Where Does Call of Duty Go Now?

64BB writes: "Call of Duty Black Ops is upon us, most of us, and we are already trying to decipher where the next entry is heading and who will be holding up the project. Will it be headed up by Infinity Ward and be Modern Warfare 3? Will it be handed off to Sledgehammer and be put during another war that has yet to be captured? Or will we end up with space fighting alongside Master Chief and Marcus Fenix hunting aliens? "

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Gandalf2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

The American Civil War. Nothing quite like reloading 15 seconds to fire a single shot from a musket.

seinfan2949d ago

How about it goes away?

SKUD2949d ago

Let the dragging of the cannons begin!.

irish-leprecaun2949d ago

where does cod go now? back to the store i bought it in return for GT5.

DarkFantasy2949d ago

slight of hand pro FTW lower it to 8 seconds LOL

evrfighter2949d ago

actually it more than likely going to follow the battlefield route.

ww2, vietnam, modern warfare, semi-futuristic.

we will wee futuristic warfare not with BFG's but guns that would be plausible weapons we really would be using.

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Zydake2949d ago

I bet WW2 or Vietnam -_-

visualb2949d ago

when knifing someone takes a stupid 0.5 seconds

the whole game would be a knife / musket fest

number472949d ago

How about they just release the same game over again with more bugs? Its a winning formula so far.

specialguest2949d ago

Let's see here... In film, when a movie franchise runs out of ideas, the only place left to go is SPACE! COD will probably end up in space as well.

Jason X
Hellraiser 4
Leprechaun 4
Space Buddies(Air Bud movie)

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ZombieAssassin2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

I see a future warfare coming eventually so basically it'll be UT but with the ability to look down your scope and no double jump.

smashly2950d ago

Let's take it to the future and stop visiting old wars.

Quagmire2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

Future wars? Where' your time machine, good sir? i believe in a future without wars and violence and-

oh who am I kidding...

brandynevils2949d ago

The series is over for me. It's starting to get stale.

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