ESPN Attacks Kobe for Black Ops Commercial and gets spanked in their comment section

ESPN asks whether Kobe should be appearing in a commercial for an evil, violent video game. The real story is in ESPNs comment sections for this story however. Even non-gamers are incensed.


"And then last week, he went home and was watching a game when a new commercial for "Call of Duty: Black Ops" came on his television. Seen through Walker's eyes, the content was bad enough. A woman in high heels, a hotel concierge, a guy in a fast-food worker's outfit -- they're all shooting automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades in an urban warfare setting.

He was already disgusted, but about halfway through the spot, Walker did a double take: Wait! Wasn't that Kobe Bryant?"

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himdeel2251d ago

Only problem I have with Kobe in this commercial is that he should've gone for laser sights instead of rpg launcher...what a n00b lol

TheHater2251d ago

the only problem I have with him in the commercial is that he was noobtubing. What a noob :)

Igneel2251d ago

These guys sounds like freaking B1tches and I really really Mean it. What the hell is so shocking about the commercial? You just know these ''Higher'' Class of people just dint grew up having fun in their lives. Lmao

Cregan4584onYouTube2251d ago

@himdeel LMAO great comment dude. Bubbles and shit

Boody-Bandit2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

I watch this show (1st n 10) on ESPN almost every day.
I was watching the day this aired. I knew somebody would make a story out of it when I was listening to them debate this.

The red head (Skip Bayless) has admitted several times before to never playing video games.

They were mostly viewing it more from an NBA league rules perspective than anything. This is how most people that don't game view violent games. Personally I think everyone (politicians, school teachers, talk show host, etc and so on) should keep their traps shut when they have no hands on experience with gaming.

I think the commercial is great.

The best part? Right after they were done debating this they cut to commercial and guess what they aired? Yup, this very commercial they were bitching about.

BTW himdeel
Jimmy Kimmel has the rocket launcher (proud noob) not Kobe. Kobe was toobing. Machine gun (mamba) with a grenade launcher attached to it. Unless there is a newer version of the commercial I haven't seen yet.

Corepred42251d ago

Get women out of my ESPN!! except for that chick on sportsnation, she's hot.

AtatakaiSamurai2251d ago

Wow, that's a lot of hating. i'm sure they would have turned down this ad if they asked them.

ArmrdChaos2251d ago

Football, hockey, and boxing...all violent sports yet prominently displayed on this network...yeh act shocked you a$$hats. I bet when these guys were younger they played cops and robbers or maybe the elderly man to the right may of played cowboys and indians. I don't hear anyone bitching about either of those.

BattleAxe2251d ago

These pundits on this show are all a bunch of frickin noobs.

seinfan2251d ago

Kobe is an NBA superstar, looked up to by many young kids. If they see him wielding a weapon in a commercial and having fun with it, they could see that as guns being okay to handle. He's setting a bad example. As a young adult, I don't see a real problem with it for ME. But I do see it as a problem for children.

Spydiggity2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

the dude on the right is such an over-dramatic, ignorant flamer. you'd think his producer would have cut him off or something.

DarkTower8052251d ago

What's wrong with kids handling and shooting guns? This is what's going wrong with the pussification of the U.S., especially communistic states like New York and California. Guns are not bad, people are bad. I own guns and I also have my 10 year old shoot with me regularly. When taught the right way, shooting can be a safe and fun recreation for all.

This is one reason I love COD, they have introduced a whole new generation to the world of firearms, and reinvigorated it. The AR type of rifles are more popular than ever as a result.

On topic, I hate Kobe, but after I saw this ad, not so much anymore. I applaud his decision to do this ad. These ESPN prudes need to get a clue, but with them being in the biggest anti-gun state next to California I am not surprised by this.

Dac2u2251d ago

Would it have been as bad if he had acted in a movie, instead? If Kobe was in an action movie, shooting real people in a realistic way, the only comments made would have been people rolling their eyes and saying: "Great, another athlete trying to act."

Sheikh Yerbouti2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

We celebrate soldiers. Children and adults do on Veteran's Day, Independence Day, Memorial Day...every day if you are lucky to know a real American hero in your father or mother.

What's the matter with emulating our soldier. We watch their exploits in film. War isn't pretty...but I'm thankful for the American soldier, and I am glad some little boys and girls want to join their ranks because of these games.

Dude is a mamby pamby punk.

No Way2251d ago

My thoughts exactly.. it'd be a diff story if it was a movie.
But, everyoneeeeee hates video games. Fuckers. >.<

christian hour2251d ago


Guns dont kill people RAPPERS DO! :P

seinfan2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

You're an idiot. I'm talking about kids that don't have the mental capacity to realize that handling a firearm is dangerous. If a five year old were to grab his father's gun and accidentally shoot himself in the face, would you still say "the US is so pussified. Get over it. The kid should have known how to handle the gun." Or how about if your kid had an accident? I doubt you'll consider yourself parent of the year.

DarkTower8052251d ago

Are you really that thickheaded? A firearm should always be locked up when not being used, that's why we have this invention called a "gun safe", and "gun locks". Do you think gun owners just leave their guns lying around locked and loaded with kids in their house? YOU little boy, are the idiot!

seinfan2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

Right, because you NEVER hear about a kid accidentally killing himself or others with a gun. In fact, it's logically impossible!

Get your head out of your ass. Not every parent is mindful or gives a shit. And it's scary how many sick fucks are on this site that disagrees with the possibility of such a real situation in defense of a video game ad.

DarkTower8052251d ago

I once in a while hear about accidents involving kids and guns, but I'll refer you to my original comment,"guns are not bad, people are bad". You find me a story involving gun accident and I'll find you a bad parent in the same story. We need to stop this blaming of guns, rap music, video games, movies/cartoons for all the bad kids and bad things that happen. Parents need to take responsibility for the kids they have, end of story.

You're out of bubbles (most likely for your linear, childish views) and I'm out of time. I have to go clean my guns and then play some Black Ops haha.

pixelsword2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

These same ESPN idiots who whine about Kobe being in these commercials are the same idiots who will whine that there are americans who don't "support the troops" who use these same guns.

Rainstorm812251d ago

"if this was GTA 54 and Kobe was in the commercial, then people would take notice....."

But this isnt GTA its COD a military war game....i could somewhat understand the arguement if it was gta..... the sad thing is half these people support these wars, so its cool for real men and women to go to war and die but not for people to play a game about it?

BTW all the people that say "OMG?! but teh kids" Last i checked the game was rated M17+ soooooooooooo..........

Marquis_de_Sade2251d ago

It's a fairly outlandish attack on videogames, but let's be honest, CoD is American paranoia in pixel form.

ISay2251d ago

love it. just peed my pants

AngryTypingGuy2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

DarkTower said it best...the pussification of America. The saddest part is that the out-of-touch media thinks that they can put on a holier-than-thou front and think that they're speaking for America, when they're really not.

When the media uses the phrase, "People are OUTRAGED!", most of the time they're not outraged at all. 9 times out of 10, the only people that are "outraged" are these small little minority groups that have a stick up their ass. The problem is that advertisers and corporations often have knee jerk reactions when one of these small minority groups expresses their displeasure. People just need to learn to ignore them, and they'll go away after a little while because they don't have any true passion.

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hamsterfist2251d ago

I hope people do, this is one of the most insane attacks on videogames I have ever seen. Come on people, get outraged.

FishCake9T42251d ago

Im English and the press here is just the same. PS Who the fak are the presenters? Never heard of them. But every body has heard of Kobe.

RedDragan2251d ago

I've never heard of Kobe. Who the **** is he?

visualb2251d ago

this is just an indirect advertisement of the game

"good news is good, bad news is better"

MariaHelFutura2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

The funny thing is they don`t have a problem w/ kids carrying shotguns and frag breaching rooms. Just Kobe.

BTW, I love the commercial. It`s not real.

KillerBBs2251d ago

about Kobe is this add.

Who's ESPN to cast the first stone. They had a show about beating your wife and doing drugs... Play Makers! They chicken out of the second season because of pressure from the NFL. ESPN went on record stating they are not going to make a second season because, it upset their biggest client "the NFL". How can the be a new orginization and report news if there biggest client is the NFL. ESPN doesn't report news they make it. [email protected] them.

avengers19782251d ago

Gotta have something to bitch about I guess.
Maybe they should get there head's out of there a$$' and then they'd know that COD was one of the biggest entertainment launches in history, maybe they'd know what a huge demographic gamers are, maybe they'd know what it takes to make one of these games; let alone make a succesful one.
Or maybe then can just go on sounding like idiots.

poopface12251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

hes such a namby pamby. Hes the guy ESPN tells to focus on rumors and tabloid like shit.

FACT is, All sports are FULL of criminals. hell its almost as if athletes are above the law.

If ESPN is really full of such MORAL Orels, Why the hell are they up Michal Vick's butthole, praising him for being so great. If any non athlete was convicted for the same crimes that athelets commit on a daily basis, then they wouldnt even be able to get a job at the freaken 7-11.

At least Kobe is not a criminal like so many ofther superstar athelets today.

The entire beginning of the article was about some kids that were killed and it has nothign to do with videogames or Kobe.

ESPN embarrasses themselvs on a daily basis it seems.

They did a whole special on "Purple Drank," praise criminals all day, and this is the type of thing that "outrages" them. what a bunch of MORONS.

Edit- is it funny to anyone else that the two biggest vaginas on ESPN are not women?

madpuppy2251d ago

You know what kills me about this, the "shock" and "horror" the ESPN talking heads express is so forced. It comes off as trying to make a big deal out of something that isn't.

Hell, sports are boring enough, add manufactured outrage and it becomes silly as well.

madara0sama2251d ago

"Right, because you NEVER hear about a kid accidentally killing himself or others with a gun. In fact, it's logically impossible!

Get your head out of your ass. Not every parent is mindful or gives a shit. And it's scary how many sick fucks are on this site that disagrees with the possibility of such a real situation in defense of a video game ad."

So your blaming Parents and Video game ads? Ok your just like those idiots who blame killings on gta. I hope you never have kids.

Tru_Ray2250d ago

Yep. People tend to jump to outrageous conclusions based on their misinformed beliefs. Actually, way more young children die from drowning then from being accidentally shot in the head by a handgun lying around in the house. Ironically, parents are not considered to be irresponsible if they have a swimming pool in their backyard. However, if a man has a loaded gun in a house occupied by young children many would consider him to be irresponsible.

Sometimes the statistical data tells a different story than the reality.

OFF TOPIC: If any of you are interested you should read the novel Freakonomics...

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hamsterfist2251d ago

Things don't usually piss me off, but this sure did. I really hope this goes huge on here, and people give Skip Bayless and the other morons at ESPN a piece of their mind. This was on Outside the Lines today also.... Must be a slow news day to advocate censorship and vilifying someone for a hobby that all of us love.

PinchoVe2251d ago

Skip Bayless in particular is a pain in the ass, he complains about everything and gets belligerent as soon as someone disagrees with him, i hate all these misconceptions about the gaming industry. How many people watched Avatar? and how many people were killed in Avatar? (actors, not even pixels, which makes it even more realistic) yet people dont complain about movies because people are used to violent movies, and are more mainstream and appealing to a wider group.

mrv3212251d ago

Movie trailers can show more violence more nudity and get away with it.

You have troops overseas... didn't you also start Broadway shows again while having troops overseas... during WW2?

Seriously, Vietnam, life continued as normal for most Americans, with few attacks on ones homeland it's easier to abstract oneself from war, while Americans as a whole are intelligent and individual.

Can we take all Movies off the shelf because there's wars on? Or video games. Ironically most people serving in Iraq and Afghanistan play Video games.

If someone who pulled up in a Car and shot him LIKE... MOST Films, Games, not just GTA.

madpuppy2251d ago

you have to take this one step further, IF Kobe Bryant was in a war film, not even a serious one, something like three Kings, Or a Cop film and he was the kingpin of an evil organization. The same people would be applauding him as being multi-talented and taking a chance as an actor.

Now, that! My friends, is Hypocrisy!

gamingisnotacrime2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

would there be any issues?

BTW love the commercial

Tru_Ray2250d ago

The commercial is brilliant. It is edgy, controversial, and memorable. That is effective marketing for a game that already has a high awareness level.

IMChampion2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

Wow, these asshole sports commentators are bitching like this and its not even directed to them. Now imagine if politicians get a whole of our gaming? Yeah, 10x worse.

Skip needs to STFU up, us gamers aren't bitching and that's all that matters. I commend to woman for giving her honest opinion, which she expressed how she feels but not really care.

EDIT: @gamingisnotacrime double stands man, double standards. Bubbles.