PSU gives 8.5/10 to Lair

Lair is definitely a stupendous game with astonishing gameplay, beautiful graphics, and a soothing soundtrack. The only thing that dents Lair from becoming all that it potentially could have been is definitely the temperate replayability that arises from the linear gameplay. Despite all these issues, the game inculcates a sense of visceral excitement to anyone who gets his/her hands on it.

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Bigmac5734125d ago

They give Jeanne D'arc a 7/10 and this steaming pile an 8.5/10? Their reviewers need to be hung from a tree and be made an example of how ridiculous game reviewing actually is nowadays.

Stella4125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

8.5 is about right for Lair. 8 if you have crappy 720p or lower TV, 9 if you have nice 1080p set.

The controls are very cool and simple for the most part - you just tilt the controller in the direction you want to fly. You can do a small snap forward to do a dash forward to cover distance quickly and there is a easy to do wrist snap to do a 180 degree turn.

The game looks incredible. There are times you can't believe you are looking are real game graphics. Also the score/soundtrack is easily movie quality.

The game is designed to be played over and over again getting better at the missions so you are meant to have a feeling of being in a giant battle barely being able to tell what is going on. The amount of things flying around and troops on the ground is so far beyond anything I've seen before it is just shocking to see.

The overall package is really high quality complete with a very cool Extras section that lets you unlock more and more stuff as you progress through the game - the various trailers, concept art, interviews with the developers, and the best part is the concert hall that lets you play the amazing music from the game up to through the levels you've beaten.

The negative points are the voice acting isn't as good as a game like Heavenly Sword and some of the cuts to and from movie scenes as you are playing a level can be jarring.

This is a must have title if you have a PS3 and a 1080p set.

reaperxciv4125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

that's the message of this PSU review...

at least they tried to rate it AA
giving it AAA would make them lose credibility

Stella4125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

In some ways the ridiculously low scores a few of the gaming sites gave Lair ended up backfiring because it made many people stop and ask "Wait it can't be THAT bad can it?" and now everyone is finding out what a fantastic game it is.

You have the usual Microsoft sites like 1Up, EGM, and others that of course are doing their best to slam titles like Resistance,Lair,Motorstorm,Hea venly Sword, and Killzone 2

Then you have the fact that the game looks this incredible AND is running at 30fps in 1080p making everyone who wants to cling to the fanboy BS about system power angry.

Then you have the fact that the game's levels are in the 4 gig range making everyone who makes the claim that last gen DVD drives are 'good enough' angry

And finally you have the tilt control making all the Nintendo fanboys go nuts because it is on the PS3 and not the Wii and therefore must suck.

So you end up with almost pure undiluted fanboy rage directed at Lair.

nasim4125d ago

since i am playing the game now.

PSU is a hard marker as well. They gave Jean D'arc a 7/10 and NGS an 8/10 and Resistance an 8.5/10.

@reaper come this nasty BOT isnt banned?

while i am writing this i am actually playing against the SERPENT BOSS.


xaphanze4125d ago

what do u know about HDTV?crappy if you have 720p?
Having 1080p below 50 inch is useless anyway since you cant tell the difference between it and 720p.

snoop_dizzle4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

are you saying we should ban him? aside from an opinion he didn't do anything wrong at least to my knowledge. if anything you should be for creating multiple accounts.

thetruthinator4124d ago

IGN.COM = 4.9/10

Press average thus far from (which IGN posts)

PSU = 8.5?????? .... Dont just go off and drop $60 of your money on a new game unless you are certain that it deserves it.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

It's not really the controlls, it's the changing mission objectives and camera angles that can get you sorta lost. You'll often fail missions because of confusion, but if you give it a few goes you'll be able to pass the level with much more Coordination and it's actually pretty fun. The sixaxis makes it a bit more confusing but it's also what makes it fun. So it's a mixed bag.

ktchong4125d ago

The reviewer is a kid in a pajama.

xaphanze4125d ago

sounds better for me. I would believe this guy more than the other reviews. He sounds like the average gamer for me.

Jpinter4125d ago

I have to say that this review hits the nail on the head. Lair is a great game and you just need to give the controls a chance. If any of you have played SKATE you know that it takes a while to get used to. Its the same way with Lair.

Invregards to's reviews...Jean d'Arc and Lair were reviewed by two different writers. I thought Jean D'Arc was a great game too and deserved a higher score

chitown4125d ago

yea i hate how all the other reviewers are b!tching about this games's controls cause they suck at games. i mean how the hell do u call ur self a proffesional eviewer if u cant maste a control scheme?? cmon i think this game is pretty damn tight and it looks beautiul

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