Who or what killed off import gaming?

The quick answers are: 'Nintendo', 'Sony', 'protective legislation' and 'simultaneous global launches', but the rise and fall of the import scene is an interesting story in itself, and one that shows just how much our industry has changed in the last twenty years.

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DrPirate4120d ago

Yep Sony killed off importing when they said all PS3 games are non region encoded.

Thinking back, importing was killed in the PS1 and PS2 era since the CD's and DVD's were in fact region encoded.

At least it's making a comeback.

MrWonderful4120d ago

sure they did! with the ps3 and the psp being region free that allows me to import all the great japanese games that i would never get to play. i can play beath of fire 3 at work on my psp now cuz i got it from the uk:)

Itachi4120d ago

yep i trapped importers in a genjutsu and talked them to death

Bigmac5734120d ago

I imported DJ Max Portable 2 a few months ago. One of the best (probably is the best) PSP games I own.

djt234120d ago

i import alot of Japaneses ds games

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