Black Ops Patch 1.03 Issues

Today Activision released the Black Ops patch 1.03 for the PS3 to counter all the problems associated with Call of Duty: Black Ops. Unfortunately the PS3 version of Black Ops is very substandard in comparison to that running on an Xbox 360. There have been numerous lag problems, disconnects, transmission errors, matchmaking issues, party problems and other things that the Black Ops patch 1.03 intended to fix.

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Blaster_Master2774d ago

Yeah its bullshit. Fuck you Treyarch for a half assed job. Its such a shame cause the game has alot of potential to be epic.

Close_Second2773d ago

I agree 100% however, how many Lemmings will be lining up to buy the next COD game on PS3 next year?

This game was over priced and under cooked. Activision have a looooong way to go to earn back my trust.

WhittO2773d ago

ye, I think this game needed another 6 months of development..

This is what happens when you try and rush a COD game out EVERY year Activision.

Bathyj2773d ago

Meh, all the issues seem to be online.

Doesnt concern me.

I feel bad for you guys thou.

rdgneoz32773d ago

The main reason to get it is for the online...

P1NKY2773d ago

I never really had many problems on the PS3 version before the patch and since the patch I've had even less problems. My connection has always been at least 3 green bars so I don't know what everyone's complaining about. None of my friends are having problems either.

elmaton982772d ago

You're an idiot for writing a half ass comment like that

elmaton982772d ago

You're right fuck them but still is not their fault cause m$ is paying activison so they can get a better version in their system fuck acti and fuck m$ I hope they go bankrupt soon so they can sell the ip to someone else who really cares about they're customer

cyborg69712774d ago

Go read the forums on black ops in the 360 section and you will find those issues aren't just on the ps3 doushey writers.

rebirthofcaos2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

well I played today, at least the zombie mode and didnt have any of those problems.

psn id:amvient

scar202773d ago

There's a rumor that microsoft paid activision to make the ps3 version inferior i can't find the article but if someone does post it it would be greatly appreciated.

Let the agrees and disagree begin.

irish-leprecaun2773d ago

i would believe that mate. if they really cared they would use dedicated servers.

GoldPS32773d ago

I believe it. Microsoft and Activision are American companies and I think they both hate Sony. Just wait and see COD will be exclusive to 360. If not this gen then next.

Cevapi882773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

i highly doubt that...the CoD series started out on the pc...if Activision were to do that, then MS would need to have VERY DEEP pockets in order to offset all the sales from the PC and PS3 if they did do that, these fan bases will feel alienated and pissed off, probably leading to boycotts of Activision's other products

wsoutlaw872773d ago

i dont think so. that would definitely be a bad business decision. There there to make money not piss off fans

soundslike2773d ago

w00t conspiracy!

its not like they would have to actually directly make it inferior either, they could port it directly without off-loading anything on the cell and claim they maxed it out...

Pillage052773d ago

Comming from a ps3're very paranoid dude.

chazjamie2773d ago

How did you come to that conclusion?because the game was badly ported? The online issues is shared by all three platforms. The only thing that is pseudo-clear is the dlc. If your conspiracy is true then microsoft should be broke by now, considering the fact that the majority of multiplatform games run better on the 360.

elmaton982772d ago

They do because they program the game on 360 first (which is logical) and then porting to the PS3 (BTW is easier to program a game on 360 based on the hardware which is old and programmers knows it )

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Lovable2773d ago

The zombie mode didn't have any problem at all, but the multiplayer is plague with disconnection, lag(believe it or not there weren't any lag before the patch)and freezing.

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