News4Gamers Radio 09/03/2007

In the latest episode the crew debate the importance of Haze on the PS3 this fall, argue which genre will be the next big thing and of course talk about the latest titles including Blue Dragon, Stuntman Ignition, and Lair.

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Arsenic134118d ago


Nice conversation :)

Douchebaggery4118d ago

they can't even have unbiased podcast

Premonition4118d ago

I have no slow downloads when getting a demo 500 and up take under an hour and i have sucky DSL, I dont know what these guys are talkin about why it takes so long.

QQcrybaby4118d ago

Who are you guys? That was the worst discussion about videogames that I have ever heard. Basically you are all poor losers who can not afford a PS3 so you spend 70 minutes trashing it.

In your conversation about shooters, did it maybe occur to you that UT3 is coming out this year? I mean come on even the most casual PS3 owner knows that. Then you go on to say that there are no games coming out after MGS4. Hello? Have you ever heard of the Gran Turismo series? You know, the series where every game has sold more than any Halo game.

Seriously, you are all pathetic and none of you deserve to be on that podcast.

QQcrybaby4118d ago

Also, no comment about Warhawk? Lol you guys. Really, thanks for the laugh.

kenjix4118d ago

Seriously if you guys keep hyping such crappy games like blue dragon for more than 10 seconds, it's only going to get harder to take you guys seriously.

QQcrybaby4118d ago

I don't know how anyone could take these guys seriously. One of them said that he expects Haze to sell like Sigma "which isn't a good thing." How is that not a good thing? It was just announced that Sigma has sold over 600K copies so far. Do these guys even read gaming news? It sounds like they just sit around and smoke pot all day.

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The story is too old to be commented.