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Gran Turismo 5 standard cars damage modelling detailed

Gamersmint: A reader named GT fan has sent us two high res off-screen screenshots which show off the damage modelling of standards cars is Gran Turismo 5. As you can clearly see it doesn’t look as bad as many thought it would and dents and scratches are clearly visible on the car. (Gran Turismo 5, PS3)

ArcFatalix  +   1784d ago
they look decent
psb  +   1784d ago
the very fact they do damage at all, is good enough for me
Nd1bu_  +   1784d ago
I thought you guys were all about quality over quantity...that statement right there says that as long as it's in there, no matter how play dough-like it looks, you're happy.
I think we should all just agree that this game will not revolutionize anything as far as damage is concerned, it has been done better before.
Notice how I didn't mention any specific other game but you know it will be dragged into this
@spidey, Dirt does what it does 100% it doesn't need to do more than that because it's about QUALITY, not QUANTITY, isn't that what you guys are always saying? Now that GT5 is about quantity, suddenly "I'm just happy it's in there." You can't have it both ways
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TronEOL  +   1784d ago
When Dirt does anything more than Rallying, come talk to me.
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ryuzu  +   1784d ago
Man the QQ-ing around over GT5 is just immense by those who hoped it'd never see release.

GT5 looks like a great game and in terms of car sims/games is an essential purchase - the amount of whining greeting it is confirmation.

Well I guess there are some people who deserve one buggy, derivative FPS after another and the 9 ratings the press gives to them.

DigitalAnalog  +   1784d ago | Well said
Regardless of how GOOD your damage looks, it means nothing if it doesn't affect your driving performance. Be rest assured, both premiums and standard have this EQUALLY.

GT5 TT demo proved to the gaming world that the physics are extremely punishing, add to that damage that affects your driving performance, then you would know WHY this is called the driving simulator than a crashing simulator.

Secondly, these "damage" on GT5 are dynamic. As opposed to Dirt or Forza 3's scripted damage. Bumps and deformations appear in places where THEY should be. Not bad for it's first try on damage right? That my friend IS QUALITY.

-End of Line
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gamesmaster  +   1784d ago
since when has GT been soley about quantity?
sorry Nd1du but as a long time series fan, grand turismo has always been about quality And quantity, you can say 'you cant have it either way' but GT is such a popular franchise because when it comes to racing sims PD just have a knack for bringing the two together.

but thats just my opinion and i respect yours.
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Information Minister  +   1784d ago
@ Nd1bu:

A self-proclaimed "kinect defender" lecturing us about quality...

Oh, the irony!
Nd1bu_  +   1784d ago
Yes I am a Kinect defender, but I'm not lecturing anybody about quality, I'm just pointing out the hypocrisy of the quality > quantity mantra that doesn't seen to apply to this title. They have the most cars available in any game...but look a little closer you'll see 40 Skylines, 20 S2000's and so on.
Also of the 1000 cars, 800 are standard(quantity) only 200 are premium(quality) and feature good damage and interior view.
Also that list consists MOSTLY of Japanese cars.
Let's not talk about quality when it comes to damage and cars in gt5 because quality obviously came first
beardpapa  +   1784d ago

"Also that list consists MOSTLY of Japanese cars. "

it's a japanese game by a japanese developer originally for the japanese crowd released in japan and brought over here many many moons ago in the form of GT1. what the hell did you expect?
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DigitalAnalog  +   1784d ago
"And Forza 3's cars list consist mostly of Western cars"

LEARN to look both sides of the coin before spouting up nonsense.

-End of Line
Dee_91  +   1784d ago
@nd1bu im not even gonna get on the fact of how much your generalizing right now
but the damage doesent have to be 100% to be good.
i guess your not used to quality and qauntity being the same disc lol
ShinMaster  +   1784d ago
Don't be ignorant. Gran Turismo has been more about quality than quantity.

There's at least 500 European and American cars.
And since when is it a bad thing to have more than 1 Skyline?? GTFO!

Your argument is immediately flawed, since you don't know anything about the series.


Oh, on topic now. The Standard models aren't half bad
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Dee_91  +   1783d ago
and some of the skylines arent the gt-r style http://www.nissan-skyline-p...
some got the infiniti g body http://allworldcars.com/wor...

along with alot of the other jap cars that repeat alot on the list like fairlady look like the Z
Noble Spartan  +   1784d ago
what...i see huge dent on lower left side of bumper must have crushed but why is the lights perfectly intact? What kind of ridiculous damage is this? they look awful. playdo damage.
lollipopa   1784d ago | Spam
ShinMaster  +   1784d ago
@Noob Spartan
Now will you please STFU?
49erguy  +   1784d ago
Looks good to me, except the fact that the bottom left light looks like a sticker from that angle. The ones on the right have good depth though.
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Sarcasm  +   1784d ago
Do anybody else notice there's no aliasing present? It was a tiny bit distracting in GT5P, but this time it looks like there's some good anti-aliasing going on.

Cant wait!
sprinterboy  +   1784d ago
Looks good, roll on Wednesday
tplarkin7   1784d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
DanteKnightsTemplar  +   1784d ago
Wow.. That looks so much better than I thought
Sackdude  +   1784d ago
Thats dynamic damage, its not scripted like other sims.

on Premium cars it looks way better :D
mynd  +   1784d ago
Its not good either.
It looks like the car got melted, not damaged.
Noble Spartan  +   1784d ago
agree some though comes to my mind did someone melt this car?
bikar  +   1784d ago
its ok
but i dont care about damage (i dont crash :PP
SMW  +   1784d ago
You and me.... We can be friends.

Atleast until the booze wears off...
iistuii  +   1784d ago
A question
Does GT5 standard cars have cockpit view ? The 200 premium cars do I've heard that the standards don't .
cyborg  +   1784d ago
Hi, sorry
but they don't have a cockpit view but I am sure the premium cars won't let you a chance to complain. 200 cars are a lot!
Nd1bu_  +   1784d ago
No, only premium vehicles have interiors...you know, because this is the real driving simulator and as in life, only premium cars have interiors, cars like the Veyron are driven from the bonnet.
Why am I being a jerk? Because when I said Forza 2 DIDN'T have internal view in any of the cars then Gt5 can be forgiven for standard cars, GT 5 loyalists flamed me like I said something bad...so there
No internal view, says someone who has played it http://n4g.com/news/649765/...
Cyrax_87  +   1784d ago
Nd1bu_ in full damage control lol. I'm not kidding, the 360 fanboys on n4g and gamefaqs have been going crazy the last week.

Grasping for straws, complaining about features that "aren't good enough" despite Forza not having them at all. It's unbelievable.
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lollipopa   1784d ago | Spam
Dee_91  +   1784d ago
dont feed this troll
just take away it bubbles
iistuii  +   1784d ago
Well sorry
But that's crap. So that also means that only 200, less than a quarter of the cars have interiors and minimal damage. Also this means when the beautiful weather changes to rain you won't get the true feel if you have no interior view. I won't be driving anything but a premium if that's the case. Now let's not bring any other racing game into this and can anyone hand on heart be happy that only 200 cars are so called premium, I would rather them have taken out 500 crap cars and had say 500 premium with all the damage and every track with weather, I mean why is that only some tracks have the weather? . Less sometimes is more. Oh and by the way I'm no troll iistuii is my psn tag and I'll be on GT5 on wednesday, however it seems like after the long wait it's a bit of a piss off about the above mentioned things. Rant over.
Noble Spartan  +   1784d ago
agree take out all the garbage standard and useless cars and focus on premuim cars that why they could focus more on the damage and make it even a better game.
thesummerofgeorge  +   1783d ago
Actually I'm pretty sure the standard cars do have a cockpit view, they just don't have the same detailed realistic interiors that premium cars do, I'm pretty sure that was cleared up a while back.
TronEOL  +   1784d ago
Wow, I know those are just the standard cars, but that looks really good. Gran Turismo 5's graphics never fail to impress every time I look at pictures or trailers.

The 24th can't come soon enough.
PirateThom  +   1784d ago
My signature edition just shipped. :)

Chances of getting it earlier just increased.
redsquad  +   1784d ago
Mine's shipped from PLAY.COM... Way HAAAYYYYYY!!!!
kasasensei  +   1784d ago
At the end it's not better than Forza3, for the standard cars.
PirateThom  +   1784d ago
Except, Forza 3 is precanned damage, this is real time.
kasasensei  +   1784d ago
Real time clay damage... oh great..

You know, i used to bash forza a LOT for that. I hate Forza3 for that (among others things), so i was expecting more from GT. That's all.
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DigitalAnalog  +   1784d ago
"Real time clay damage" is better than realistic "scripted" damage ANY day of the week.

-End of Line
SMW  +   1784d ago

So the "crappy damage model" that everyone was whinging about.... well the 360 fanboys were whinging about, was just for the standard cars.

I think thats a really cool idea by PD. Its not perfect, but I imagine in motion it looks pretty convincing. It will give you a good reference anyway to know what parts of your car need to be babied.
bytortwo1   1784d ago | Spam
vTuro24  +   1784d ago
Based on those two shots the standard cars look pretty damn good imo. Better than I was expecting.

Some people care way to much about graphics and damage.
And why do you guys want realistic damage anyway? Do you want to crash into every object you see instead of trying to win the race? I always try to avoid damaging my car. And be happy there is atleast some damage.
All that really matters to me is that this game will have a **** load of stuff to do and will be fun to play.
Just quit whining, be happy with what there is, and ejoy the game.
sweettooth  +   1784d ago
why the fuck we need damage in a GT game
squelchy15  +   1784d ago
Because it's a racing sim. Crashes happen in real-life racing, so if the game wants to be realistic and truly replicate real racing, then my friend, it should have damage.
#16.1 (Edited 1784d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
radphil  +   1784d ago
Yes, but you KNOW people are going to be anal that want to derail any information behind games will be all over it for no reason.
sweettooth  +   1784d ago
if u want damage go play damage racing games and stay away from GT5
squelchy15  +   1784d ago
So you are basically saying that if GT6 had THE MOST ADVANCED damage system ever, you wouldn't want it?

Gran Turismo has always been about quality, and damage improves the quality of the game by making it realistic.
The only people who don't want damage are the people who suck at the game and the blind fanboys.

I tip my hat to PD for adding any form of damage to the cars as it shows you they want to create the most authentic racing experience.

And also, who are you to tell people to stay away from the game? Its not YOUR game!
DelbertGrady  +   1784d ago
Will the damage affect the perfomrance of the cars as well, or is it just cosmetical?
lokiroo420  +   1784d ago
Cosmetical? hahahahaha
Sunny_D  +   1784d ago
Yes, all cars will have equal mechanical damage that affect how your car performs. Which to me, I believe is more important than how the damage "looks".
I_C_PEE  +   1784d ago
Is it so hard to understand that the damage of cars in GT5 was strictly prohibited by the car manufacturer's. This after Kaz expressed his desire to do realistic damage in the game. Dont blame PD for that, lay the blame squarely on the various car manufacturer's. That said GT5 excells in the area where it matters, driving physics.
iistuii  +   1784d ago
Do you
Believe that then ? Why on other racing games this gen we have lambo's,ferrari's etc being smashed to no end, do they just not allow pd to do it.
shadow2797  +   1784d ago
Because it's not realistic damage. Every car is damaged the exact same way and in the exact same "canned" texture. It's a generic, one size fits all damage model.

Polyphony Digital wants to be as realistic as possible, and while the PS3 hardware may be somewhat limiting, the car manufacturers certainly aren't helping. PD isn't allowed to total a car to the point where it doesn't run anymore. But GRID does this all day long.

Why? Because PD are committed to the details. GRID isn't a simulator.
iistuii  +   1784d ago
What crap
PD are a sim so they're not allowed yet because Grid or Dirt are so called arcade they are allowed. Maybe if you all take off your Playstation goggles you will see that PD HAD to try damage to keep up with this gen. They may have done it but not as good as they would have liked.
Halochampian  +   1784d ago
looks good. Like i said before, many months ago on here. Dynamic damage is very nice, but it sometimes makes for some unrealistic damage as shown here.

It's nit-picky but it would have been nice if the glass shattered or something. But other than that, very nice.
voice_of_ reason  +   1784d ago
For those complaining about the damage, keep this in mind: There is a difference between a racing game designed from the ground up around the premise of damage VS a game that is not designed from the ground up with a damage engine. Yes, many racing games have better damage... However, that's their main focus. I love what they have done with the damage in GT5, it complements the type of game it is. And for damage not being the main cosmetic focus of the game, I think they have done an excellent job. GT games are about simulating how each car drives... and in that respect, they are second to none.
Zeevious  +   1784d ago
This is about the same conclusion I've come to.

The focus may very well be on accurate mechanical damage simulation with less apparent visible damage.

I think from a development point of view, damage could have been accurately based on to use interpolative models generated from accurate crash simulation models -- but this does not appear to be the decision made during development.

Like everyone else, I'll have to try this myself and see how mechanical damage is modeled along with visual damage.

So far it looks like visual damage is limited, but soon I'll be able to try this for myself and that's the opinion I know I can put my trust in.

- - - - -

Three Days
ambientFLIER  +   1784d ago
I can't believe the Bugatti Veyron is not a premium car!
Masterchef2007  +   1784d ago
The damage for the standard cars are better than i thought
sleepy3  +   1784d ago
Standard Car Drivers have an unfair advantage in GT5 already
Just realised. During the rain, premium car guys (like me, the Ferrari whore that i am) will have to put up with rain hitting the windscreen leaving streaks and wipers and so on, whereas standard car guys will have an unobstructed view from their bumper cam.

When a premium car gets damaged and the bonnet is crumpled up obstructing the view, the damaged standard car guys will not have any problem cause again they are in bumper cam.

Sure, i could just switch to bumper cam, but this is a SIM, i don't want to drive a car from the bumper cause in real life you don't.
ZBlacktt  +   1784d ago
Nice Z32 in the picture above. That just so happens to be one of my real life cars and my screen name ( Z = car Black = color TT = TwinTurbo ). I have a black Toyota Supra as well...... so waiting for this game!
swat  +   1783d ago
so 800 cars don't have cockpit view !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WT#$@#@$#@%$#@#

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