this kind of detail on 1000+ cars.
gustave154  +   1644d ago
maybe they could add more premium cars for DLCs and by the time GT6 comes out, the premium cars will double the amount now.
Time_Is_On_My_Side  +   1644d ago
To me this isn't that reliable, it's like this person is just reviewing as he goes, changing statement after statement? To me this just good to see how it runs than his statements, lol.
Sackdude  +   1644d ago
Yeah i agree, he said at first of the video the AI cars drives in the same line, then he said its the first races thats why the AI is easy,

then when you look at 7:20 the AI is not driving in the same line, and they are pretty aggressive...
Chucky2003  +   1644d ago
I'm kind of disappointed that the standard cars don't have cockpit view,but this guy clearly doesn't have anything to do with this game,i think he got it only to show off that he has the game early
gustave154  +   1644d ago
i think its a good tradeoff since PD didn't want people to compare the generic cockpit view in the standard cars and the awesome detailed cockpit views in the premium cars.
Heavy_Rain  +   1644d ago
Man why do these Forza Fans come and troll under GT5 articles. If you like Forza better go play it and stop trolling on ps3 articles making sarcastic comments. Dont you guys have any games to talk about in the x360 section? what about the epic kinectimals game or kinect adventures? If you dont have anything to talk about in x360 articles then just sell the console and quit gaming instead of coming here and trolling. Idiots!
supaflypriest  +   1643d ago
Wow are you serious?? If so, you are very sensitive...Where above do you see someone trolling???
Masterchef2007  +   1644d ago
the info explosion is huge even bigger than Kinect and Halo Reach.
Lex Luthor  +   1644d ago
Halo3 MLG Pro  +   1644d ago
There you have it folks. The majority of cars in GT5 have ps2 graphics. Looks like PD did this to sucker the fans to thinking there were really 1000 cars!!!! Seriously, who wants to drive a standard car? And look at that horrid AI??? WOW. What a disappointment. Where are all the reviews? Sony is known to heavily supervise and in some cases buy reviews so hopefully we can get real reviews out there. But from what I seen, this is not the perfect 10 that you sony fanboys boasted about. I'll give it an 8.
HDgamer  +   1644d ago
It's funny to watch you lie and then try to come off as if you own the game. This intro alone crushes your lies. http://www.youtube.com/watc...

I know why you're here, forza 3 has lied to you and you can't believe a game that's this good looking has promised everything it's been delivered.
GTmonster  +   1644d ago
butthurt much? standard cars have as many polygons as forza 3
visualb  +   1644d ago
so...PS2 graphics = 360 graphics?

I hate to have to do this, but we need to put a final nail on this standard car bull*****

because...those PS2 graphics look as good as this:


GT5 standard:

F3 Mazda RX8 ( best photo I could find, whats up with F3 having no photos?):

GT5 Mazda RX8:

and just to make this a little more "fair" by your fanboy standards, here is an OFF SCREEN LOW REZ image of a GT5 standard car vs.

GT5 miata off screen:

a high REZ "forza screen shoot" replay shot (where the car models are upscaled)
F3 miata:

I'd expect a huge difference but...not really =/

so quit bragging, and lets face it:

GT5 standard cars, even if they have "PS2 graphics" look as good as any other console racing game's best looking cars...

don't agree? well tough luck denial is a b1tch =)

oh and just for ****s and giggles:


I rather have 200 of those than 500 "standard PS2 graphics cars" as...another game seems to have ;)

and please reply, I'd like to hear you refute my points....

/end epic rant.
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BinkyStalls  +   1644d ago
im sick of cam gameplay, direct feed dammit !!!!!!
Bounkass  +   1644d ago
I love this guy. And I think everyon will agree... :D Finally some proper video reviews.
vTuro24  +   1643d ago
Man I'm so exited for this game.
Once I have it I'm going to start saving up for a wheel(driving force gt, the other ones are to expensive)
bytortwo1   1643d ago | Spam
Heavy_Rain  +   1643d ago
@visualb I dont know why you bother showing proof of how good gt5 is to ppl like bytortwo1 and Halo3mlgpro . I have asked it before and I will ask it again - Xbots is your console so disappointing that you have to keep coming to gt5 articles and trolling. I mean why cant you guys continue to do what you do best and jump around in front of the camera and play kinectimals like the hardcore gamers that you ppl are. Go ahead and embarrass yourselves at your homes and stop embarassing yourselves in the public with the stupid comments. oh and the irony of the guy who names himself with the word 'Halo3' complaining about ps2 graphics on standard cars. ha ha ha xbots love to make total idiots of themselves.

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