GTA 4 Complete Edition for just $10

Gamersmint: Now, would you believe it? GTA 4 (the highest meta rate game ever) for just $10.

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hackboy892251d ago ShowReplies(1)
darthdevidem012251d ago

This POS game aint even worth that

GTA:SA HD please!

MariaHelFutura2251d ago

Lets me change something.... GTA:HD Collection please (BR is a great thing)

cb4g2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

...but fuck yeah for the GTA:HD Collection! Add Bully too!

vulcanproject2251d ago

GTA:SA HD? That was released years and years ago.

Its called the Pc version...

awiseman2251d ago

This is PC only though You should Mention that. Most gamers play GTA on the consoles.

cyborg2251d ago

Direct2Drive is a PC only service and hence everyone will know

hackboy892251d ago Show
Supman2251d ago

Nobody likes GTA4.
infact its an awful game.
Just buy red dead.

Hanif-8762251d ago

GTA IV is my favorite game actually ~ therefore your comment is flawed. Also, its the highest rated game of this generation!

Thecraft19892251d ago

Thats why review are worth just as much as dog shit. What would of happen to IGN if they rated gta 4 7.0 they would never ever get a rock star exclusive announcement or sneak peak the same goes for every other site being rated the best game of the generation means shit. Gta 4 was no san Andreas or vice city.

Hanif-8762251d ago

GTA IV is way better than Red Dead Redemption!

kanetheking2251d ago

yer red dead got boring after the story.and free roam was not the much to do i found gta free roam better

Rocket Sauce2251d ago

Red Dead Revolver is way better than those two games

danmachine2251d ago

only noobs who started playing games this gen don't like gta IV its a masterpeice.

Motion2251d ago

I think you said that backwards.

Only noobs who started playing games this gen, and never experienced the older games, think gta IV is a masterpiece.

Spartanv072251d ago

Can't believe it's at 98,didn't now that. Truly an overrated game.

Hanif-8762251d ago

Your avatar is overrated lol

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The story is too old to be commented.