Tutorial: Use your PS3 Eye as webcam

Like chatting but don't have a webcam? Then use your PS3 Eye as a special webcam voor Windows. See the complete tutorial on

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tony67672709d ago

it worked !! amazing thx

Seijoru2709d ago

I've been doing this since the Eye came out a couple years ago. It has a fairly good resolution at up to 120 fps.

ForzaGT2709d ago

quite useful with my PC

despair2709d ago

A little bit off topic but the CL Eye Driver may cause NFS Hot Pursuit to Crash To Desktop as it did mine, just a fair warning to anyone, just uninstall it, but this was a very useful tool for me.

Finalfantasykid2709d ago

Instuctions for Linux:

1. Plug PSEye into USB port
2. Open Cheese (or any other of your favorite Webcam programs)
3. Enjoy!

No need for downloading any drivers.

Mmmkay2709d ago

hey, just like on the ps3...!