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Tutorial: Use your PS3 Eye as webcam

Like chatting but don't have a webcam? Then use your PS3 Eye as a special webcam voor Windows. See the complete tutorial on www.ps3-sense.nl (PC, PS3)

Credit url: ps3-sense.nl
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tony6767  +   1429d ago
it worked !! amazing thx
Seijoru  +   1429d ago
I've been doing this since the Eye came out a couple years ago. It has a fairly good resolution at up to 120 fps.
ForzaGT  +   1429d ago
quite useful with my PC
despair  +   1429d ago
A little bit off topic but the CL Eye Driver may cause NFS Hot Pursuit to Crash To Desktop as it did mine, just a fair warning to anyone, just uninstall it, but this was a very useful tool for me.
Finalfantasykid  +   1428d ago
Instuctions for Linux:

1. Plug PSEye into USB port
2. Open Cheese (or any other of your favorite Webcam programs)
3. Enjoy!

No need for downloading any drivers.
Mmmkay  +   1428d ago
hey, just like on the ps3...!

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