Best PS3 Black Friday Deals

"The anticipation for Black Friday is at a fever pitch... After taking a close look at the Black Friday Summary list, we thought we would take a calm, collected approach and analyze some of the better PS3 gaming deals out there this year."

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Shang-Long2077d ago

its my 1st black friday. so does anyone actually wait in line for video games

scar202077d ago

Well me and my friend did last year we wer waiting to get our hands on mw2 which our local wal*mart was selling at $30 and a 42" inch for $3oo.

Shang-Long2077d ago

well all im looking for is fifa 34 (best Buy), killzone 2 10 ( walmart) and a Dual shock toys or us. so i mean i donno if i needa wait in line to get these. i dont think so.

i'll get a tv next year. lol

spunnups2077d ago

I was at Best Buy at 4am last year, plan to do the same this year.

DORMIN2077d ago

People wait in line for EVERYTHING.

gapecanpie2077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

I suggest buying online....

CombineElite2076d ago

I've been to one Black Friday sale and I swear I'll never ever do it again. I can't wait till this Black Friday to see how many people get shot over cheap merchandise. Dam Savages!!

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Mamajuana2077d ago

What are the deals for gamestop...does anyone know if that also gets packed on black friday?

Shang-Long2077d ago

they havent announce them yet

jdktech20102077d ago

I would jump all over the Killzone 2 deal but I'm not waiting in line...I'll get up at 930 or 10 am and go look...if there are some, great

If not, great

I'm not getting trampled by soccer moms

Does anyone know if the craziness dies down around 10am generally? An extra 10 bucks saved isn't worth the mayhem if it's still insane

JacobIsHollywood2077d ago

It's honestly not that bad, unless you live in a major city. Walmart deals start at midnight. So...get there more quickly.

DarthBigE2077d ago

to much wants not enough cash...

JJFNIGHTS802077d ago

I work at wal mart and I know that we are selling PS3 games for 10$ each till 11am. GOD OF WAR collection is the first one I'm getting.