Gamer Earns 50,000 XP in a single game of Search and Destroy in Black Ops

This is how boosting works in Call of Duty Black Ops....

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Shubhankar2711d ago

whoa :o awesome, i wish i could do that

Active Reload2711d ago

Good job on whoever made the vid. Those folks have to learn one way or another. Cheaters should be reported...

Red_Orange_Juice2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

lmao, I wouldn't feel right about my score, kdr, or whatever if it's not legit, come on, where's the fun

you life does not depend on goddamn cod stats you life noobs

captain-obvious2711d ago

boosting is just purely pathetic
black ops is my first COD ever
and i dont even know how to check your K/D rate
and when i did saw it it was about 0.50 Win to loss and 1.20 K/D R

and i just dont care because thats like the first and last time i did check it

i stopped playing this game and im back at playing starcraft 2 because the god damn game lags so damn much
now i dont know if its my internet or the game or both
but i rarely lag at other peer to peer game so i dont know

irepbtown2711d ago


Play COD4, i'm not saying there aren't boosters or hackers, but definitely the best COD game ever. (MY OPINION).
I still play it.


I haven't seen any boosters or hackers on PS3, i haven't even seen any glitches. I've only seen Hacked games in Private match (My friend done it), and for a PM match, it was really fun. As long as Public matches are safe, and hackers keep themselves to private Matches, i'm happy.

irish-leprecaun2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

COD4 > COD2> WAW > COD1 > MW2> COD3> B/O

the feeling you got while playing cod4 will never be equalled now that acti are blinded by cash. half the gaming community literally played cod4 all night for 2 years straight.

I played MW2 24/7 for months and spawn killed on demolition. I reached the top 300 in kills but then the Leaderboard hacks arrived. just to stay in the top 1000 i began killstreak boosting but eventually the hackers numbered over 3000 at which point most of the top 300 legit had quit mw2 as there stats were pointless. then the challenge lobbies came so i now at least am back in the top 1000 stats but they mean nothing as im considered the same as the next cheat beside me. the 40 days and 200,000 kills i got playing mw2 were all for nothing. thanks

DirtyLary2711d ago


That logic is flawed. COD is their life.

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pcgia2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

@shubhankar you didn't even watch the video did you ?

Just read the title and replied asap to be first?

irish-leprecaun2711d ago

you just made these famous and told everyone how to boost. btw if i get banned i can just make a new account get 6000 score per minute on snd and never use that account again. then im at the top forever. btw i know people working on challenge lobbies so the cheating has just begun. btw treyarch have one golden rule: never ban a leprechaun.

evilbart2711d ago

@Irish-leprecaun can u change your username you are an embarrassment to the irish

davidmccue2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

Not surprised it had something to do with the LE2 clan, should ban the lot of them. Why dont they try getting XP by skill alone instead of boosting, boosters ruined modern warefare 2 for me, couldnt get in a search and destroy game without half the team shooting each others shields rather then shooting the enemy.

newhumanbreed2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

I know of a way to stop this, allow split screening only in private matches. You don't get XP in private. Problem solved :)

I wouldn't want an XP limit in Search and Destroy because sometimes the really good players carry a whole team. Oh and also reset the boosters levels back to 1.

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cyborg2711d ago

I will try that out for myself

AKissFromDaddy2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

If we believe for we can stop these boosters, even for ten minutes, the community will think of amazing ideas.

My thoughts:
1. Reset their scores and rank to the beginning
2. Temporary Bans from playing online
3. Permanent Bans from the Leaders boards
4. No multi kill bonuses in S&D
5. If a number of players haven't moved from their spawn area, in a specific time table, end the game & deduct XP for all players.

That's all I got.

T9X692711d ago

I just report them and move on. I also report all those sick immature little bastards who use dicks as their emblems to. At first I didn't bother with it because there was only a few, but after going into different lobbies everyday and seeing 3/4 of the players with dicks or animals screwing each other, I decided to report them for inappropriate emblem and move on.

I'm not the type of person to go and "tattle tale" on people being dumb, but I'm sick of seeing animals fucking and penises pop up on my screen when I die.

JeffGUNZ2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

How old are you ? How does that offend you really? I think it's hilarious when people do that kind of stuff. As long as the person isn't trash talking you or bothering you, who cares what his elbem is? I don't blame people who do that at all. When the game won't allow me to name my assault rifle class "Assault" because it's inappropriate language, then screw 'em, Horse wee wee here I come.

T9X692711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

You're seriously asking how old I am, yet you laugh at penises? How old are you? FYI I'm 21 years old, and it doesn't offend me in any way and I never said it did, but it does get on my nerves when I die and see a horse fucking a gorilla. If that actually entertains you, you need to seek some serious help, and I feel sorry for you.

NothingToGainButLove2711d ago


The question is how old are you? Penis' everywhere is immature and something done mostly by teenagers. Once you actually mature it shouldnt be as funny anymore

MiloGarret2711d ago

I am now going to create my emblem where a gorilla appears to be fucking a face, just because of your comment.

Self righteous kids trying to act mature are hilarious. And don't lie, EVERYONE knows you're not 21. If you really are 21 and made that comment... well, honestly: sadness.

OT: I don't care, people boost, I don't, end of. This kind of boosting doesn't affect me in any way so i couldn't care less.

JeffGUNZ2711d ago

I am 25 years old and work for the government and I think a lot of those emblems are hilarious. That has nothing to do with being "mature", it has to do with having a sense of humor. I am married, own my own home, 2 cars, full-time job, masters degree. Don't worry, I am very mature. I just think it is funny to see some people's creative work. The emblems I have created are masterpieces. Lighten up nerds, it's ok to have a sense of humor and laugh at these types of things. See, grown ups in this post are StupidSega and myself. Don't feel sorry for me at all. My friends and I are all married and have respectable jobs, yet we make the best emblems ever.

DeadIIIRed2711d ago

Honestly man just live and let live. As soon as I saw you could customize player-card emblems I knew this and even the Nazi stuff now would be a problem. But that is how you could really sum up playing online with others; penis emblems, bestiality, Nazis, and extensive uses of the word rape. These people aren't leaving the lobbies anytime soon, might as well get used to it.

SpinalRemains1382711d ago

USing dicks as an emblem isn't funny at all. I agree with you that it requires a certain mindset to laugh when you see a penis. It is in fact immature. We get it. It's a penis. Men have penises. Women have vaginas. hahaha. Lets play some COD now.

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PimpHandHappy2711d ago

in every game

ppl will always find a way to boost without playing

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