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Why I Maintain that Flower Was the Best Game of 2009

As 2010 draws to it's inevitable conclusion, rather than spew out an overly premature best games of 2010 article, I thought that instead I'd take us back in time. More specifically, back to February 2009... (Casual games, Flower, PS3, Sony Computer Entertainment, Tag Invalid, thatgamecompany)

deafwing  +   1688d ago
EeJLP-  +   1688d ago
Absolutely not Best Game of 2009. It's just 3D flOw, but worse in my personally opinion (looks better obviously, but I prefer flOw between the two).

Lots of disagrees.. so Flower was better than Uncharted 2.. yep. /s
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MariaHelFutura  +   1688d ago
Thank god. You don`t work for THATGAMECOMPANY.
Redempteur  +   1688d ago
you didn't play flower ... or you are trolling.

Flower is a breath of fresh air in a game world plagued by more first person shooter and variants.

And it succeed in telling a story without voices, without anything written aside from the credits .
Flower is an orgy for the eyes and for the mind it took me 2 months to let go this masterpiece even if you can finish it in less than a hour if rush it...

yes it's your opinion but in that case stay away from any project that try something new in the oversattured market of video games today.
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Active Reload  +   1688d ago
2009? What is this number you speak of?
8-bit  +   1688d ago
Flower was amazing. I loved it. Not every game has to be the same type of over played genre.. I wouldn't go as far as saying that it was the best game of 2009 obviously but I loved it for what it is. I am also glad to hear that others have more respect for creativity than I thought possible in this industry of cookie cutter COD world we live in.
EeJLP-  +   1688d ago
So which one of you blind disagrees is going to explain how Flower isn't flOw with a Z axis and better graphics... and how it's better than Uncharted 2, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Killzone 2, Assassin's Creed II, Forza 3, Demon's Souls, God of War: Collection, Metroid Prime Trilogy, etc. Since ~85% of you seem to think so.
EeJLP-  +   1688d ago
"you didn't play flower ... or you are trolling." -Redempteur

I am? I'm trolling Flower by saying I prefer flOw over it... an extremely similar game by the same company and naming another PS3 game that's obviously much more deserving of 'Best Game of 2009'.

What exactly am I trolling? The game company? No. The console? No.

Are you retarded?

btw - I own flOw and played Flower
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Redempteur  +   1687d ago
flower isn't flow in 3D ..you missed the whole point of flower as a game .

the différence isn't how you control it . but how you play it

edit : keep making comparaisons between flower and uncharted .. you seems really logical.

in your first comment, you are n't comparing one game to another ..but in you eyes it was " just " flow in 3D ..

it's not the same thing.

ps: the point of flower is not how you control it but how you play it.
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maverick40  +   1687d ago
Go back to playing COD kid.
ComboBreaker  +   1687d ago
Flower is Absolutely Best Game of 2009. It's not just 3D flOw, it's something else completely. Something unique and creative. An experience like never before.

Just look at the agrees.
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EeJLP-  +   1687d ago

I own 0 CoD games moron. Keep assuming things.
zeddy  +   1687d ago
sometimes when im bored i'll go and play the first level again, its worth it just for that level alone.
NecrumSlavery  +   1688d ago
I love Flower. I have never played anything as unique and creative as it before. It is still today my #1 favorite Downloadable game across all platforms, across any generation.
MariaHelFutura  +   1688d ago
They should add some Move support.
Redempteur  +   1688d ago
if they do that i'll be forced to play it again for the 73th time ..

i don't mind ..
MariaHelFutura  +   1688d ago
I want TGC to make a Full Length BR released game. They proved they know what their doing w/ D/L titles. Sony should buy them and inject some money into (pun intended) "that game company".



It`s definitely not for everyone.
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T9X69  +   1688d ago
I can't say the same. I downloaded the demo for it, and I got bored after 10min of playing.

@Redempteur - Well I've definitely played it, the demo at least. I don't know, there was just something about the game that bored me, after just a few minutes I was bored but decided to play a little longer to see if it got better. While it did get a little better, I just don't think the game was for me.

I thought PAIN was something new and interesting and I seem to be the only one that actually really like PAIN. I've had a blast playing that game. I would say my favorite downloadable games I've purchased have been, PAIN, Peggle, and Trails HD.

@NecrumSlavery - I don't really know, I can't really explain it. The first few minutes, I was like "Oh this is pretty cool", then I just got extremely bored after 5-10min.
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NecrumSlavery  +   1688d ago
Why? Explain what is so boring about it?

There is such an originality in Flower is almost hard to even grasp the idea of the game. This is just a deep if not deeper than retail games. The story is told so well, even though not one word or text is ever there. Like a painting replecating both beauty and suffering, revival and perseverance.

But of course I can except that this game is not for everybody.
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ComboBreaker  +   1687d ago
The problem is that you only played a 5 minute demo.

I can say the same thing about every other game that require the full complete game in order to get the full experience.

For example: If I only play the first 5 minutes of Mass Effect, I would say it's boring too. However, the full game is a different experience.
maverick40  +   1687d ago
Is thatgamecompany not 1st party?I taught it was.
ReBurn  +   1688d ago
Checks my calendar...

Well, ok then!
Psychic_Waffle  +   1688d ago
I only played the demo, and decided not to get it. I assumed the controls for the demo are the same for the full title.

Effing six-axis controls; left me annoyed and frustrated.
mrv321  +   1688d ago
Six-axis worked PERFECTLY for this game, no complaints, it's not a shooter or hardcore online the six-axis made the game more immersive.
budbundystyles  +   1684d ago
I love asshats that use "perfection" when describing their own opinion.
Rage_S90  +   1687d ago
give it time i guarantee it will be good(mind blowing) i thought the same thing at first
Nodoze  +   1688d ago
Flower begs for move controls
If any game would demo the power of Move...Flower is it. You could even make the Move flash and change color to match the on screen happenings. It would be totally amazing.

TGC I would PAY for that update. Just saying.
Acquiescence  +   1688d ago
Wonderfully written article...
Better than 99.1% of the crap that gets approved on here every day. I can't wholly agree with the writer's stance on Flower being GOTY but I'm glad he thinks so all the same and it's no secret that the industry needs more fresh, unconventional titles like it to keep evolving. I loved my time with the game: it was moving beyond words.
MostUnfurrowed  +   1687d ago
Thanks for the feedback, very much appreciated :)
Rage_S90  +   1687d ago
half agree it was 1 of those games that changed how you thought of games

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